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Background Articles on GMO Labeling

The Manchester Journal. Most Consumers would not see GMO Labeling as warning. Study Clears GMO Labeling. (08/15/15) “Why GMO Labeling May Finally Win Voters’ Approval in Colorado and Oregon” Big Votes Coming in November (09/12/14)

Analysis of L.D. 718 by Maine Attorney General Janet Mills

CommonDreams Labeling Genetically Engineered Foods: Whose Side Are You On?  Primer on California Prop 37 (07/26/12)

Wood Prairie Farm. Maine Legislature’s Ag Committee Approves Final GMO Label Bill Language 8-5. (05/21/13)

Organic Consumers Association. Legislative Update: 25 States Working on GMO Labeling Laws. States Pursuing GMO Labeling Laws. (04/03/13)

MOFGA. New Poll Shows 91% of Maine People Support Labeling of Geneticfally Modified Foods. Mainer Support of GMO Labeling at 91%. (04/07/13)

RSN. Will a Federal Compromise on GMO Labeling Trump State Law, Forever? Corporate Interest Over Citizen Interest? (02/05/13)

New York Times. Vote for the Dinner Party. Michael Pollan On Importance of Prop 37. (10/10/12)

Appetite for Profit. Did Monsanto Write This Op-Ed Signed by a UC Davis Professor? Here Monsanto Interacts with Media. (10/03/12)

CA Right to Know. Poll Finds Prop. 37 is Likely to Pass.  Great Support for GMO Labeling. (09/27/12)

Natural News. California universities pose as bogus front groups for bogus corporate science on GMOs, organics. Political Misuse of Academic Reputation. (10/12/12)

Civil Eats. Who’s Deceiving Whom? Prop 37 Has Corps Running Scared. Dispelling Seven Biotech Myths. (09/21/12)

CA Right to Know. Monsanto promotes GMO labeling in Europe; yet spends millions to fight it in California. Inconsistant Position. (09/24/12)

New York Times. Uneasy Allies in the Grocery Aisle. Corporate Organic Brands Aiding Biotech. (09/13/12)

Activist Post. Cargill and Others Behind anti-Organic “Stanford Study”. Smoking Gun At Stanford. (09/05/12)

Alternet. Farmer Debunks Corporate Propaganda Against Proposed Law to Label genetically Modified Food. Farmer Speaks Truth on Prop 37. (08/27/12)

Right to Know. Endorsements for YES on 37.Right-To-Know GMO Labeling Initiative. (08/30/12)

Right to Know. Top 10 Lies Told by Monsanto. Inventing Opposition to Prop 37. (08/23/12)

Cornucopia. Agribusiness Owning Natural/Organic Brands Betray Customers: Fund Attack on GMO Labeling Proposal in California. Right-To-Know GMO Labeling Initiative. (08/16/12)

Huffington Post. Why GE Labeling is Monsanto’s worst Nightmare. Huffington Post Piece. (08/16/12)