A Petition to Support Organic Family Farmers  

Dear Farmers, Seed Growers and Farming Groups (OSGATA) Against Monsanto,

     Today we also heard the bad news. We read of your case being thrown out by Judge Naomi Buchwald. We know the system is broken. And we know that you are trying, however desperately, to stitch a portion of democracy and justice back together again, with us. So, really, this is our case—sane America’s lawsuit. We are writing today to let you know that we feel the pain of today’s decision. We too are saddened and outraged. But our sadness will not last long as we hope yours too will lift soon, with your passion reinvigorated. Far from disengage and extinguish our hope, the decision by Judge Buchwald bolsters our determination, our urgency to do everything in our power to dismantle the Biotech monster machine.

     With each blow to our justice, to our health, to our peace of mind, to our children’s future, we will grow stronger, more united, and determined. And with each subsequent act of corruption we will come thundering back to take back our lives, our wealth, which we believe can still be free. Count on it. It’s a promise from all of us to you, fellow farmers. And it’s our promise to Monsanto, the soulless politicians who enable them, and to all Big Business Bullies.

     At this very hour know that we are organizing in large and small groups all across the country to rid ourselves of GMO. We are networking via the internet, telephone, over dinner and around campfires in every state. Like you, we are motivated by a deep care for life on Earth, for the future of our children and for nature itself. Know that we will continue to purchase and say grace over your organic products.

     If the day comes when there is no more organic food, we will be here to mourn with you. But we will work hard with you so that no one ever has to see that day. Know that we are deeply grateful for your blood, sweat, and tears to grow food the way it was meant to be, to choose organics even though many times you could easily have turned and followed the way of selfishness, corruption, and convenience. Thank you for enduring the hassles with Biotech, for your efforts in and before trial. For this we honor you. For this, we, the American people and sane people all over the world, who are paying attention and who make the time for what matters most, will step up to a new level of activism, of participation in our future, for which you have worked so hard to protect. We honor you for growing our food the right way, without poisons, without fake fertilizers. We are indebted to you for our good health, for the peace of mind we still have, for a portion of the vitality that remains in Nature today. And we will be working side by side with you, in newfound solidarity, to return this good Earth to integrity.

     Know that on this day we support you as we never have before. Let your pain and disappointment rest on all of our shoulders. We are holding you. We offer ourselves to this cause—in support of our trial, the people who rely on good farmers that have taken on the challenge to represent our hopes and fight for our dreams. Perhaps one day soon all Americans will file a class action suit for being poisoned and hoodwinked into engineered malevolence, and for Biotech’s usurping of the government. Maybe then this revolution will sprout the wings we need.

     Until then, we will plant gardens. We will tell everyone we know the dangers of GMO foods. We will work extra hard, as you have, to stand in the face of adversity for justice and decency. We will be more prudent than ever not to purchase GMO foods at any cost. We will pass out flyers, we will educate and support one another, we will call the companies that carry GMO foods and demand otherwise. We will stand in the streets, in the parks, in the face of our corrupt system and demand no more GMO.

     Like you, none of us wants to see the day when farming is foolhardy and but a farcical health risk. In the courtroom today our hearts broke with you. When you return to appeal, as you well should, know that all across this nation, all decent people will be standing with you, against the monsters taking down our world. We will have your back because we too have found sustenance and reason in the ground under our feet, in our strong bodies. So, take heart, all is not lost. We are not deterred and neither should you be. We wish you Godspeed through your disappointment and to emerge with greater conviction. This is only another beginning, and with each setback we grow stronger and closer to one another, to the land that gives us sustenance. With adversity, the things we truly love come more alive.  So grows our appreciation today for organic food, thanks to you. We are with you. Onward.

With Deep Gratitude,

The Sane People of the World

1143 Signatures and Comments:

Name City State Country Comment
William Downe London
Canada Am aggainst anything that messes with our food.
christy koppisch encinitas CA United States to wholeheartedly support organic farming
Charity  Grable San Diego CA United States I'm an Veteran and  an Urban Organic Sustainable Hydro-soil farmer in San Diego, CA. Doc's Urban Organics. Monsanto is a fist of bad health and totalitarian rule. WE as a NATION have a RIGHT to choose WHAT we EAT and WHERE we get it from! Controlling what we eat, what seeds we use and when we farm is another way for the system to crush any healthy opposition to their mad lab farming. WE have to stand up to these bullies, or risk loosing our sovereignty as Americans.
Carmen Allgood Evergreen CO United States For obvious reasons. We, the people, owe it to ourselves, and the rest of the world, to enjoy our stay here in this world. Deception is out - Truth is in. No one wants to be poisoned, manipulated, and mislead about basic human rights, which includes being able to trust in our system. We are not a nation of sheep, or a stupid mass. United we stand! Divided we fall. Stop the madness.
Anna Leamon Seattle WA United States Have heart! We can find another way to grow our food. We must have faith. ~In Solidarity <3
Tatum Ford Norfolk VA United States because i love this world, and appreciate that it's diversity and it's own 'brand' of seed is  what's meant to be. because the patenting of food is completely wrong and inherently  scary beyond belief. and because monsters like monsanto need to understand they are not pulling the wool over our eyes and we will unfortunately all pay the price of their greed and mal-intent.  
Lynne Latham LA CA United States This is a sad state of our judicial system. Where right is dominated by wrong, legally. All it takes is enough cash in the appropriate hands.
Lynda McLean Barrie, ON
Canada This is wrong on every level.  There are dire consequences to human health.  What about your children and grandchildren, Judge?  Do you really want them eating Monsanot's GMO foods?
Christy Ruffner Dalton Gardens ID United States It pisses me off that my rights are being ignored because corporate America has more money and more pull that the common man.  I feel oppressed, not free as I should when I say I'm an American.  I am ashamed.
Connie Wilson Cabot AR United States I'm signing because Monsanto has to be stopped from destroying our natural food and their bullying our farmers! We do not want GMO food!!
Jennifer Covel York ME United States I am signing the petition because its the right thing to do!
Jan Toohey Pueblo West CO United States Because I eat food. 
Mayra Padilla Paradise NV United States I support 100% organic farmers. I grew up in a farm where our food was organic and I am aware with the damage that MONSATO has done and keeps doing... I recently join bountiful baskets co-op an organization run by volunteers where I'm able to not just get organic produce but also are at a very good price. 
Kit Degen Winnipeg
Canada I don't want myself, my family, my friends, my environment, my country and Mother Earth  to be poisoned just to fatten the pockets of a few people who believe they can play God.  This has got to end!  
Diane Stawiarz W. Springfield MA United States we need to speak out against this
karola kling snoqualmie WA United States Because I like, many other people are ILL from GMO and artificial sugars.

STOP this insanity and grow REAL food again, what you give is what you get. 
Marc Caverly Brewer ME United States I believe that America's farmers and America's citizens have a right to stop any corporation that commits crimes against humanity and Monsanto is such a corporation.
Barbara Landi Hollywood CA United States To thank all the farmers for their fight against Monsanto. We depend on the farmer for good, genuine food. 
Susan Gorrindo Estacada OR United States When did our federal government decide that anyone could put a patent on FOOD?  And why are we allowing corporations like Monsanto to modify those foods and make changes to the genetic code that impact and ruin our health.  I am frightened by the number of government officials who are on the board of Monsanto.  
Nicole Hetherington Newtown
Australia Please know, that even though I live in Sydney, Australia ~ I stand beside you, as a Warrior for Our Environment and a Warrior for Wellness. NO, gmo in our food. Go Well, Keep fighting the 'good fight'. Nicole 
Anne Sewell Fuengirola
Spain So sorry to hear the news.  Keep up the battle - don't give up fighting these monsters. 
Alison Anderson LAFAYETTE CO United States Because I have children, and I want to make sure they have the options to be healthy children, not poisoned.
Eduard Worst British Columbia
Canada Because allowing anyone to have a patent on our natural world is insane. 
barb bunce lake mills WI United States WE, the people, deserve the truth about the foods we eat.  For too long we've allowed the gov't and big biz to rule our lives.  THAT time is over, expect us.
Marianna Love Paradise CA United States We need to stick together as a committed community to take on such an evil threat !!
Regina Sebright Melbourne
Australia Because I want real FOOD...nutritive food, food that is grown for our health and to sustain us....because GMO food is hazardous and dangerous at best and evil at worst...
Nicole Hessner Pullman WA United States I'm disgusted with the industrial food system and its reliance on poisonous chemicals that degrade soil quality and contaminate water sources used by both humans and animals.
Santos DeGonzales Las Vegas NV United States Monsanto Corporation are a bunch of jerks who want to control the global food supply.
Anthony Moldenhauer Bulli
Australia We as the people who inhabit this planet have the right to live with the Earth, to grow and eat the food that nature and this planet has provided, without any modification, in any way. The methods and means used by Monsanto to change the Genetic makeup of foods/seeds means that the Divine genetic make-up of our food has changed and that will also have an effect on our health, and our ability to plant and regrow our own "natural" foods.
Cara Makuh San Anselmo CA United States I am signing because I support and appreciate each and every one of you organic farmers, it's you who enables conscious consumers with a choice.
Gail Fulkerson Dundurn
Canada I support the organic farmers who are keeping seeds for fruits and vegetables that have not been genetically modified, so that we still have a choice between natural, organic foods and the monstrosities that Monsanto keeps shoving down our throats. 
Maciek Czyz Algonquin IL United States Because I don't want to live in a world where I'm not allowed to eat what mother nature has provided for eons.
Deborah Tracy Butler PA United States putting poison on and in our food supply from the very beginning has been wrong. we are the ONLY species that works completely against nature. why is that?
shayna roberts bangalow
Australia because monsanto is evil & they must be stopped!! STOP POISINING OUR PLANET YOU HAVE NO RIGHT!!!!
Sue Carroll Denver CO United States Thank you for filing suit.  Keep on doing this work.  Many of us that eat food are just starting to recognize what is at stake here.
Sandra Tuer Nenthead
United Kingdom I HATE MONSANTO, and everything it stands for.
Philip marriott Hamburg
Germany Because Monsanto and GM seeds/food etc etc disgusts me.  
Mathilda Bingham sydney
Australia Because I'm passionate about  food + freedom of choice!
Stuart Peach Maidenhead
United Kingdom Because we deserve the right to unpolluted food.
Gabriella Milkovic Budapest
Hungary Because we are what we eat and I don't want  to slowly turn into lifeless plastic. Because what is produced with love and care by humans carries the positive energy this love and care transmits while that what is produced in any other way will lack this energy. Because life feeds on diversity and monopolism leads to the death of creativity, freedom, joy, and in the end: mankind. 
sc pierce washington VA United States I am deeply sorry that you lost such such a righteous battle--indeed,we ALL lost!
Bendy Sysomboun HONOLULU HI United States The reason is obvious.
Jennifer Macknak Anoyb
Canada Because I believe that the food I eat and grow should be decided by me and not some greedy corporation like monsanto. 
Viv Horne Dorset
United Kingdom I cannot think of one single thing to say in defence of Monstanto, it works in short term gain only at the cost of our precious planet & our own survival.  
Libee Uhuru Ukiah CA United States Monsanto is evil incarnate, period!
janann dempsey phoenix AZ United States cause our govnt is BS!!! 
Sara Sprague Charlestown RI United States I won't buy big agra anyway!!!
Barbara Hall Eugene OR United States Since OBVIOUSLY Judge Naomi Buchwald has no one's interest at heart but Monsanto's, WE have to stand up over and over and over.
Samantha Macomber Oroville CA United States I'm signing because Monsanto needs to be STOPPED!
miranda avery bowmanville
Canada Because We are Natural Beings that need  Natural,  Unaltered and Non-Toxic food that will nurture and heal our bodies instead of making them diseased.  
Marie Hyde Craik
Canada Because GMO foods are poison to our bodies, to others living organizms, and the EARTH and Monstanto is a Tryannical Parasital Organism that has had its time....
Rachel Christian sydney
Australia Organic food, grown without chemicals and pesticides is far superior in taste and nutrition than food that is not grown organically.We need to support the farmers who put themselves out there to grow real food for us, the consumers.  thank you to all the farmers who made a stand
Jan Garber West Chester PA United States I think that it is totally unjust for farmers whose crops have unavoidably been polinated with Monsanto GMOs to lose their crops and their farms. Who in the world named Monsanto king of the universe.
Margi Erickson Wilmington NC United States This is just wrong...
max igan my city
Australia The Judge is obviously as corrupt as Monsanto and should be immediately doismissed from the bench. Each farmer should also sue Monsanto for contaminating their crops.
Irene Pavese St Petersburg FL United States I wish to support our farmers against Monsanto.
Sylvia Mason Derby
United Kingdom BECAUSE I AM worth better!

