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The USA sugar beet industry – held captive in recent years by Monsanto and their GE seed – is in decline thanks to our insistence that there is a better way than sugar made from GE sugar beets. Jim

“Now, as public sentiment moves against GMO crops and imports of cane sugar rise, sugar beet growers have seen their share of the U.S. sugar market slip to the smallest on record. Critics believe GMO crops contribute to the industrialization of farming and question promises of safety.

“Beets’ share of all U.S. sugar deliveries – which represent total demand to major users and customers – fell to less than 41 percent of the U.S. total of 11.8 million tons (10.7 million tonnes) in the last fiscal year, a record low, down from 47 percent of 10.4 million tons in the 2008 crop year, the year the biotech seeds were introduced on a commercial scale, according to U.S. government data dating from 1992…

“Food manufacturers are taking seriously the backlash from consumers, including Millennials, the generation of people now in their 20s and 30s, who are perceived to care more about the ingredients on their plates.

Companies including Hershey Co, Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc , Unilever Plc subsidiary Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc and General Mills Inc have pledged to ditch GMO ingredients in some products, bowing to customer pressure…

“Hershey will stop using beet sugar in its Kisses and Milk Chocolate bars, two of its best-known products, by the end of the year. Vermont has passed a law, due to come into effect next year, which requires food with GMO ingredients to be so labeled. It’s the first such law in the nation and a move that some industry experts think could drive consumers toward organic and other non-GMO foods.”