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Monsanto Takeover?

FROM “WILD SPECULATION” TO VERIFICATION IN VERY SAME DAY: MONSANTO CONFIRMS TAKEOVER BID BY BAYER. Yet some things never change: Monsanto’s pathological inability to tell the truth remains intact.
As a refresher, the “Big 6” pesticide and GMO corporations – Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow, Dupont, BASF and Bayer – are notorious for having orchestrated aggressive monopolisitc control of farm inputs worldwide.
Mega-mergers involving the Big 6 are accelerating. Time will tell whether anti-trust regulators will actually remember what they were hired to do and restrain the Big 6, preventing further consolidation in an already radically over-concentrated industry.
Now, after initial denial earlier in the day, Monsanto admitted it is contemplating a buy-out by “competitor” Bayer. Jim

“Putting the two companies together would yield a giant whose products encompass antibiotics, genetically modified crop seeds and pesticides. It would have a combined annual revenue that would surpass $67 billion.

“News of Bayer’s interest in Monsanto has percolated over the last several weeks, stirring speculation that the agricultural sector could see another big deal after Dow Chemical and DuPont agreed last year to merge…

“Syngenta, which is based in Switzerland, eventually agreed, early this year, to sell itself to the China National Chemical Corporation.

“Afterward, Monsanto said that it was no longer interested in striking huge mergers, instead pursuing what would largely be a self-help strategy.”