Don't eat shite!      NOtoGMO!
Abigail Parker Holywell
United Kingdom Monsanto = <a href="http://Bankrupt....com" rel="nofollow">Bankrupt....com</a>ing soon!
Rhonda Davis Richmond VA United States I oppose a corporation that is so evil that it would poison people for profit. They need to be brought down. 
Dorian Henry ottawa
Steven Wiebe Vernon
Canada Because these farmers know what community means! 
rob higgins orrville OH United States Because monsanto is killing us and the last thing this country needs is another monopoly.
Robert Miller Bessemer city NC United States The NWO has to end at all cost
shiva danis montreal
Canada Because I like organic food, because organic food is healthiest, because it's the way the universe was created and is the only way to maintain and not destroy the natural order. Because only the blind would see it any other way.
nancy warner laytonville CA United States our liberties are at stake, and i buy organic
Patrick Mallon Birmingham
United Kingdom Because I have hope, for future where the madness of Monsanto will be expunged.
Ynez Crawford-Taylor Fallbrook CA United States because Monsanto is the 3rd dimensional manifestation of everything that is wrong with our society :(
Melissa Connolly Austin TX United States This is an act of injustice and this judge lacks the appropriate grounds for such a decision. Perhaps she herself is afraid of standing up to the big corporate empire Monsanto. Perhaps. It is a grave error in judgment, nonetheless. 
abe Kreworuka Weld ME United States You keep our Earth alive. Thank you.
debra bailin long beach
Australia Monsanto do not care about the destruction they are causing to Mother Earth, we must and will fight against GMO, this is not the way to feed the world.
John Paterson Seaford
United Kingdom I was bought up on organic food.  Why would I want to eat poison?
Maggie McClellan Fort Lauderdale FL United States This technology has not been proven safe, and I don't want me or anyone else on this planet to be their human "guniea pigs".  It is all about money and control.  We ARE going to win this!  :o)
Caleb Smith Prattville AL United States I wanna eat healthier food and support the Organic farmers that are trying to make it happen, NO GMO
Ross  PEPPER Myocum
Australia Because I've been growing my own organic food too ! Good Health and Good Mind brings FREEDOM ! 
Linda Chover Minneapolis MN United States I eat organic, shop organic and my son is an organic farmer.
Brian Lehmann Lahaina HI United States availability of organic food should not be an unreasonably high expectation for consumers.  farmers should not be made vulnerable to  cross-contamination from GMOs, and the onus of prevention, if a risk exists,  should be on GMO producers as the source.  I would support OSGTA and PubPat in an appeal 
Libertie Kiing Toronto
Canada I don't support corporations who have more concern for their bottom line and how they can make the law work for their purposes.  Concern for the environment and the health of my family and loved ones should be paramount.  In this time I am disgusted at some of the practices Monsanto employs.  Though it may be an uphill battle, I support these organic farmers who decided the fight was worth it.  We need more of this bravery.  Maybe one farmer will finally awaken Monsanto's conscience.
Moana Perrot Upper wilsons Creek
Australia Without clean food, people will wither and die.  Monsanto does not produce clean food.
Sharon Pruss Long Beach CA United States I work in healthcare helping people heal from disease, and cannot believe that our government would sign on to something which will affect our health.   The recent ruling is to me, akin to genocide.
Kate Viscardi Hatfield
United Kingdom Good food is only as expensive as it is because it costs so much to defend it from junk food. 
Susan Belchamber Bethesda MD United States God bless the organic farmers of the world -- we are so deeply grateful for your dedication!
Jordan Healey hamilton
New Zealand Because MONSANTO and their sub-companies will eventuallu cause the end of the human race with their unethical and evil methods, and their sickening ploys.
Mark Brown Anambah
Australia Food can not be owned by a corporation or any one person and our food supply must not rely on the "good will" of  a greedy multinational company
Alejandro Moreno Woodacre CA United States Because Monsanto is Empire, and like all Empires, is doomed to burn.
Michele Hay Newtown, PA United States There are so many reasons. Because of the robbery, and the dangerous taking over of what God graciously gave us...the fruits of the earth. Because these seed products endanger us all and our children. Because there is safety in diversity of plant life. Because the bees are dying due to them. Einstine said if the bees die we  have seven years. I want to say to anyone as well that this is not political. This is apolitical. Everyone eats and wants their children to eat and to have the beautiful diversity we have been given for our our and their safety. I tell my family...do not stand beneath those goliaths (Monsanto, Pharmicia) for God in his justice will eventually bring them down.
Leah Boule whitehall NY United States I
M Mester Milford PA United States Farmers deserve to grow their own seeds without fear of being sued for accidental infringements of GMO's. This dismissal is an outrage! I refuse to be a victim of GMO food, and support Organic farmers.
Sarah Carter Perth
Australia Because Monsanto and its affiliates are some of the worst things to happen to this world.
Larissa Koloboff Stuart FL United States I am signing the petition to provide a safer, cleaner more natural food for my young 5 children and am disgusted with what Monsanto is doing and the damage he has done so far.
Julz Glass Auckland
New Zealand I am signing this due to the fact that Monsanto has, through a wealth of ex and current employees entering politics, put the lively hood of America and the world at risk. They are one of the major contributing factors to Us dept, world hunger, and a general mistrust I have now for processed food in my own country. 
Donna-Lee  Phillips Eureka CA United States I grew up on home-grown food, including eggs, chickens and even goats' milk. We didn't even know about commercial fertilizers then, and never used any. I am now a healthy 70--a fact for which I thank my mother who made me weed and home-can everything we didn't eat fresh. I am very grateful for your long battle against Monsanto, and I hope this will not be the end. Thank you, organic farmers! We are standing with you against the toxic giant.

glenn higson stafford
Australia Monsanto have no idea what they are doing, its all about control and money, may God have mercy on their souls
NC Schaefer Sydney
Australia Monsanto is evil and should be charged with crimes against humanity and crimes against nature and animals.

The people that work there need to grow a conscience - how do they sleep at night?
Ruth Galbraith Peterborough NH United States Because we have a right to know what's in our food, and to have our food labeled!
Crispina ffrench Pittsfield MA United States Monsanto is all about money over everything else - and the world can only work when this sort of thinking changes
Jenna Roberts Portland OR United States The future is in our hands, and I don't want the dark side to win. 
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Deanna-( Deonaa ) Hernesmaa Vancouver
Canada Because, GMO is a crime against nature and against humanity. 

All those in the GMO industry and the politicians that part of the justice system supporting it should all be brought up before a Neurmberg style trial and tried for crimes against humanity and murder.  They should all be treated no differently that those found guilty at the original Nuremberg trials.  They should all be bared from their professions for life once or if they ever get out of jail.  Many will be found guilty of murder and should have the approprate punishement to its fullest., with out exception and without mercy.  Those creating and promoting GMO never showed any mercy to anyone, or nature.  Those individuals deserve nothing less than what they did to others in order to show that we will never tolerate this ever again.


Gerald  and Deanna-( Deonaa ) Hernesmaa
Ooi Yoong Chou Petaling Jaya
Malaysia Absolutely against GMO! Encouragement goes to OSGTA!
Lindsay Patterson Wadsworth OH United States Because I want my son to grow up eating FOOD...actual food.
Judith Loukides Guilford CT United States Because Monsanto doesn't care what happens to people, they just want power.
Rebecca Doll Wimberley TX United States I'm signing for the next seven generations.  I support all actions to end Monsanto's insane disrespect for our dear planet Earth and all the life she sustains.
Lara Marjerrison Kingston
Canada The systematic corporate takeover of our food system is an abomination. The ultimate human rights violation. As a citizen of the world I will not stand by and allow you to destroy the planet that I will leave to my children. Monsanto MUST be stopped! 
Bernard Harris Withee WI United States I hereby sign this petition in protest to the destruction of food as it was meant to be, organic and free.  May those who destroy that which is best to eat be laid aside that health may again prevail!
Marty Poitras Saint Paul
Canada Nobody should have to eat this stuff. I want for these people who are responsible for  this mess to wake up, do some reading/research  and get a conscience.
Shanon Zachidniak Regina
Canada In solidarity, as a fellow community food security advocate!
Beverly Hunter Amissville VA United States I am signing this to show support for those whose lives and livelihoods are being destroyed by Monsanto and their allies.
Manon De Gagne Toronto
Canada it's the least I can do
Carol Foullong Orangeville
Canada For our basic rights!  to fight the insanity of Monsatos' control over our food and choice.
lynda sheats Lakehead CA United States I CANNOT believe the Judge...that money is more to her than true democracy and commonsense. What friggin human being on this earth can justify eating roundup in their food. This battle has just started, there is no way in HELL that Monsatan will control the food grown in the country!!
Amanda Nelson Aurora CO United States Because I care about my children.
wendy slee Busselton
Australia Because Monsanto are not God, and have no right to play God with the life on this planet.   No single person or entity has the right to "own" all our food supplies on this planet, and they "Almost" achieved their dirty plan.    Almost.  But the good farmers of this world have fought back, and we will stand beside them.    It's time to take back our own power and responsibility over what we eat and drink and who we trust, for the sake of our children and our children's children.  Anyone who supports this corporation either through the judicial system, or with corrupt or bought legislation, or otherwise, are just as evil as Monsanto and have no place in our future.    So I applaud the real heroes here...the farmers and producers that stand up to Monsanto and say NO....and to each and every person out there fighting to restore what is real and natural in our world.   History is being written here and will testify you are indeed the heroes against one of the most insidious evils of these modern times.....
daniel cronier trois-rivieres
Canada Because the only science food needs is nature on its own, i wish they would stop playing GOD and leave the farming business alone. it is disgusting when farmers have to burn their precious seeds.
Susan Wood Rowe MA United States I am signing because it is horrifying that FOOD and our ability to grow our own is being completely co-opted by Monsanto with the support of the people we put in office to represent us.
Cheryl Anderson Billerica MA United States Monsanto = Evil
christine brown minneapolis MN United States Something so basic as seeds that are part of NATURE should NEVER be allowed to be patented!! And if a huge corporation decides to mutate those seeds so as to have a monopoly and force farmers to buy new seeds each season, every other person wanting to grow safe and pure crops needs to have protection from their seeds being tainted with Monsanto's modified and sterile versions. I am heartbroken that a judge and so many politicians could be so short sighted. I hope someone in a position to do something will step up and do the right thing before it's too late for us all.

anne thomsen kirkland WA United States oRGANIC FARMERS HAVE A RIGHT TO GROW WHAT THEY WANT.
Jeanice Barcelo Kihei HI United States Thank you so much for what you are doing!  Please don't give up!  You are doing a huge service for the planet and all beings.  Take it all the way to the top. Love will prevail and I am so thankful for the part you are playing in this unfolding war between darkness and light.  Love will prevail.  Please keep going.
Luther Barden Ruckersville VA United States Because I believe profits and necessities for life lshould be seperate, just as church and state are in the US
Mary Mulenburg Glencoe MN United States I want small farms to survive and THRIVE because they are the answer to good health - for ourselves and our planet, and they connect us to our communities. We won't give up the fight - it is so important!
Jennifer Bernier Portalnd OR United States Monsanto is an affront to nature.
Conrad Fiederer Seattle WA United States It's the right thing to do. Protect our precious

organic foods.
candy  hayter  Port Coquitlam
Canada Monsanto can eat and have there Genetically Modified food Leave the other Farmers alone ! Monsanto says they want to provide more food for the World than why hurt and destroy the Good People that are Providing Food Monsanto does not choose what I should Eat They can Eat there GM Food Leave the rest of us To Have a choice and let that Choice for Real Alive Healthy food Be Live and let Live ! Stop interfering with others life :)
Ruthann  Woods Conifer CO United States To  support organic farmers and those who care about the integrity of our food supply.  Thank you to all of you who buy organic  (we vote with our dollars) and to all of you who are standing up to Monsanto.
Karen Lystrom Evergreen CO United States I totally support organic farmers and the wonderful, nutritious food they provide us.  Monsanto is a peria on this planet and I will do what I can to stop them from distroying our food, soil and the health of animals and humans.
 Merilyn Hand Paia HI United States I am so distresed by this outcome.....I am flooded with the sadness this brings to so many and the suffering that will be a result.

