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Links to Articles Related to Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association et al vs. Monsanto Lawsuit

Lexology “Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association v. Monsanto Co.” Compares Canadian & American Law.

Food Integrity Now. Breaking News: OSGATA v. Monsanto Case Filed With Supreme Court. Audio Interview (26:09) with Jim Gerritsen. (09/05/13)

Food First. What’s for Dinner? Jim Gerritsen speaking about OSGATA v. Monsanto Appeal prior to Jan 10, 2013 court date. OSGATA President Audio Interview (30:00) by Susan Youmans. (01/09/13)

Facebook. Holli Cederholm, organic farmer and General Manager of OSGATA. OSGATA General Manager Holli Cederholm Video (1:44) (01/12/13)

Facebook. Dan Ravicher addresses the citizens assembly in D.C. Lawyer Dan Ravisher Video (5:06) at Citizen’s Assembly. (01/12/13)

Pen Bay Pilot. Small farmer optimistic in battle with biotech giant Monsanto. Jan 10 Court of Appeals OA. (1/11/12)

Sow True Seeds. Video From The Frontlines OSGATA et al v. Monsanto. Video (4:43) on Washington DC Citizen’s Assembly. (01/15/13)

OSGATA. Plaintiff-Farmers Travel to DC to Attend OSGATA et. al. v. Monsanto Oral Argument. OSGATA Report on OVM OA. (01/22/13)

Common Dreams. Farmers Rally at White House to Protest Monsanto’s GMO Empire. Jan 10 Oral Argument. (01/11/13)

Bangor Daily News. Farmers present case gainst Monasnto in D.C. US Court of appeals Oral Argument Jan 10. (01/11/13)

FSRN. Farmers challenge Monsanto in federal court over GMO seeds, seek legal protection. Report of Jan 10 Oral Argument. (01/10/13)

PenBay  Pilot. ‘It’s important’. Tribute to Russell Libby (01/18/13)

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Audio (38:32) Recording of 1/10/13 OVM Oral Argument. (1/10/13) Jim Gerritsen” 6 :19 min. Video of Jim Speaking Outside Oral Argument. (01/11/13)

Al Jazeera. Monsanto versus the people. (01/14/13)

AG Professional. Court sets date for hearing of lawsuit against Monsanto. Farmers to Assemble in Washington DC. (11/27/12)

Valley Advocate. Patently Problematic. Massachusetts View on OVM. (08/17/12)

WERU. Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association et al v. Monsanto. Interview with Jim Gerritsen. (07/19/12)

Wood Prairie Farm. A Petition to Support Organic Family Farmers. Petition & 1143 Comments. (05/31/12)

Gourmet. Seeds of Discontent. Gourmet Coverage of OSGATA et al v. Monsanto. (04/25/12)

Natural News. Farmers defend their right to grow food: Appeal filed in family farmers vs. Monsanto case. Update on Appeal. (04/19/12)

Blog Talk Radio. Jim Gerritsen – Organic Farmers Appeal OSGATA VS Monsanto. Audio Interview (56:25) by Host June Stoyer. (04/11/12)

Food and Drink Digital. Monsanto Threatens to Sue Vermont for GMO Labeling Bill. Connection With OSGATA v. Monsanto. (04/09/12)

Bangor Daily News. Maine farmer leads organic growers’ continued fight against Monsanto. Maine’s Largest Newspaper. (03/29/12)

Huffington Post. Monsanto Lawsuit: Organic Farmers Appeal U.S. District Court Decision. Coverage by Carey Gillam.  (03/28/12)

Reuters. Update 1-US Organic Growers Appeal Lawsuit Against Monsanto. International Coverage. (03/28/12)

Portland Press Herald. Organic farmers appeal decision in Monsanto lawsuit. Maine Coverage. (03/28/12)

National Catholic Reporter. Farmers, Protestors Struggle Against GMO Giant Monsanto. Good Article Provides Perspective on Movement Resisting Monsanto.(03/16/12)

PUBPAT. OSGATA v. Monsanto: Protecting Farmers From Seed Patents. Lawsuit portion of MPBN television interview (9:28). (03/12/12)

