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Believe it! Our family farmer friends in New York state, Klaas & Mary-Howell Martens, grow a LOT of organic beans and grain – and organic cabbage! Like virtually all organic farmers, they do eat some of it as well. We know for a fact they grow their own potatoes because they have been loyal organic seed potato customers of ours for years. But, as Klaas notes, eating from one’s own crops in today’s modern ag is not as common as one would think. Read more! Jim

“’I really take issue with the line that so many American farmers regularly repeat about feeding the world,’ says Marten, a third generation farmer working huge swathes of land near Penn Yan. ‘I always want to ask Corn Belt farmers whether they, or anybody they know, have ever eaten anything that they grow on their farm. The answer is almost invariably no.’

“Yet this is the story we’re told by Big Agriculture – it’s the story we want to believe as consumers – about the farms in this country: they are the source of bountiful wagon loads of food that feed the world, and farmers are using the latest and greatest technology to make this happen.

“But, in the end, that’s just a story. It’s a series of happy caricatures we put on posters to encourage ourselves to stay calm and carry on. It’s anything but the truth.”