Please feel our support!
Jennifer Bach San Francisco CA United States Truth from the heart, Health, Freedom
Enlighten  Unity Washington DC DC United States Monsanto Corporation wants to  " control the global food supply "  , and they almost achieved their malicious plan . Blessing to all farmers who made a stand .
marie gunderson-briggs sydney
Australia this is madness and canoot go on.  profit cannot be so important to governments they should be there do care for people not profit
Karen Napper Port Dover
Canada I want to stay healthy and what Monsanto is doing with their GMO foods is unhealthy for human beings. They are criminals!!!!
Barry Selby Venice CA United States It's time we the people stood with the farmers who are people too, and we define what healthy food is and the freedom to grow it naturally for all of us. It is not intended for the profit margin nor the corporate policy to be satisfied. That's the road to everyone losing.
lily zaga Lake Oswego OR United States Everything pertinent has been said....

Amber Lidstone Gibsons, BC
Canada Down with Frankenfoods
Karla Bufka Dallas OR United States Seeds and plant life should not be owned and forced on consumers by corporations with sole purpose is that of domination and forced assimilation of  societies food supply. The genetically modified seeds and plants have by-passed stringent safety testing and health impacts due to tireless lobbying and enormous financial "donations". Monsanto should not be allowed to continue waging war on humanity health and the freedom of choice of organic foods.
Jane Schindler Stone Mountain GA United States Because I want real food grown in the safest, most nutritious way!   Monsanto, go organic! it's good for your kids too!
Alicia Bay Laurel El Mirage AZ United States I watched Robyn O'Brien's TED talk.  There is a correlation between the high cancer rate in the USA and the widespread use of GMO crops and the chemicals that accompany them.  Biotech is yet another way the 1% wealthiest oppress the rest of us.
Alicia Bay Laurel Los Angeles CA United States I watched Robyn O'Brien's TED talk (everyone should). The USA's wildly high cancer rates coincide with its embrace of biotech crops and the chemicals that accompany them.  Monsanto's work is another example of the wealthiest 1% oppressing everyone else.
Ron Halfhill Sunnyvale CA United States For so many reasons, not the least of which is that we deserve to have options against the tyrannical practices of Monsanto and their frankenfoods.  
Kirk Allison Coaldale
Canada Signing this petition is the right thing to do, Nobody should be able to OWN food. It's outrageous and  wrong!
Bernadette Longden Whiteside
Australia Its happening in Australia too - and I just want good honest food and not something that has been tampered with. I feel sick that one company can do this and get away with it to another hard working individual.
Ivana Dortova Singapore
Singapore Not only GMO is full of poison, the seeds are sterile and Monsanto causes extensive damage to the enviroment, nobody should have a monopoly on food.

Graham Lang Marrickville
Australia We will not be able to grow any organic food stuff, if monsanto get their hands on the seeds.
Sandra Brendale Yakima WA United States We must carry on the battle for liberty at every opportunity.  My signature is but a small token of appreciation for what you have given.
Natalie Lewis High Wycombe
United Kingdom Organic food is the only way forward.
Dafni Kokotovis Huizen
Netherlands Organic food is the best food! 
brigitte claire nimbin
Australia because i love the earth and i love fresh organic food
Susan de Wet Gaborone
Botswana Time to take back our own power and responsibility over what we eat and drink and who we trust, for the sake of our children and our children's children. I'm shocked with the industrial food system to rely on poisonous chemicals that degrade soil quality and contaminate our water sources all over used by humans and animals.
Nori Lindsay Mt. Molloy
Australia The future of our children and generally the future in total is at stake
Isabel Shapcott xxxxxxx
Australia Alfred is also signing this.  Freedom of choice and health!!!
Adrienne Fabrizio Yorktown Hts NY United States Because we all need to stand up for real food.
Brent Fairns East MAitland
Australia People power
Francesca Santoro syracuse
Italy I want be healthy
Kevin Smith Rusk TX United States Because the system is broken, but I stand with you in your hope for "justice" to be served.

Because a multinational corporation is *POISONING THE EARTH* and the people within it.  This is a monopoly-hungry mafia, not a "person".  Sadly this mafia (Monsanto) has close ties to the mafia of the USA (revolving door)
sheila kay blackburn
United Kingdom i am totally against the modification of our foodstuffs in ANY way. monsanto should not have the control tht it has been so far afforded
Liesbeth Lemmes Turnhout
Belgium They can't claim and ruin everybody's food. They have to be stoped!!!!!!!!!!!NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
Egor Mizernyi Gent
Belgium FREEDOM, NOT! the so called freedom "you" are fighting for!
phil haers Assenede
Belgium I hope Monsanto loves their childen too.  The future is organic.  Om Namah Shivaya.  
Amanda Edmundson Rockford IL United States All I want is healthy land, healthy soil, healthy nutritious food grown organically and pollinated by happy healthy bees. I want pure air and water. I want Monsanto to fall away, to dissolve into the ether, like dust in the wind. 
janet caminada bailey CO United States Monsanto does not care about people.  Power, ownership, control & money is their only concern...  

cybele cox Avalon
Australia I don't believe one company has the right to monopolize on seeds and growing methods for farmers.Individual are the soul  behind the food we eat. I don't want to eat food grown, or should I say manuafactured, by a massive multinational faceless dictator. Monsanto has the money to buy laws. It does not serve the individual to have the justice system favouring big business.
Robert  Edwards Seeleys bay
Canada My health was deteriorating until I started growing my own organic. What a huge difference in my health. Shopping takes longer making sure I go over all ingredients to make sure I am not consuming anything that may be GMO!
dianne weyna napa CA United States We should be able to eat good, non bio engineered food, and no food, water or air should be patented - this is a human necessity!!!
Nikolay Iliev Petrich
Bulgaria Because I want healthy and safe food for me and my children. In my country there is a saying "Nobody is bigger then the bread"...Well, Monsanto obviously wants to be bigger than OUR bread, and not only in the US. Monsanto-making people miserable since 1992-that's what their slogan should look like.
mark martin covington OH United States because I hate those goddamn kike pieces of shit who force their deadly GMO seeds on the world and think that we need to stop them at all costs. 
Angie  Spencer Stroud
United Kingdom I think Monsanto are wrong to try to patent nature. Messing about with the genes of our food supply simple so that they can sell more of their poisonous chemicals is wrong and dangerous.
Sherri Louise Stuart FL United States We as a people came to this country for FREEDOM, yet big corporations seem to be able to keep infringing upon that God-given Freedom.  Where is the integrity of the Courts, Federal or otherwise!?!
D R Denver CO United States Monsanto should NOT be allowed to own the world's food!!! They are evil.
Sri Nair Toronto
Canada One of the highlights of my week is going to the organic farmers market in my neighbourhood with my daughter.  We engage with the farmers, talk about each others lives, and it gives us a real connection to the food we eat.  I do not want this to end and will do my part to be on the side of the farmers, not Monsanto.
Andrew Kryszak Rochester NY United States People, health and truth before profits.
L R Nc
France Because life without out mlother nature doing her nuture... well then whats the point?
Dana Beach El Paso TX United States I am sick of big corporations thinking that their crap doesn't stink and believing that they are entitled to own everyone and everything. They will not own nor poison me or my family anymore. 
Barbara Feleki Canmore
Canada Our health, our environment and our economy are at severe risk. Monsanto, monocultures and huge feedlots for our animals have to be stopped in order for the human species to survive.
Basia Dalsis Stockton CA United States Because, I'd rather eat food that is safe to eat long term. And food that doesn't put the person growing it, in a position where all that they have known and loved is stripped from them by corporate greed.
Tanya LaMothe Malta NY United States We have the right to eat the food we choose; good, organic food! Unsprayed, non-GMO, non-cancer food!!!! To protect that right-- we areTHE PEOPLE!  PEOPLE who see the truth, PEOPLE who will continue to have FREEDOM to eat the food we choose!  Monsanto may have bought this White House, but it has not bought WE THE PEOPLE!!!
Lune Jazudekova bratislava
Slovakia Because we and our children should have  freedom and healthy possibility to live in the harmonious way with this beautiful planet that sustains us.
Deborah Gutierrez Grass Valley CA United States Monsanto must be stopped and we, the people, can stop them.
April Reeves Bowden
Canada The numbers against Monsanto are growing by the minute now. I look forward to the day M takes responsibility for their actions. It's coming. God willing, it's coming...
gail mosawy Austin TX United States Because no one can own or have a patent on nature.  Organic farmers are exercising their god-given rights.
Timothy Shreffler Frederick MD United States Because we shouldn't have patents on nature, because GMO's are killing life, because corporate greed is killing life, because Monsanto the USDA and FDA have overstepped their bounds and need to change. NOW!
John Courtney Colchester
United Kingdom Sooner or later it will all go back to Organic..Its the only way forward
Elaina Ewing Woodway WA United States Biological Imperative
Love Debberman Kingston NY United States I don't like Monsanto shoving GMO down our throats without giving us the choice!
Joy Dodson Bradenton FL United States I don't want to be forced to eat genetically modified food.  This should be my choice and not that of some judge that knows nothing of the consequenses of her actions.
Charles Walton Charleston SC United States I cried when I saw you were standing up to Monsanto, and I cried when the case got dropped. It still means a lot to me that you tried. We need to reword your lawsuit and try again. We can not stand for this sick injustice.
Nicola  James  Toronto
Canada Monsanto and our governments are in bed together along with the pharmaceutical companies. They are bullies destroying our land and people 
Yemisi Oyeniyi Irvine CA United States Because Monsanto is taking away universal food rights and killing us in the process
joyce kurzawski pittsburgh PA United States The earth belongs to GOD! Not the devil!
Cheryl Zarn Bear Lake MI United States Monsanto is part of the depopulation of the world and must be stopped.
Serena Weber River Falls WI United States I do not trust these huge corporate entities with the safety of our food supply. I do not feel that the way that they tamper with nature is safe or sustainable. I despise the way that these companies use their leverage to shut down small farms; farms with history, farms our country was built on. The quality of the food is drastically reduced through the mass production techniques championed by Monsanto. And other countries have already wizened up to this, why haven't we?
Beverly  Gardner North Pembroke MA United States  am heart-broken and truly angry about the decision.
Roberto Padilla Tracy CA United States Because Mother Earth will reject us like a virus if we don't take better care of her
Therese Sandhage Columbus IN United States I want to be able to grow my own food without Monsanto being able to sue me after they destroy my food. Allowing a company to sue a person who is trying to grow organic food is so beyond my comprehension there are no words which can explain. Many of us regret this now. The rest of the world will regret allowing Monsanto to spread GMO food later.
Andrea Winship Evanston IL United States We WILL prevail. It might take years but we will eradicate GMO'S and Monsanto. 
FRANKIE WOLFE Littleton CO United States This is just one more step toward world domination of the big powers that be! I support all organic farming!

Judy Gates Kentville
Canada One company should not control the entire planet's food resources.  GMO foods are not a good option, hybrids are enough, thanks, stop splicing my foods! 
Linda Handschue Las Vegas NV United States I am signing this petition because I believe that it is MY RIGHT to know and choose what I am eating...Big Corp. are ruining our country and taking away our freedoms by pushing what they believe is best for us as far as Food, Medicine, Money...ect. The people who work the land and the Mom and Pop businesses are dying....very sad for such a GREAT and FREE Country!!!
Drue Spallholz Albany NY United States You reap what you sow.  I am determined to live a healthy life and will continue to challenge Monsanto.  Those who support this Monsanto are either ignorant or willing to exploit mother earth.
Jamie Szymanski Wyoming MI United States Our freedoms and rights are being taken away from us, and it's not the government's job to decide what we can and cannot eat! Long live real food and the farmers who care about it!
Erin Roderick NYC NY United States GMOs are zombie food. You are what you eat.
ruth pickard Wattle Glen
Australia To support organic farmers and increase hope that we can look after the earth and our future with it properly!
lori  de carteret ennis
Ireland I am signing because my heart goes out to the members of OSGTA, at this bad news...but I want them to know we are behind them and we cannot give up.
Susan Turner Eau Claire WI United States Many of us didn't realize how toxic our bodies already are until affected by serious illness. Access to healthy food and water is extremely important, but very difficult due to lack of protection from unscrupulous organizations and (apparently) interpretors of the law of our land.
Angela Sanchez Ladyville
Belize Because, I love organic foods, I know from experience that it is better for our bodies.  I am planning to buy some acres to grow  organic foods here in Belize.  
ian owen ballina,co .clare
Ireland because even though they have lost this battle,iam sure monsanto and the cretins responsible are about to take a fall along with the corrupt and evil force that has controlled our beautiful planet..babylon is falling now. all is well (even if it doesnt look like it)
Rebecca Martinez Albuquerque NM United States For REAL FOOD!
Kathryn Paxton Warsaw MO United States I believe I have a right to healthy food.
Jenn krelo west jordan UT United States I stand with the independent farmers and people and groups who advocate for a better food system for all of us, through methods of sustainability and biodiversity. We need nutrient rich foods without chemicals and fair labor standards for the farmers and workers who promote this way of healthy and coherent living. 
angelika davis salt lake city UT United States I am truly disgusted by the unjust decision of this judge.
Martin Modrzejewski Selkirk
Canada I'm pro farmer not pro corporation. I know their motives.
Douglas Gordon Armstrong
Canada Because it is important to understand the purpose of a human being.
G D Gilbert AZ United States Recently I have been diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer, because of the location of my cancer and many other health issues, the foods I have been eating were the major factor.
Saroj  Earl High Springs FL United States There are so many big issues to stand behind these days but this one is major.  I so long to see the down-fall of the Monsanto monstrosity.
Angeline Bussche Veldegem
Belgium we know the dangers of GMO foods, for the future, to our health and to Mother Earth 
Judy Kubrak Cobble Hill
Canada I have a right to access and to eat organic foods and organic farmers must be able to continue to grow these foods.  GM foods must be outlawed and Monsanto stopped!

