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Concise Potato Growing Primer

IRRESISTIBLE PRIMER ON GROWING POTATOES. This fun and valuable article from ‘Organic Authority’ is concise yet comprehensive and covers all the bases one needs to know when growing your own potatoes.
Article links offer some nice recipes plus an impressive and exhaustive chart of potatoes grown in the UK. That chart includes varieties familiar to Americans which we grow in Maine as Organic Certified Seed, such as Yukon Gold and Rose Finn Apple Fingerling.
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“Potatoes get a bad rap. Sadly, when many people think of spuds they think of a bland, deep-fried variety contributing to our addiction to bad-for-us fast junk food. But there are many types of potatoes in numerous colors, flavors, and shapes–and they all dazzle in diverse recipes. And yes, potatoes can be a healthy food, too. Read on for tips and tricks for growing potatoes in your own backyard.”