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Background Articles on Patent System

Scitable. Diagnostic Testing and the Ethics of Patenting DNA. Downside of Patenting Lifeforms. (2008)

ScienceInsider. Supreme Court Rejects Key Biotech Patents. Unanamous Ruling Against Biotech. (03/20/12)

GENET. DuPont suit claims Monsanto infringed GE corn patent. Monsanto & Dupont Corn Patent Dispute. (10/21/11)

The PPJ Gazette. GMOs: Invasive Species Council and USDA Ignore Environmental Infection and Contamination. GMOs ignored by Invasive Species Counsil and USDA. (07/22/11)

Farm Wars. Monsanto Given Patent for Conventional Melon. Melons now a Monsanto “invention” (05/17/11)

Patenting Week. GM Foods and Patent Infringement. Patent Attorney Article. (05/07/11)

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. Monsanto Facing GMO Lawsuit. Why Monsanto Patents Are Invalid (04/11/11)

PatentlyO. Monsanto sued over transgenic seeds. Transgenic Patent Lawsuit Filed. (04/01/11)

Think Progress. Patent Madness. Dysfunctional Patent Office. (12/10/10)


PubPat. About PubPat. Public Patent Foundation. (08/06/03)