Diane Beeny Westfield NJ United States I am proud and happy to be one of the SANE people signing this beautiful petition on behalf of organic farmers and all people who care about our food and the health of our families and children, and the quality of our air, water, soil and environment, and who care about what is right and just AND who feel strongly about standing up to the forces of GREED, EXPLOITATION, CORRUPTION, POLLUTION, TOXIC POISONS, SICKNESS, DEPRAVITY, DEATH AND CANCEROUS EVIL.

We stand up for our MOTHER EARTH and against those who threaten HER & ALL HER CHILDREN!!
Michael Kaminsky Brooklyn NY United States Because Monsanto's patented seeds pollute the world and threaten our agricultural commons.
monty paul grand prairie alberta
Canada All monsanto is doin is tryin to control the world , they have to stop before they do any more destruction than they already have !!!!

sue vrahas sydney
Australia to assist in the emancipation of humanity. god bless us all
Leslie  Gray Holyoke` MA United States Judge do you have an agricultural degree or back ground? NO?! so you have no clue other than money benefits to how dangerous the food is becoming for humans and animals
Carina Searight Madison Heights MI United States because organic leads to health which gives quality of life. because Monsanto is leading the GMO way to our early graves.
Karen Carter Wilmington DE United States I am signing because I was an organic farmer at one time and I have full knowledge of Monsanto's designs for seed monopoly. I know about the Terminator Seed , The Round-Up seed and now the GMO. 
Stacy Luks Richmond VA United States On behalf of my self and Slow Food in Richmond, Virginia
Shelley Vandecar Nelson
Canada Sake of our children




Big Brother

Big Business

Round up Ready

Non Organic

Jack Verbeek Templestowe
Australia I understand the many benefits of natural farming as well as the many perils of gm crops. I want your farmers to know that they are modern day heros.
Madeleine Harned Delta
Canada I need to stand up for what I believe in and help prevent Monsanto oppressing the world and destroying farmers like Percy Schmeiser and to enforce the right to know whether food is Genetically Modified or Engineered!
Jasmine  Slinger Lawson
Australia Because I want an option to eat non GMO foods and I support these organic farmers 100%. For the health of farmers, consumers,  the earth and ALL of its inhabitants GMO must stop.
Sandi Checkel Vegreville
Canada And the government lets them get away with it. I USED to work in agriculture research for the government, and all the results are lies. The Canadian goverment bends over backwards when they complain about an un-biased result and they threaten not to give you research money if they don't get the resutls they want. I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT. Results are fudged by government researchers to keep these assholes happy. BASF is even worse than Monsanto for this.

Miguel Vasquez Scottsdale AZ United States So that my kids, my kid's kids and on and on have chance to enjoy a future with REAL food, instead of the gmo science experiment garbage floating around everywhere in our grocery stores today. 
Bonnie  Deem Jeannette PA United States I want my food to be as natural as possible.  In years to come I am sure the "altered" foods will pose a health hazard.  Of course, people will have already eaten it for some time and it will be too late!
Anne Fields North Port FL United States Because I need "Organic Foods" to repair my damaged Immune system & realize there are Millions + more Individuals in the world that are in the same position! There is "NO OTHER OPTION FOR US!"
Louis Rosenbaum Mill Valley CA United States monsanto charges for seeds and water and is intereferring with the birthrights of humanity
Leah Iantkow Prince George
Canada Because,pesticides cause illnesses and contaminate the soil,water supply and animals. 
Russell Mullins Byabarra
Australia I am signing because I am sick and tired of the bombastic, barbaric and controlling organisations who are totally corrupt ruling our planet.  I salute all organic farmers.
Letisha Boyle kula HI United States Taking a stand in defense of my Children & All of us who deserve pure food & water uncontaminated by out of control Bio hazardous Industrial Expermentation.
Shanlynn Skinner Plano TX United States Because I believe the world will be better off with organic, family farms.  Monsanto is poisoning the planet!  I'm SO disappointed in the judicial decision.  Ultimately the appeal will be won after spending a ridiculous amount of money and time and energy that could have been used so much more productively.

Laura Fields phoenix OR United States For everyones benefit, my children, the future
Michael Steininger Cape Town
South Africa The time has come, the old energy the old ways are over....
Friedel Hans Perchtoldsdorf
Austria I like biodynamic and I am in deep respect to all biofarmers worldwide
jovana cveticanin Sydney
Australia Monsato and Codex Alimentarius is poisoning populations worldwide. We need to stop this totalitarian monopoly! 
Michelle Ching Blacksburg VA United States Monsanto sucks.  
Anna Konya San Pedro CA United States Monsanto is spreading poison throughout the world.  They must be stopped now!
diane wallrich victoria, B.C.
Canada for our children, grand-children, and all life on Earth
Lynton Wepener Hermanus
South Africa We, the people have to take our power back. We have to stop these monster coporations from running our lives without our concent!
David Weinstein Berkeley CA United States for justice and for the health of all Americans.
Julia  Croft Keynsham
United Kingdom I'm a Soil Association member -organic food -in the UK and like others support natural food
Satch Norton Caersws
United Kingdom I am signing because this is not justice - it is corpratocracy!
Isabel Nunez Barcelona
Spain Because Monsanto endangers all of us!
peter devenport denbigh
United Kingdom Monsanto are not to be trusted with all our futures.Stop them now.
Kev Maher Darwen
United Kingdom Support of those fighting Big Impersonal  Business (emphasis on the Big Impersonal)
ralph lawrence dunedin
New Zealand Because seeds are the memory of life
Jane Ballamy Brighton
United Kingdom Monsanto should not be allowed to continue with the way they are conducting their practices. The legal system should be ashamed of themselves for supporting Monsanto. It is a disgrace.
Michelle Bernhard Hambach
France Bless those who have turned to organic farming. Be strong! 
Alexander Berg Künzell
Germany Back to natural farming and acting in natural circulation processes in agriculture.
marilyn mckinstry woods hole MA United States monsanto is big but they are in the wrong.
Pearl Martin Dartmouth
Canada Very important issue!!
esther planas London
United Kingdom ethics morals health 
carol devon townsville
Australia I am 62 years old.My father who was a farmer of sugar cane used as little poisens as possible. With our fruit and vegetables he used no poisens and reused the health seads for years. Today the gm foods are tasteless. This is insane. We the people of Australia must not stop allow this to happen,therefore we must keep fighting and Americans must take back control and be allowed to GROW FOODS THAT ARE SAFE. If others choose to eat gm food fine but we must be allowed to choose. Do we live in countrys that get to vote for whom we wish to run our country??  
wolfgang rühmann neumünster
Germany only what from nature comes, is good for humans. what not comes in harmony with nature, is not good for humans. (aborigines)
Gerry Rasmus Jomtien
Thailand Give me natural or give me death
sandy nelson pagosa springs CO United States we will never stop fighting monsanto until they are  gone forever.   dont lose heart  keeep the faith    we will eliminate monsanto
Marie  Nelson Clearwater FL United States I'm signing because Monsanto has been corrupted, first by greed and second by the power to control the food of everyone in teh world. This is bad enough but they are contaminating and destroying our natural and safe food supply, plus they are trying to drive out those who are protecting it.

Kristine Price Hellertown PA United States Thank you OSGTA for the message of solidarity. The American people should not have to battle their own government for natural organic foods. The Farmers, Seed Growers and Farming Groups are heros for taking a stand in this critical issue. 
Susan Rhoades Arnold MO United States I am signing in order to advise this judge and Monsanto that  we know they are members of a corrupt machine that is working to take our rights from us.  We will not stop until they are restored.
aziza bortnick Alton bay NH United States save our food supply
karin sahlman Gavle CO United States I just can't stand what monsanto is doing, and think they are getting away with it .. well THINK Again!!! 
Deidrea McMillan Livingston MT United States Though my signature may be meaningless to our corrupt and insane system, I do hope that all of those in the farming community can see that they ARE supported in a tremendous way. This letter so eloquently expresses what I have had difficulty expressing due to the lump in my throat and pit in my belly. 
Concerned Parents Centreville VA United States There is much more corporate greed going on in our food supply like 4.9 Billion dollars worth of cheap China going into products that say Made in USA on the labels. That's not right either.  We should demand country of origin labeling on our foods so we can make some educated choices for our families. You have a right to where the ingredients in your food are from! <a href="http://www.change.org/petitions/mr-president-us-senate-congress-tell-us-where-our-food-is-from" rel="nofollow">http://www.change.org/petitions/mr-president-us-senate-congress-tell-us-where-our-food-is-from</a>
alice turkel Hurleyville NY United States Please do not give up - this fight is for all of us who love and respect the environment  and value all life - animal, human and all growing things. Let us know how we can support  you -- our planet and our lives are at stake.
matthew unger Loveland CO United States Because the threat to our bodies and our planet is real. We must show SOLIDARITY for our organic farmers and stand strong againts the BioTech machine, whatever the cost.
Melissa Bell California MD United States Monsanto is pure evil.  Under the guise of "saving the world", they are buying up all of our food, and leaving farmers dependent on sterile seeds and pesticides.  
Jorge Nunez Miraflores
Peru It is not acceptable to allow a one company (MONSANTO) to patent mother nature and intent to own the planet, the seeds, the land, the food, the lives of everybody.
Linda Little Bay City MI United States I am signing to signify that this is as far as they get in running the lives of Americans-and controlling us with their poisons!
carol morehead Fairfield IA United States Thank you to the farmers who give us CLEAN PURE food - we LOVE YOU !!
Adrian Chapleau Montreal
Canada Call it low impact approach to food soverignty, organic farming, ecological horticulture, permaculture... that's the way, thanks to all for holding on!
Mary-Beth Hallen Antrim NH United States Why wouldn't I?? Why wouldn't anyone??
Eleanor Vermilyea Big Bend CA United States Occupy Food, our human source.
Gail L Ross Mesa AZ United States Monsanto is destroying the eco-system. They want to monopolize own and control the food supply. It is without regard to humanity, animals, insects or mother earth. If people do not see it they are blinded by ignorance and disinformation. 
Jon Abrahamson Waconia MN United States I have a right to know what I'm eating!!!!
Julie McCauley Marietta OH United States I live in a farming community and know plenty of farmers. This occupation has the second most accidents to mining. they get very little pay and are the sweat of this nation. Of course I support all farmers!
Lawrence Kriese Nelson
Canada this is a travesty.  One corporation jeopardizing the welfare of thousands of farmers with the potential of cross-pollinating their crops......
Kerryanne Leach Ramsgate
United Kingdom No one company should be able to dictate to farmers. GMO is not the answer to the world's farmers and I, for one, object to not being able to buy organic seed or be safe in the knowledge that what I purchase is free from chemical interference. 
Savana Rose Ashland OR United States I am appalled at this decision. We dont want modified food, we want farms who grow organic foods that are good for us! Stop Monsanto before its too late! 
Tarina Rissanen Campbell River
Canada The gene altered crops have started a disese resistant family of "Superbugs" that will end up eating all the worlds crops, organic or not
Natalie Richards Kenai AK United States No corporation or company should own the seeds needed to plant food.  
Mark McDonald Greenbank WA United States I am signing because I want my children and grand children to have real food to eat 
sascha dragschnig villach
Austria because food is the key to health, which has been taken away from us through gmos, pesticites, processed foods, sodium flourid and many more.

