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This insight from well-respected John Roulac of Nutiva and GMO Inside. John’s concerns focus on the absence of agriculture in summit discussions and the follow-through soil-carbon-no-show as a component of necessary solutions. John strongly argues the kid glove treatment dealt to “industrial, degenerative farming practices” is no simple innocent act of omission. Fortunately, there are indications Industrial Ag’s orchestrated shenanigans will not be the last word. Jim

“So it’s vital for the public to identify the latest corporate shenanigans using deception and black hat PR to deceive public officials for financial gain.

“These would be the giants of the industrial agriculture industry, including Monsanto, Dow, DuPont, Syngenta, Bayer, McDonald’s and the entire synthetic fertilizer industry—the corporations that have undercounted and misrepresented America’s agricultural greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions…

“It’s plain to see why Monsanto and friends, via their high-level political appointees, influenced the U.S. and United Nations delegates at COP21. They eliminated agriculture and soils from the COP21 agenda and thus the final agreement—despite overwhelming evidence that soil sequestration (carbon farming) is the number one solution to stop the rise of CO2.

“’I am stunned,’ said Andre Leu, president of IFOAM Organics International, the world’s leading organic farmers and producers association, based in Bonn, Germany. ‘This is a game changer, because soil carbon is now central to how the world manages climate change. After all the years of advocating for this at UN Climate Change meetings and being the lone voice in the wilderness, it has taken off so quickly and now is global, with numerous countries and key institutions supporting it. However this is true of all tipping points.'”