Natural News. Support the more than 300,000 organic farmers who lost their court battle to Monsanto – Sign the Heartfelt petition to OSGATA today!  Includes Links to Two Petitions. (03/05/12) The Hidden Email the White House hopes to Keep Under Wraps White House / Biotech Ties At Issue. (03/06/12)

Kentucky Journal of Equine, Agriculture, Natural Resources Law. “Challenging the GMO Giants: OSGATA v. Monsanto Co.” Concise Footnoted History. (03/10/12)

MPBN. “Monsanto Lawsuit” Nine MInute interview of Jim Gerritsen begins (16:25). (03/08/12)

PR Watch. “Rampant GMO Contamination Unchecked by Judge” Background on Farmer Threat. (03/05/12)

Wake Up World. “Heartfelt Letter to the Farmres, Seed Growers and Farm Groups Whose Court Battle Was Dismissed Against Monsanto” Letter of Support from Australia. (02/29/12)

Portland Press Herald. “Organic farmers lament dismissal of lawsuit” Article on MTD Ruling. (02/29/12)

Wood Prairie Farm Seed Piece. “Judge Sides With Monsanto: Ridicules Farmers’ Right to Grow Food Without Fear, Contamination and Economic Harm.” Judge’s Ruling of 2/24/12.

Includes Video (3:57) of Foley Square. Huffington Post. WATCH: Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto, Hundreds Converge in Support. (2/23/12)

Archived Interview (23:00) begins at 11:48AM. WZBC. ‘Sounds of Dissent’ WZBC Radio Interview OSGATA v. Monsanto. (2/18/12)

Coverage of NYC Jan 31, 2012. Food Democracy Now. FDN Video (3:04) I Stand With Farmers Vs. Monsanto. (02/17/12)

Good explanation of “inadvertent means” argument. Los Angeles Times. Organic farmers take on Monsanto over patent lawsuits. (02/17/12)

Host June Stoyer interviews Jim Gerritsen. Blog Talk Radio. Jim Gerritsen – The Significance of SOGATA v. Monsanto. (02/16/12)


Grist. Farmers advance in their suit against Monsanto. Grist Article on Oral Argument. (02/10/12)


Fresh Perspective on OSGATA v. Monsanto. CSRWire. Organic Farmers Fight For Survival Against Monsanto. (02/08/12)

NY Times on OSGATA v. Monsanto. NY Times. Modified Crops Tap a Wellspring of Protest. (02/07/12)

OSGATA v. Monsanto. Interview with Three Plaintiffs. WBAI. WBAI Archives For Occupy Wall Street Radio. (02/01/12)

Farm Aid Feature. Farm Aid. Jim Gerritsen – Farm Aid. (01/31/12)

Events of January 31, 2012. YouTube. Video Report from NYC: Farmers v. Monsanto. (01/31/12)

Verbatim transcript of Jan 31, 2012 Oral Argument, OSGATA v. Monsanto (PDF | TXT)

India claims theft of public resource. Monsanto to face biopriacy charges in India. (01/09/12)
Excellent Audio Interview with our OSGATA v. Monsanto Lawyer. Daniel Ravicher (ALL-NEW). (01/08/12)
Mark Bittman Mentions OSGATA v. Monsanto. The New York Times. Mostly (But Not Entirely) Depressing Food Links. (12/09/11)
Good background on OSGATA v. Monsanto. The Fine Print. Where the GMOs Grow. (12/18/11)
Manic Gardener Podcast (56:47) #1 Background OSGATA v. Monsanto. The Manic Gardener. Upcoming podcast: Organics v. Monsanto. (12/16/11)
Podcast interview with Jim Gerritsen, OSGATA President. Ecotopia. Ecotopia #168: OSGATA v. Monsanto. (12/13/11)
Interview with OSGATA President about OSGATA v. Monsanto. Food Integrity Now. Jim Gerritsen, President of OSGATA sues Monsanto – E62.  (12/06/11)
Coverage of OSGATA v. Monsanto. The Portland Phoenix. Seeds of Evil. (11/23/11)
Maine Coverage of Lawsuit Against Monsanto. Portland Press Herald. Natural Foodie: Maine farmer heads group challenging genetics giant. (11/9/11)
Two Pertinent CBS News Videos about GMOs. PubPat. Monsanto Seed Patents.