but we take it back as it is our nature and right to do so, but more our duty as conscious beeings of  earth
Michelle Lewis Mesa AZ United States Full disclosure from Monsanto regarding certificate of analysis in compliance to SEC. 301. [21 USC §331] Prohibited acts under FD&C Act.  True transparency under FSMA, with special attention to Sprouts Safety Alliance.  
Mildred Cameron Calgary
Canada We need real food. I love organic farmers! I hate monsanto!!!
Rachel Vann Portland OR United States Against GMO's, Pro Farmers, Against Monsanto
Ashley Jones budd lake NJ United States Judge Buchwald is so disheartening.  Those of us against GMO's are good people, fighting for a good thing, that will in the end benefit EVERY person on this planet.   Petitions and lawsuits are a step in the right direction, but if our health continue to be impeded upon, there will be a greater revolution. the demand for organic is only growing.  Soon we will be stronger.
Scott Novotny Burlington VT United States For food that is affordable and isn't killing the worlds citizens in the name of capitalism.
Helena Marie Brewster NY United States We are farmers, and are totally in sync with this letter.
Louise Corteen Hamilton Hill
Australia Thank you farmers for loving the earth, for growing our food, for fighting the good fight.  We love and support you. xx
Dana Quillman Arcata CA United States I would like to see all of our fruits and vegetables to be grown organically in this country and everywhere else and without being contaminated by GMO's.  Mother Nature knows best.  Man needs to learn to stop tampering with Nature!
robert seven asheville NC United States Monsanto= Agent Organge, Greed, Death, and Corporate Prostitution.......I don't want them anywhere near my food, my babies food, my family's food, my friends food, or even the food of my enemies, if i have any. I will fight them until the day i die......nourish the web of life and stand......
Mik Wright WESTON WV United States this bizzare take over of the worlds food production is the most evil and corrupt move on the planet worse than the holocaust.  it needs to be stopped
Birgit Jonas Landshut
Germany I am signing for the love of me, my fellow humans and Mother Earth. We are all guests here and at least we should be harmless, better would be some gratitude.
Ed Stahlman Bellefonte PA United States I LOVE nature, organic gardening and freedom. I absolutely detest anyone who tries to take these things away from all of the good people who also value these things, along with every living creature on our once beautiful planet. Let's all band together and force the criminals at Monsanto, and all of the other corrupt corporations, totally out of business. But let's not just stop there. The only reason these criminal enterprises have "succeeded" to date is because the so-called legal system and the government are just as corrupt. All of these self-serving reptilians need to be prosecuted for their dastardly deeds.
Kathleen Tammaro Blue Jay CA United States I am so sorry! Keep the faith. Justice and truth is on your side. My prayers are with you!
Pat Miller Rome NY United States Don't give up. Farmers have it hard enough without the "help" of Monsanto. Please keep up the fight to save our food supply.
barbara tetzlaff winterset IA United States Seeds are God given and belong to the people, organic growers like me, not monsanto!
Tomoya INYAKU Tokyo
Japan I am sending this from Tokyo, Japan.  We don't need Monsanto.

In solidarity,
Tony Borthwick South Fremantle
Australia The people of this world have a right to clean food and water and the right to collect seed and not be beholden to some monster corporation for that right ... that's why I'm signing this !!!
Natalie  Buczarski CA CA United States I believe in the sovereignty of food freedom and I strongly support the livelihood of each and every organic farmer and seed grower. Monsanto will one day burn. In the meantime, keep fighting the good fight. We stand with you. 
Georgia Bailey BALL GROUND GA United States Stop trying to turn our food producing capabilities to Monsanto.
Nicole Gaines Lynnwood WA United States Just recently learning about Monsanto and want to get farmers rights back!
Meghan Quinn Eugene OR United States Real freedom for real humans to eat real food!!! 
Miwako Kurosaka kawasaki-city
Japan Because they are doing right things  not only for themselves but also for us and all living creatures! 
Moea Sylvain French Polynesia
French Polynesia For my whole brothers and sisters to be healthy and not manipulated
Teresa Mitchel Ashland OR United States It was so well said in the letter.  I am in deep gratitude for who you are, what you do, and your courage to bring this into greater awareness in this time in our culture.  WE will prevail.
david morrison portland OR United States Monsanto should be severed at the core, destroyed and all the execs in charge should be jailed for life.  this is the most satanic company in the world.  who could imagine the dark and horrible projects they have come up with.  Time for a corporate death penalty!!
Charisse Savier Alliance OH United States We need to get back to the basics.  I have no idea how some of these genetically engineered foods & additives are acting on my body, promoting disease or altering my chemical makeup.
Rev'd Peter Doodes Battle
United Kingdom I would like you all to know that all round the world your struggle against Monsanto is being watched and applauded. God bless you all...
Teresa Sihler Maurertown VA United States supposedly our government is "of the people, by the people and for the people", however, the voice of the people is repeatedly being ignored in the interest of pandering to big business.  For the sake of our descendents, we must stand up for what is right and good for not just this country but all the nations of the world.
kristina king rockland ME United States I am signing this because I believe in Life more than I believe in Business as Usual!
Linda Tasa Gorham
Canada If this is starting in the US, it'll be soon threatening Canada, & other areas of the world; if it hasn't already.
Stella Caban Buffalo Grove IL United States I LOVE YOU FARMERS!  Never give up!  Your work is absolutely critical and never doubt that what you do has a direct beneficial impact.
Margaret Terrill Augusta ME United States According to the 14 characteristics of fascism and this decision by Judge Buchwald, we have become a fascist state, and have no rights.
Alex Jerden Bloomington IN United States Organic farming stands for everything Monsanto doesn't. Power to the individual is what's needed here.
Glenda Forward Sudbury
Canada Monsanto should not have won; all farmers should not have to protect their farms from being contaminated with genetically modified seed.  I also want the right to know if the food is genetically modified so that I won't buy it. 
Xavier Michelena Sabadell
Spain Monsanto is stealing good sense and decency from this Planet
Debra Negle Priest River ID United States Please keep fighting to protect our food supply.  Thank you.
Kay Gschwind Bonita CA United States It's a tough row to hoe and I am so appreciative of everyone's efforts.
Julie Hefner Springfield TN United States I want to support local farmers, not Big Ag.  Everyone should be aware and care where their food comes from.  Support your local organic farms and maybe they won't succumb to Big Ag/Monsanto and their lobbyists. 
Temperance Ropple Beverly MA United States I would like to see Monsanto go out of business.  I eat organics and I love what these farmers are doing for all of us. Most Spiritual groups I affiliate with hold the Organic Farmers in the Light.
Giles Wickham Richfield PA United States I am an organic farmer.
Carrie Wood Baldwin NY United States As a lifelong gardener, and 'new' farmer who eats your good food, and buys and plants your good seeds, I support you to keep pushing for what is right:  freedom to grow and eat foods that are good for us.  Keep up the good fight.  We are with you.
geraldine adams london
United Kingdom Freedom in food production is fundamental. I am opposed to a big company controlling food and seed supplies especially for nothing better than financial gain.Keep fighting.
Niki Odenbrett wenonah NJ United States I support my local farms and farmers and conciously avoid all Monsanto products.
Ani Williams Sedona AZ United States Genetic engineering plant species will alter bio-diversity and earth and humanity will lose. Seeds are our children's gold.
Rebecca Wright Oregon City OR United States Thank you for heading this important, needed fight!
Ankya Klay Byron Bay
Australia Because I LOVE organic farmers, farming and food :)
Holly Aaron Fayetteville AR United States Food should be our medicine instead of our poison.
William Weeks Farmingdale ME United States I want them to stop killing us.
Joyce Mason Germantown MD United States Food shouldn't be "owned" by a company as the movie "Food Nation" showed so well.
Janet Kerr Olne IL United States MONSANTO  is killing us off one by one. Why do you think there is so much cancer these days?! We can not survive with the polluted foods MONSANTO is dishing out!!!
lynde hartman redondo beach CA United States Because I want to know what I and my child  are really eating.  GMO foods are false advertising, plain and simple.
kirila marinkova saint petersburg FL United States we want what came from earth! f i r e  t h e  f e d e r a l  r e s e r v e!
Laura Babbitt Redwood City CA United States Because ALL farmers have the right to plant seeds of their choosing without fear of retribution from agritech giants claiming patent violations. LIFE should NOT be patentable in the first place. I stand with farmers, and I stand for food sovereignty. 
Sarah Joy Pahoa HI United States We survived as a species on the seeds granted to all of us to use to survive.  Why should that right to life be the unique gift offered and available by one company?  Do you really believe we could survive better this way?
Barbara Paul Taos NM United States I buy organic 90% of the time. Big agra-frankenfood burn in Hell!
Susan Lawrence Oakland MI United States Monsanto must come down!!!
Patsy Lowe Palm Springs CA United States The Judge that threw this suit out is Judge Naomi Buchwald. PLEASE go to <a href="http://www.therobingroom.com" rel="nofollow">www.therobingroom.com</a> and there you will find a way to send her a message. She should be removed but we have many unfit, corrupt judges, but at least you can send a message that you disapprove.
Leanne Mitchell Brahma Lodge
Australia Every effort counts. Keep trying, they are noticing.
Lauren Eng Marlborough MA United States Thank you for all that you do! Your efforts are truly appreciated. You have to lose some in life to eventually win! We will do it some day!
joyce keyser pembroke pines FL United States I want what God created, not man's . A corporation should not be allowed to control our food supply!
Rebecca McDaniel Cuba MO United States People do not want GMO's or the results from using them. We want our foods to be natural and healthy!
murray tidswell brisbane
Australia To keep farmers futures in their own hands and not in Monsanto's.
Luanne Anderson Chinook WA United States Monsanto is responsible for poisoning our earth and its population.!  They have mislead and misconstrued and lied about their agenda.  They MUST be stopped at the risk of our demise...that is not an exaggeration..they are killing us..what they are doing is truly criminal.
Joanne E Alvarez Yelm WA United States  We have a right to clean, unadulterated organic food, and .farmers have a right to grow what they want on their own land.

Susan Kaden Brisbane
Australia Keep standing up to Monsanto
Gina Roberts Sydney
Australia I'm sick of thugs like Monsanto deciding the future of our food. Power to the people!
Paul Fassa Austin TX United States I'm signing because I'm concerned about the future of our food that Monsanto wants to own and destroy. It's terrible that government won't protect honest and earnest farmers from the evil corporation that destroys small farmers and farms,
Henning Heinzig Hamburg
Germany The existenceMonsanto is one of the worst things that ever happened to the planet.
Donna G  Smith Anacortes WA United States I want my food natural. I raise a lot of my own but have to buy some things yet. I don't want overspray to affect the organics and or natural foods i eat. 
Lee Achtman Oshkosh WI United States In memory of my mother, who represented everything good and moral and truthful.
Laila Moysey Amherst
Canada We do not know enough about genes to be messing with them. Simple. Map the WHOLE thing COMPLETELY before you even THINK about "improving" something by splicing the DNA of different species together.
Stinne Broechner- Nielsen Nykoebing F
Denmark Our food is our freedom and good, natural, organic food is our medicine.
Susan Singh Richmond CA United States

I don't like corporations that are unethical.

I love farms and farmers, but not agribusiness.

I think Monsanto is a monster.

Traci Berid Jacksonville FL United States My heartfelt sorrow over the ruling- but we are gaining in strength and numbers. We're not done yet.   God bless you all
Shannon Stinson Salt Lake City UT United States I want to be able to grow, and purchase organic food, and seeds.  I do not want GMOs to contaminate my garden, produce, seeds, and animals, or that of organic farmers. 
Kay Howe Hilo HI United States Seeds belong to the commons, they belong to nature, they belong to the earth. No one has a right to control them.
Robin Taylor Clovelly
Australia The world is toxic enough! The earth needs to heal and this cannot be done by pouring more and more chemicals into the soil. The only way we human can get rid of these toxins out of our body is with organic food. It is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Aside from the reasons of food secuirty and totalitarianism....
marcus rice  truro
United Kingdom keep strong be prepared to fight for our rights 
Cherylynn Costner Ojai CA United States Please Appeal this erroneous decision if possible.  You could possibly find grounds under conflict of interest as Monsanto has penetrated the FDA and is wrongfully dictating how the government has protected GMOs,  Good luck and please continue being organic! .
Bridget Savage Portsmouth VA United States I have a strong urgency to do something to defend the rights that my children, and my children's children will no longer have in the future. Food does not belong to Frankenstein corporations like Monsanto, or the Government, but to the men and women who toil and labor in the soil, and to us "The People" and WE decide what we eat... 
Krish Thorns Edison NJ United States We are in this together.  Despotism must be and will be stopped.  The furure of humanity depends on it.  
Barbara Geir-Kane Grand Forks ND United States I am against GMOs. Monsanto's actions are tantamount to crimes against humanity. We must reserve our right to choose what we eat.
Shelia  Lovett Vernon TX United States Because Monsanto needs to be stopped !!!
Dan Stewart Indianapolis IN United States No one wants to eat GMO garbage!!!
Jeremiah Johnson marion IN United States After studying GMO  and the horrific effects it causes  to anyone/anything consuming it as well as the contamination worldwide of non GMO  crops and the corruption of FDA officials, Judges, as well as the officiasl of GM producing companies, I feel this is one of the most important issues of human history to protect what god had already made perfect from the fallacies of human intervention.  JUDGES and POLICY MAKERS, REMEMBER YOUR FAMILIES ARE EATING THIS STUFF AND NO AMOUNT OF MONEY IS WORTH THE IRRERVERSIBLE HARM THESE CROPS WILL CAUSE
Barbara White Anniston AL United States One company should not have control over the entire planet's seed resources. It's not right, to have control over an individual life when you have the power to control what they eat because you have the most money! Thomas Jefferson would stand with the farmer for he would understand the mighty power controlling our lives. He would fight for the freedom and say they should not control us with their greed.

William Reed Mays Landing NJ United States It's very important to me to have organic food available for my health & well being. I'm now 75 years old (young) and if I could start over I would most definitly become a farmer or at least earn my living in such a wonderful way.
Damien Andrews Wakaba Ku
Japan I want to be able to eat clean unadulterated natural food!
Deborah Gwynn Eureka MT United States Stop putting chemicals in our food!!!!!!!
Nancy Wright Orange City FL United States I am signing in support of better quality food as provided by our Almighty for our good health!
Amaterasu Solar BAY SHORE NY United States Monsanto is an evil growth upon Our planet.  The fact that such insanity as dismissing this case actually took place suggests something is VERY wrong in Our world.
Robin Junga Nottingham
United Kingdom We SHALL overcome
peter lynn fairplay CO United States Freedom & Liberty
Kathe Bachtel T or C NM United States My family has been a victim in this ongoing war between the farmer and the Corporate government. I had hoped this time the family would triumph over capitalism but still keep my own seeds from year to year. I will do my part to keep this situation alive, please keep faith that right WILL overcome adversity.

Clive Middleton Coventry
United Kingdom To support people who have taken a stand against GMO courrption of the planets ecosystem.
Patrick Hautrive Lannion
France Hi and courage for continuing the battle for the freedom the food and respect of nature... This battle is the same everywhere in the world, that is why it is so important for the rest of us in th the world  that you succeed in your own country (against those Suck Seeds: misspelling leads to misunderstanding and sickness as a pollution of the body, the mind and the behaviour)...Cheers, everything is related, and the truth and life is on your side...
craig andersson brisbane
Australia Wake up people! these satanic psychopath new world order nut jobs are poisoning us like lab rats.ENOUGH!!
Sandra Scholten Lewisville TX United States Tired of eating tainted CR*P. It has given me bad psorisis, weight gain, etc. 
Bonnie Smith-Yackel Minneapolis MN United States I support organic farming, our right to eat non-GMO foods and drink raw milk.  
Jan Thornton Fort Worth TX United States The right to grow & consume organic, healthy produce is so important to me!
Lynlee Bischoff Los Gatos CA United States because I actually care about what I eat.
Nuhad Ahmed Bloomington IL United States I believe in raw, living food, and I love those who also believe in it, support it, and try their best to keep it going. this is a good thing and should not end. God bless.
Henry Holland Simms III Anderson SC United States Monsanto is EVIL Incorperated 
Christopher Millan Miami FL United States To support one of the many causes that are worth fighting for. I despise these corporate bullies and it hurts me to see soulless creatures controlling and leashing out so much evil over something so worthless as MONEY.  
Christina Sacco Atlanta GA United States I'm signing to avoid being just like our "elected" officials, who are pretty much just sucking and fucking for their disgusting, disrespectful corporate pimps. 
Jeremy Begle Indianapolis IN United States Monsanto is an evil company that is fueled by greed and needs to be brought down to earth or just put out of business. We are a strict organic household and wouldnt feed my 15 month old anything else
Kaitlyn Ridgeley Montreal
Canada I am against Monsanto and I support organic farmers 100%.
john ziegler plattsmouth NE United States I want my food and water for all people to be healthy for everyone.
Rick Horowitz not specified NH United States I am sick and tired of the massive corruption of government and big business working together to steal from the American people with no care, whatsoever, for the pain and suffering they are causing.

Support Ron Paul and others like him who will work to restore a constitutional, limited government. Don't fall for the false prophets who tell us that more government can solve our problems. Remember that big business uses corrupted government officials to impose its will on us. Without that duopoly, we would have choices, not the  dictated systems of food, healthcare, endless war -- of everything, that we increasingly live under.
Kem Roberts Petal MS United States Organic doesn't have CHEMICALS to POSION US !!
JoSeph Heineck Laske Stevens WA United States I am opposed to the monopilies of GM seed stock, and the indiscriminate use of Round-up ready GM crops resulting in Round-up-tolerant weeds.
Bobbi Lacy Aloha OR United States Organic foods are vital to to human and animal health.  GMO foods are dangerous and need, no demand more testing and research before being, literally forced onto consumers.
Jennifer Richard Carl Junction MO United States I am signing this petition because I do not want GMO to contaminate the food that we eat.  God made the seeds exactly the way he wanted them.  Stop messing with it!  
jadrienne manner martinez CA United States STOP the Corporatocracy!
David Manning South Pasadena CA United States Monsanto, as well as the fascist agent provacateurs and nazi scientists, who formulate, finance and execute these endless mind control programs and social experiments, cannot be permitted to carry on with impunity.
BRYAN BEALL SAN CARLOS CA United States Monsanto seems to be the spearhead of the depopulation agenda with its deadly genetically modified foods and other equally horrible products that have been forced upon us.  Anyone who agrees to killing off a large portion of our species is clearly insane.  Said insanity is also reflected in the company's habit of ridiculous lawsuits and the patenting of living beings.
Cynthia O'Connor Branchburg NJ United States to show my support to Organic farmers in their fight against Agri-giant Monsanto.  The Judge ruled wrong here, plain and simple.
Larry Wood Auburn CA United States Natural, unadulterated food, organically grown is extremely important to me and my family. We are diligent in avoiding anything GMO or not grown organically. In addition, we support local grown and family farms. 
Sonja Hitz Zürich
Switzerland Stop GMO, Stop Monsanto poisoning our land, plants and food. Organic farming can feed the world! I'm very grateful to all farmers and customers opposing the evil game of Monsanto and similar corporations. let's stop them!!
J L Baltimore MD United States Muck Fonsanto
Victoria Garretson Franklin TN United States Thank you for your fight for what is good and right and healthy!
Nicole Burgoyne New Glasgow
Canada Because Monsanto is destroying lives and we deserve to eat healthy!
Evangelina Cortes San Diego CA United States we must stop this criminals period!
Phoebe Stell Springtown TX United States Monsanto kills peole to make money. We are all $$$$signs to these greedy freaks. Down with monsanto support our farmers.
Jacob James Chicago IL United States As a human being I should have the right to choose what I eat.  I want to eat real food, not GMO tested fake junk.
Jim Cast Lawton OK United States Evil Monsanto and Dow is slow killing us..
Christine Lindenmuth Harleysville PA United States The powers that be are trying to kill and disable us through depriving us of the right to eat healthy food--it must be stopped!
Lyn Evans Yelm WA United States The right to eat and/or grow healthy, nutritious food is paramount to our evolution as a species.  One malicious, greedy corporation is threatening the outlook of the entire planet.  We have no other home.
John Gentry Jr. Cincinnati OH United States I'm signing this because no one should have a right to decide what my food should be!
Bobbi Bixby Laguna Hills CA United States My heart goes out to all you organic farmers who give us the choice of healthy food to put on our dinner tables. 
Pat Miller austin TX United States I am concerned that these GMO's will affect the health of my grandkids.   The dishonesty of our government to not be testing these or allowing them to be labeled is unbelieveable
Rosalie Lazar Gabriola
Canada This letter represents the passion for life, the love for our health, our children, and our future, and the importance for those amongst us who care about what we eat.  We  care about you, the people who work and struggle against the system, and are united in solidarity with your cause.  
paschkes karen new york NY United States GMO's are disastrous for the health of  humans, animals, and the environment!
Peggy Bellan, RN, BSN, MSA, CCM Norfolk VA United States Monsanto has too much control/ownership of seeds and governments.  It has destroyed the health of soils in the USA and other parts of the world by pesticide and herbicide ready plants. USA should join other countries in banning GMO and their other devastatingly harmful products that are killing bees and other beneficial insects.
Nerissa Morgan Plano TX United States Our food should not be tampered with, we have the right to pesticide free food. Organic food is important to our society and health.
judy povey Whitchurch
United Kingdom outrageous injustice should not be tolerated.
Bennie Flagg Sparta GA United States  I AM A FIELD HAND / GARDENER !
Heath Stillwell Deer Park TX United States The people are sick and tired of Monsanto's garbage GMO crops and we not only want, but demand access to organic products. I support the organic movement and hope that all of you will keep up the fight with us!
Bernie Carroll Kitchener
Canada Dwight Eisenhower was right about the military industrial complex...and this is just one more manifestation of the insanity rife in the world of 2012  we're living in.  I have a daughter who along with her generation, will have NO options, save complying with the agenda of the criminal corporations and corrupt politicians if WE don't stand-up and push back NOW!
Jason Dykas Oak Creek WI United States GMO's destroy life
LYNN SHAFFER SCOTTSDALE AZ United States We farmed at one time.  I know about the hardwork and sacrifice for the love of the land and desire to be productive by providing food others.
Scott Nelson Oconto WI United States To save our food supply and stand with the hard working farmer!
Debra Sewall Appleton WI United States I want to be healthy.  I want my children & grandchildren, ..... to be healthy.  That is not

possible without good, untainted soil, water, and air. AND organic FOOD.  We don't want to each genetically modified stuff or fake food, or "food" with chemicals we're allergic to or that give us cancer.  We need REAL FOOD TO PROVIDE REAL NUTRITION!

Where's the sanity?
Barbara Matteson El Paso TX United States Eating organic foods is very important to me.  I do not want anything unnaturel in my food.
Denise Tucker Austin TX United States Because I want safe, healthy food choices for myself, and my family, and all other families in the world. I want GMO's, and pesticides to go away forever!
Conor Ronayne Cork
Ireland Because Monsanto fucking sucks.
Sande McMullen Winnipeg
Canada enough of FrankenFood...Monsanto is a criminal organization and should be held accountable for much needless suffering
Robert Secrest Casper WY United States It's time the govt. gets out of our life.We only have one party and it is elite. There trying and ruining our food supply.
Bobby Branch Bowling Green KY United States Monsanto controls the political system, Obama (Bush, Clinton, etc.) on down.  If they sincerely care about their families (and others) more than their obsession with power, they must start listening to these petitions.  However, they are nutritionally ignorant.....probably feeding their children at McDonald's, Taco Bell, etc....loading up their families on pink slime, HFCS, MSG, etc.
donald eichelberger Seattle WA United States I'm signing because I'm against most forms of gene manipulation.  I'm signing because of what I've read and heard about Monsanto's despicable and unfair policies regarding seeds.  I'm signing because I want everyone to have access to the purest, healthiest food available.  I'm signing because I want to contribute to the number of people who want to stop this insanity.  I'm signing because I hope that if enough of us sign, organic farmers will prevail!
kim hiney anoka MN United States i love organic farmers
Lois Engel Cedar Ridge CA United States GMO's are destroying our farm land, water, and food. GMO's must be stopped.
chaz hahn dearborn MI United States the corrpution of the government and monsanto is i cant even put in words nicely to say the least i thank all u great citzens who are fighting think of the kids the people and the inncoent baabies monsanto has to be stopped
Cecelia Vidmar Cleveland Heights OH United States I want justice for the farmers. Monsanto is a monster corporation out to destroy natural foods for everyone and then rake in profits from their adulterated "foods".
Janine Ketner Fort Collins CO United States My family members are organic farmers
Cheryl Johnson Minneapolis MN United States For freedom to choose the foods we eat, for healthy disease-free living and other benefits of non-GMO and organic foods, I back this petition wholly.
Brian Franklin Chicago IL United States Something as basic as food should not be tampered with.
Nancy Price Escondido CA United States Monsanto is in our government and passing policy on themselves. This is corruption.
LeAnn Craddock Bakersfield CA United States Hope this makes a difference as we are being attacked from all aspects of life in out fight for health!
Tina  Robertson Toronto, Ontario
Canada Sick of seeing Monsanto and the Gates foundation and other Billion Dollar Corporations & Companies destroy OUR WORLD systematically. We all must stand up against them and fight on every forefront that we can. 
Pat Haas Renton WA United States I totally support organically grown foods, especially since I am a breast cancer survivor, and want to stay that way.
Patricia Tung PV Estates CA United States I support you in your commitment to integrity and individual rights, and uncontaminated food.
Judith Harnett Newland NC United States I am outraged at what Monsanto is doing to our country and to our food.  I wholeheartely believe in organic and I support you 100%.
Carol Klingsmith Marceline MO United States As a nurse I believe that Food is Medicine.  The health of all humans is greatly linked to their nutrition.  We should have the right to choose what we put in our bodies.  It is unbelieveable that this right is being taken away from us in America.
Lesi Wong Auckland
New Zealand Organics lover.
Greg Esparza Los Angeles CA United States Monsanto is unethical and has no morals towards the good of the people.  Their actions are always tainted with profit motives over the good of people.  Their history proves where they stand on this issue and it is a sad day when countries around the world can see through the agenda of Monsanto, but our judges in America cannot seem to understand how dangerous, too much power in a few hands can be, as in Monsanto owning so much already with regard to the rights to seeds.  If they own the seeds - they own life.  That is just not acceptable for them to be the custodians of our lives.  We need food and seed sovereignty now.
Tyler Simpson Woodridge IL United States Monsanto is EVIL!!!!
Jared Creazzo henderson NV United States If corporations are People then Monsanto is a murderous gangster. Not just for making Agent Orange either. The corrupt and slanted studies that gave way to the damages caused by DDT should alone be grounds for removing this group from the privilege of serving the nation. The same studies that allowed DDT to slip through the cracks, were adapted and evolved to allow other toxins like PCB and Posilac reach millions of people. They clearly have no regard for humanity as long as it brings profit, history shows this and history has a natural tendency to repeat.
Kim Ryan Provo UT United States We have the right to farm wholesome foods without pesticides, without Monsanto driving good farmers out of business to create GMO crops and huge profits for themselves!
Laureen Johnson Duncan
Canada Beacause people should have the right to decide what they will eat, to have products appropriately labelled and to expect honest oversight from agencies that are there to protect consumers.  Farmers should have the right to save their seeds and to be free from prosecution due to contamination of their fields.  It is time to return to adequate regulation of out-of-control manipulation of arrogant corporations.