Farmers to Monsanto: Save our seeds. Crosscut. 8/29/11

Farmers Respond to MTD. Food Freedom. 8/25/11

Major Utne Reader Article on Lawsuit. Utne Reader. 7/18/2011

New Details on Lawsuit. Nature News Blog. Organic farmers expand lawsuit against Monsanto. 06/03/11

Beyond Pesticides Post. Beyond Pesticides. Groups Join Lawsuit to Protect Against Monsanto’s GE Patents. 06/02/11

GMO Journal Article. GMO Journal. More Organic Growers Join the Suit Against Monsanto. 06/04/11

Excellent Article on Lawsuit. A Band of 60 Davids Challenges Monsanto, the Goliath, in Federal Court. 05/27/11

International Perspective.International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development. Organic Farmers Take Monsanto to Court. 

Thoughtful article.Grist. Reversing roles, farmers sue Monsanto over GMO seeds.03/31/11

More In-Depth Article. Huffington Post. Organic Farm Groups Sue Monsanto.03/31/11

New Engalnd Vantage. American Agriculturalist. Vermont, Massachusetts Groups Join ‘Sue Monsanto’ Crowd. 03/31/11

Lawsuit Article. Green Answers. Organic Farmers Sue Agricultural Giant Monsanto.03/31/11

Fast Article. Fast Company. Genetically Modified Showdown: Monsanto Sued By Organic Farmers. 03/31/11

North Dakota Vatage. Brief. INFORUM. Monsanto targeted by ‘preemptive’ lawsuit. 03/31/11

Brief. Includes Monsanto Response. Food Navigator USA. Organic farm groups file legal challenge against Monsanto. 03/31/11

Brief brief. Democracy Now. Organic Farmers, Dealers Sue Agri-Giant Monsanto over Patents. 03/31/11

St. Louis Vantage. St. Louis Today. Lawsuit challenges Monsanto patents on seed traits. 03/31/11

Canandian Vantage. Witless Monsanto Quotes. Leader Post. Organic grower suing Monsanto. 03/31/11

Audio Interview. Free Speech Radio News. Headlines for Wednesday, March 30, 2011. 03/30/11 

Includes Good Background. Change.Org. Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto Over Genetically Modified Seeds. 03/30/11

Includes Good Link. Intellectual Property Watch. US Farmers Sue Monsanto Over GMO Patents, Demand Right To Conventional Crops. 03/30/11

Family Farm Defenders Vantage. WisBusiness. Famiy Farm Defenders: Joins sixty others in filing suit against Monsanto’s patent. 03/30/11

Surrogate Monsanto Position. Hay & Forage Grower. Monsanto Responds To Organics Lawsuit. 03/30/11

Breif brief. Interesting Comments. Techdirt. Monsanto Sued By Organic Farmers Who Don’t Want To Be Accused Of Patent Infringement. 03/30/11

Good Background. Eat Drink Better. Organic Farm Group Sues Monsanto, Seeking Protection From GMO Contamination. 03/30/11

Includes Percy Schmeiser Content. The Atlantic. Fighting Fire With Fire, Farmers Sue Monsanto. 03/30/11

Briefest brief. St. Louis Business Journal. Farmers, seed firms sue Monsanto.03/30/11

Massachusetts Vantage. Mass High Tech. Mass. farming group hits Monsanto with lawsuit. 03/30/11

Friendly Perspective. Slashfood. Group Challenges Monsanto’s Patent on Genetically Modified Seeds. 03/30/11

Ohio Vantage. Farm and Dairy. Just in: OEFFA, organic orgs file suit against Monsanto, company braced to defend. 03/30/11

Snipets & References to Reuters. Creative Loafing. Organic farmers seek government protection from Monsanto. 03/30/11

Early Article. Bloomberg. Monsanto Sued by Organic Farmers Over Modified-Seed Patents. 03/29/11

One of the Earliest Reports. Reuters. Organic farmers sue, seek protection from Monsanto. 03/29/11

North Carolina View. Mountain Xpress. Local seed company joins lawsuit against Monsanto re: genetically modified seed. 03/29/11

Direct Monsanto Position. Monsanto. PUBPAT Allegations Are False, Misleading and Deceptive. 03/29/11

Oakhurst Dairy.Portland Press Herald.  Monsanto’s Vision of Biotech. 12/16/03

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