Carrie Scarborough Southampton
United Kingdom The ruling against the farmers is a serious miscarriage of justice.  Organic farmers are making a vital contribution to the preserving the environment and our health.  Monsanto should pay for their crimes, not be rewarded.
JOHN GOODRIDGE St Leonards-on-Sea
United Kingdom With you The Force is - defeated the dark side will be 
Don  Pearce Cape Town
South Africa Justice has not been done here.
Tony Arseneault Lubec ME United States GMO crops are ineffective at fighting world hunger. There is a startling disconnected between the 99% and 1%. Unless those activities among men are the aid for the greater number, rather than for the class or the few, they must eventually fail. 
Douglas Marshall Yardley PA United States GMO = Death. Organic = Life!
Jo Ellen Stoppi Bernville PA United States Because organic is natural Monsanto is destroying the vegetation on this planet. 
Bonita Colley Salome AZ United States Liberty for All Americans is at stake!  Time to get Government hemmed in for all people are being harmed!  Our people are being harmed by the food we are forced to eat.  Hang in there!  Many Patriots are with you!!!!
Amanda Benkert prineville OR United States please keep fighting!!  We can not let monsanto win!!
Amanda Harrison Colorado SPrings CO United States Because this is insane!!
Shira Nafshi Concord NH United States We deserve healthy food which does not have questionable negative impact on our lives and health.
Nancy Schneider Puyallup WA United States It appears that someone got to the judge.  Maybe her family has been threatened.  Corruption seems to be in play here.
Abby Rhoads Indianapolis IN United States I'm signing in support of those who value what God gave us.
Hugh McCann putnam valley NY United States Because I care about my kids future!
Stacie A Jacksonville FL United States Because Monsanto is the most barbaric criminal corporation and should have been put out of business many years ago HAD we the US had ethical government in place at that time.

simon cook Sidcup
United Kingdom keep up the struggle you are heroes
susan day minneola FL United States Real freedom is without inflicted disease by the evil empires !
Nate J webster NY United States Organic food is the only food that should be consumed. It is organic and grows exactly as it was intended since the beginning of earth's time, FREE OF CHEMICALS!
Erminda Flores Jacksonville FL United States I want to be able to choose where my food comes from & how. If people choose to buy food from large corporations, then they can do so. I want the choice to buy from the organic farmers.
Charlene Maguire Valley Village CA United States because I want real food and good health, not frankenfood and sickness.
Tricia Fisher Sterling Heights MI United States I am signing because I want to eat the foods I ate growing up without them being tainted with GMO's, dangerous chemicals, additives, hormones or the countless other things that sicken me and my family.  I want to stop paying more for grass fed beef and chicken without hormones or antibiotics when that should be the meat that costs less -- food in its natural form!
Pat Hlooey Beech Island SC United States gmo's will destroy our nation's soil, our health, and our animals
corey patrick patchogue NY United States i want natural food. not GMO food injected with bacteria and ecoli to make NUTRIENT DEFICIENT super crops resistant to monsantos pesticides.
gary cunningham dallas TX United States for the health of my (and all) childeren and grandchildren
Kayla  Menzies Edmonton
Canada I believe we have the right to natural oragnic food. The way nature intended. I do not agree with Monsanto WHATSOEVER. They are theives and liars and it all comes down to popualtion control, this I understand but we need to figure out healthy alternatives to ensuring the future for ALL OF US. it is eveyones right! we should not have to put our lives in any corporations hands. There are renewable energy sources and sustaiable options that we can choose in order for all of us to live a happy healthy life. DOWN WITH MONSANTO!
Drew CONROY London
United Kingdom I support organic farmers who provide us with food the way nature intended it to be.  I do not agree with the patenting of seeds and outlawing heirloom seeds.  The ongoing monopoly of Monsanto and its willingness to control the world's agricultural networks for the sake of profit is pathetic! 
joseph meche Scott LA United States I too, am a farmer, and I am so tired of the greed and corruption taking control of this nation!
Jessica Turbide South Lancaster MA United States This is too important and too huge to let that judge fill their pockets and be paid off, while letting the rest of us suffer under a tyrant like Monsanto with no alternative! THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED IMMEDIATELY!
Leon Southgate Merseyside
United Kingdom These farmers are fighting for our health - thank you...
Patrick Palmer New Haven VT United States Need healthy food
Rod Muller Lubbock TX United States We need to keep battling the evil and destructive efforts of Monsanto!!!!
Ingrid Cottenden Nova Scotia
Canada When our food is grown and nurtured with love, we all flourish.
andrew bower londonderry NH United States I don't like to be poisoned by monsanto
Geoffrey Sladen Miami FL United States I am signing because I object strenuously to the buying and hijacking of the justice system by amoral corporations, whose only objective is to enrich themselves without regard to the underlying interests of the public community that the "justice" system is supposed to support.
Dr Bruce Batchelor Langley
Canada I am a PhD of agricultural history. The GM companies want only profit. I want diversity and choice 
Terry Kubiak Vancouve WA United States Farmers feed us good food. They are the backbone of America. We want life not death.
Harold & Darlene Todd Greenwood NE United States We are farmers and Monsanto is dead wrong to mess up all our food products.
Tamara Mosegaard Copenhagen N
Denmark For Freedom of Choice (and Speech) -- especially when it comes to my food and health
Lorraine Malesko Tawas City MI United States Because everyone on Earth should have the choice on what they eat!!  
Alexander Shelley Uppsala
Sweden Agro-ecological resilience and community strength is one of our only weapons against the complete commodification of everything that comes out of the soil. Monsanto has not exactly the record to prove this unsurprisingly tragic case a one-off. Even though I am not from the US, I show my support to the thousands of farmers who have been affected by this - keep on keeping on guys - any resistance is better than no resistance!
Hronn Hardardottir Reykjavik
Iceland I am worried for my children and their children
Courtney Ellis Littleton CO United States I will ALWAYS support organic farmers!
Wendell Harris Hartley IA United States I believe that you have the correct answers to our health problems.
Keef Ward Brooklyn NY United States Leave God's work alone! He got it right the first time!
John Morrow Irwin PA United States it's the right thing to do.
Laurie Sprickman Erie PA United States Because we, the people, should have a choice.  Some people are ok with eating GMO food but many are not.  Each one of us should have the right to choose.  I personally do not want to feed poison to my children.  I believe this country is suppose to be based on freedom and the right to choose.  
Henry  Cembrola Ogden UT United States Because what Monsanto is doing is lethal to us and the future of our children. It is manipulative and goes against the natural flow of life. I eat organic and don't want any alterations, by man, done to my food that is grown from pure, healthy soil naturally.
Warren Roth Linn Creek MO United States I want fresh, organic food. I want the right to choose what I eat. And I want big business out of my diet.
David Schrank Cambridge
Canada I would like to eat real food
Patricia S Antwerp
Belgium I am signing because I believe Organic Farmers got a rotten deal on the Monsanto case. People all over the world will now want to boycott all Monsanto products because of this. Organic farmers have the right to sue when Monsanto contaminates and pretty much anything Monsanto touches it contaminates. I say Monsanto should be banned all over America. This is why I sign. 
Megan Saxbury Erin NY United States I want real food as God made it in the beginning. no GMO and organic.
april finnerty austin TX United States We should be free from GMO food. To have this case thrown out so that monsanto can poison us with their food is very corrupt.
Jessica Ehmke West Allis WI United States I've recently started purchasing organic and grass fed products after learning the real dirty truth about our food system. I'm just one person whose eating habits have changed, but it all starts with one. Please don't give up the fight. I plan to have my own farm sometime in the next two years so I can be responsible for what my family consumes, and it's due to the organic farmers like all of you who care about the health of the nation. Thank you!
Brad Barnoski Macungie PA United States For the freedom to eat clean, natural, unadulterated food. 
Don Belanger Apple Valley CA United States with little or no GMO testing/studies and Monsanto's heavy handed business practices, I feel they should be banned
Trish  Fleming Sheridan WY United States to show support for organic farmers - I HEART YOU!
Kathy Butler London, ON
Canada Monsanto has demonstrated itself to be one of the most unscrupulous, unethical businesses in history and protecting farmers rights to keep their seeds and not have them bastardized by Monsanto's GMO seed.  Kathy Butler
Elisabeth  Brillant West Kelowna
Canada Our future is doomed without organic farming
susan swain narragansett RI United States we must support our smaller, local, organic farmers!
Michelle Young Wooster OH United States I am signing because I want real food containing the nutrients its intended to contain! Frankenfood is NOT an acceptable alternative!
Clint Fuqua Dallas TX United States The food we eat will determine the future of this county and the world.  The freedom to eat what nature has provided for us since the beginning of time should be protected at all costs. As we defend and protect the integrity of our food supplies locally we do the same for food supplies internationally as well supply much of what the rest of the world consumes or uses to grow their own food supply.  We must take care of ourselves if we are to take care of others.
Jacqueline Maldonado St. Augustine FL United States We have more than enough right to choose what we put into our bodies and to downright KNOW what is in the products we purchase. We are the customer to this ridiculous system and we have hardly  any say. It is time that we break this tyranny and gain back our right to organic products.
Ashley Ghoorbin London
United Kingdom Web search: Organized Stalking
Jay Mull Seattle WA United States Thank-you for all that you do!
Cathryn  Dewsnap Olathe KS United States I do not want fish genes or Round-up spliced into my produce, nor do I want any more farms to go under because Monsanto goes after them, for no crime at all but the fact that the wind blew Monsanto's pollen onto their field.  What the courts, the US government and Monsanto (along with their lawyers) is so obviously criminal and it goes against the way America should be run.  
John Beard Greeley CO United States Monsanto is part of an Evil Group.   
Rosita Emberlin Flint TX United States Monsanto makes artificial food that causes disease.
Sheila Youngblut New Dundee  Ontario
Canada I sign this petition to honor and support your cause
Lawrence Scoville Port Townsend WA United States What Monsanto is doing to you is obscene.  Please fight on.  We support you and your work to supply us with good, natural food.
Misty Stephenson Chicago IL United States I luv our farmers and want them to know it.  This is my fight as well as their fight.
Holly Cote dayton OH United States We as Americans, should be able to not have to question whether our food it "real" or not and have to worry about if corn is going to give me and my family cancer.  This is devastating and want to give my support to all the organic farmers that are trying to keep us healthy and have moral standards. 
sharron smigel Middlesex NJ United States Farmers are the lifeblood of our country, of our people.   They care.  We do too.   We are all one.
morgan potts rochester NY United States clean, organic, and safe food is important to me and my family.
Brian  Pohlman Fortworth TX United States I'm disgusted with the way our country has taken the road to better living and health to a horse blinded 10 degree view of money,money,money....screw the rest.
Debbie Symons Calgary
Canada I am disgusted at the way that Monsanto runs rampant over our rights. They have no moral authority to do so and we the people are rising up to stop  this flagrant abuse.

Bless you all who are signing

Penny Twitchell Cumming GA United States I want organic food to stay pure and not contaminated by Monsanto's seeds.  I'd like to see a reversal of being able to patent seeds, in the first place.  However, at the least, I do not want Monsanto to bankrupt anymore organic farmers.  
Robert Marshall port charlotte FL United States Too many people have died from Monsanto's toxic food, it has destroyed the health of the people and the planet. Eat Organic Save the planet.
R Forde Deerfield IL United States We consumers can help Organic Farmers succeed in spite of compromise and weakness. Shop attentively.

Don't fall for the "natural" on labels - attempts to divert and confuse. Review this list (see link below) and decide what you think. Money is the power of the consumer. Use it wisely and powerfully, even if it is just a small purchase. As they used to say, "Pennies make dollars" <a href="http://unorderedlistadventures.blogspot.com/2012/02/do-not-buy-monsanto-owned-companies-to.html" rel="nofollow">http://unorderedlistadventures.blogspot.com/2012/02/do-not-buy-monsanto-owned-companies-to.html</a>
Clancey Ellingson Calgary
Canada I support sustainable farming practices.
MaryJane Welch Rockland ME United States I, too, want to be free from GMOs!  I support organic farmers!
Ryan Warneke Pittsburgh PA United States Monsanto is the most corrupt corporation that has ever existed. They have done so much evil that they have gone to lengths that even other corporations haven't gone.
Kristian Summerson Sheffield
United Kingdom Down with GMO and Monsanto!
Sandy Burris Midland TX United States Legistlatures: Please, hear our plea! Stop the control tactics that are litrerally poisoning your constituents! 
Stacey Springall Kitchener
Canada I've had enough paying more for food that is good for me and supports local organic farmers. It's time for the government to wake up and get off the cash cow-we don't want your GMO, mutated fruit, veggies or meat anymore. We want fresh, clean, pesticide free, grown as nature intended it food. Enough with the corporate greed and growing food that makes us sick, so you can make us better with BIG PHARM - go organic or get the hell off the planet!
Sherry  Oehler Wilton Manors FL United States This saddens me that our system is So Corrupt and broken.This,to me,does not feel like freedom.Eating lifeless,cancer causing food is an assult on my Daughters health and I take that seriously.I want to be Free!THANK YOU Farmers!!!!Behind you 100%
Ken Pearson Cramlington
United Kingdom I am awake, I still have the capacity for rational thought, I have the utmost respect for the LAW and I can recognise a crime when it's attacking me.
Diane Dougherty Las Vegas NV United States Because I don't want to be forced to buy GMO produce.
J Holt Brookhaven PA United States Monsanto does not prioritize human lives.
Jeff & Christa Zellar Kansas City MO United States We are raising our children to appreciate REAL food, sound nutrition and radiantly good health.  GMOs, agribusiness, and corrupt industries like the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and oil industries are NOT the solution; their moral and ethical bankruptcy is a huge part of the problem.  We must all stand together or we will all die separately!
Catherine Clark Chicago IL United States I am FOR organic farmers and AGAINST the EVIL corporation, Monsanto.
Crystal Strayer Rancho Cucamonga CA United States Because I like my real food naked and clean.
Sheba Bellyrina Orlando FL United States Monsanto is DESTROYING our environment and the lives of people with their poisonous GMOs. Government needs to wake up and do their job FOR THE PEOPLE! That includes farmers!
Troy Cann Tampa FL United States Because these crooked and destructive corporations need to be brought down so that organic and non gmo farmers can live in peaceful world without worrying about there pure seed "corrupting" the sold out farmers of monsantos deadly crap oops I mean crop ;D 
Richard Boes Grant MI United States I want my family and me to know what real food is and not die not knowing the difference.  I can't believe even our own corrupt government can't see this.
Anita Ferroni Midvale UT United States It is the absolute right thing to do.  
Rebecca Robinson Chemainus
Canada I am surely going to support a hard working family, supplying the public's demand for healthy food - outlawed by the current dictatorship!
Carol Keener Denver CO United States I want to eat real food, and I want my children's children to be able to eat real food.  I am so tired of large companies, whether food or pharmaceutical having control over the products and/or the information we can access.  
Lindsay Shunamon Montreal, Quebec
Canada For humanity, for life, for the good Earth, I hear-by sign this petition! It's time has clearly come!
Carol Gleason Old Forge PA United States Because Monsanto should be tried for crimes against humanity, and shut down.
Sherry  Brown Macedon NY United States I want fresh,heathy food.
Nancy Coon Windsor NY United States Because they are warriors and deserve our support!
Carol Deslippe Newport OR United States What has happened to our country? Oh, I know! Corporations.
Catherine Lunt Battle Ground WA United States GMO's have never been tested on humans so loong term effects are completely unknown.
Tiffany Walker New Britain CT United States I AM EXTREMELY TIRED of people trying to rob the little guy of what he already has.  You have McDonalds, Stop and Shop and all of these non organic stores and farmers that sell your crap to the masses that love it!  There are only a few people out there who want natural wholesome non modified foods.  Leave us alone to our farmers and more expensive food!  Why can't you just live and let live?
Paul Newman Cheltenham
United Kingdom Food should be left as nature created it. Man cannot control nature!
Dana Locy akron OH United States federal government does not have a right to regulate personal choices ( related to losses of freedom)  
Jean-Francois Boyer Granby
Canada GMO food is just bad for our health! We need pure food grown naturally for optimal health.
Peggy Reinwald center moriches NY United States You all know what's right to do.. DO IT!
Elisabeth Jenders D-48291 Telgte
Germany Because I think farmers know their craft better than Monsanto does!
Alma Moreno Chicago IL United States I support our American farmers!
zoe nielsen stratford
Australia The organic farmers are working hard to keep us healthy the rest of them are working hard to keep us seek....."Seek"is great for the Pharma industry......just to put it in a simple way that anyone can understand.

Yes, wake up world!!!!!
Garland Campbell Helper UT United States I buy Organic and don't want it polluted by crosspollution pollination!
Gail Walker Downers Grove IL United States I believe in mother nature and not Monsanto!

Organic farming is laboring within the laws of nature for our sustenance - being responsible with the resources God has given us.

God bless our farmers!
Karen  Dematos  Holliston MA United States This is a disgrace!  As a "free" country, we are clearly losing our basic rights as Americans.  This issue will NOT go away and we will not stop protesting until GM food is eliminated completely and we are ALL eating natural, organically grown food! We have no idea what GM food is doing to our health and the FDA should be ashamed for caving in to these biotech companies. 
Marita Mason Dundowran
Australia I support farmers against Monsanto
donna noel boise ID United States For to long Monsanto has run rampant over the little guy.They are HARMING us and need to be stopped.
Anji Jenkins Portsmouth
United Kingdom This is an obviously unfair and not very well thought out decision.. clearly the result of corruption.. and we are all put at  risk. all this playing god will only end in disaster.
Mary Day Hawthorne FL United States I love and support the local farmers! =)
Shannon Cox Austin TX United States because i'm tired of hearing that there's no way to stop monsanto and their agenda to provide us with no other choice than their own crops...
Norman Pile Brooklyn NY United States just showing some support for a special group of people who dare to make humanity healthy.
eileen gergely chester heights PA United States for food freedom
Brin  Englar Manchester MD United States GMO seeds/foods are already proven to be unhealthy for test animals and obviously Monsanto and its partners are more interested in wealth and control of the industry than in the future health of their own species.
Lisa Chasse Glendale AZ United States I want to eat healthy food, not chemically engineered food.  I don't want pesticides or harmful additives in my food.
Sarah Dickinson Murray Wilmington DE United States Food is our connection to the Earth. If it is tainted and distorted by the biotech industry, our bodies don't recognize it and our connection is also tainted and distorted. The Earth is our Mother, and the only planet we have - protecting her is to protect our own sovereignty as healthy, whole individuals each a vital part of Earth's sacred matrix. 
Kathy Thompson Manassa CO United States For the sake of the future of us all !
Heidi Henderson Oak grove KY United States Monsanto is an evil, greedy corporation, FREEDOM means being able to have access to ORGANIC foods and not having to worry about GMO "foods" when buying produce and anything else you expect to be NATURAL. 
betty jordan southborough MA United States Because real food needs to be our priority!
Debbie Gould Phoenix AZ United States Because I am sick and tired of corporations and big governments taking away our rights to enjoy our llives as we see fit and to be able to eat healthy natural foods the way it was intended to be. They are so afraid they arent going to make trillions of dollars by making us more sick or killing us, its so wrong and we need to stand united on this.
Katerina Raja-Peppas Pulborough
United Kingdom Judge Naomi is behaving like a ridiculous half-wit ! Well done for siding with the big, bad, evil bully Judge Naomi !!?
Hank Dreve Sevierville TN United States I do not like criminals.
Kristina Cahill Long Beach CA United States I really appreciate all you organic vegetable and fruit farmers, who care about our soil, our planet.  I buy most of my food organic...I want to support you. I was just as appalled as you were and am volunteering to get GMO's labeled.

jer camp las vegas NV United States We will not have a poisonous monopoly on our food supply. Monsanto destroys nature and life fr profit. Karma cometh!

Cindy Klaren Dyersville IA United States It is time for a change!
Sandy Ott Columbia Falls MT United States I don't want GMO products.  I value life more than that.  Both Monsanto and our government are corrupt in allowing these poisons to be in our stores.  Shame on all of them!!!  When will our government stand up FOR the people??  Too much greed by our politicians.  If GMO's were as safe as they are trying to be passed off as being, why the big fight against labeling, and why isn't our government mandating labeling?  Maybe because no one would purchase GMO products...because we know they are NOT safe.
Carol Jones Toronto
Canada Where is Justice? Monsanto is acting anti-democratically!  Farmers should not be pressured to use genetically modified seed.

Patricia Summers Manitou Springs CO United States I don't trust our food supply, nobody does! We need to take back control!
Martha MacBurnie Wakefield RI United States Monsanto is trying to poison us all.  They must be stopped.  GMOs are not safe & they know it.  Organic is the only way to go and organic farmers must be protected.  
Yvonne Hansen Austin TX United States Regretably, the judge does not understand  Nature in its many manifestations including how growing food organically is a good thing that provides food for many by enriching soil. This is totally contrary to Montsano who sees itself as a corporation that generates money from making food and soil toxic, as well as making human systems toxic as Round Up enters all systems.  
Rose Schneider Woodbury MN United States I wholeheartedly believe in and support organic farming. I am grateful for organic farmers do for our health and for our planet.
Don Simmons Fairfield IA United States Monsanto is already responsible for killing more people than Osama Bin Ladin.  A truly evil company.  Amazingly, their President only buys organic vegetables.
Art Goodtimes Telluride CO United States both as a local elected official and an organic heirloom potato farmer, i support this lawsuit against Monsanto...
N Refes NYC NY United States Our organic fields must be protected from Monsanto and other such GM companies.  There is no way to refrain their pollen from 'flying on the wind,'and no way to access the dramatic effect on our food supply.
Edward King Fox Creek
Canada For the future of my children. Monopolies are NOT free enterprise.
Taylor Brooks brighton MI United States To fight for the good guys
Glen Berg Sydney
Australia To show support for our brothers and sisters in the USA because if it happens there,eventually it will happen in Australia.I will not sit back and watch this.
Talitha  Butterfield Longmont CO United States Because out bodies were made to eat pure, unadulterated food to be healthy and not be controlled by companies that only want to make a buck by controlling what food are available.
Nadine Shaw Spring Hill
Australia because, I have the right to clean fresh air, clean un-tampered with water and natural un-tampered with food
Alicia Rubi NYC NY United States Because we all deserve HEALTHY AND NUTRITIOUS FOOD, and what has been provided by MOnsanto and other chemichal companies over the years have only accomplished to deplete the soil, poison the environment, and compromise the health of the population. 
Sheridan Cass Salt Spring Island
Canada You deserve to be supported for caring to live quality and bring quality to this world. You deserve to be heard, and respected by people and not bullied by money and destruction.
Rick Aiello Bridgeport CT United States Our enemies, the global corporate oligarchs, never give up, so we shouldn't, either, no matter how many battles we lose. It can be disheartening, but that is also part of the plan - so don't give in to it!
Richard Farmer Memphis TN United States Tired of the tyrannical corp that is Monsanto! Leave our damned food alone! You cannot own what God gave us all.
Eugenia E Benedicto Reston VA United States Monsanto is one of the reasons citizens suffer from a variety of ailments.  GMOs are not REAL food and they have caused many deaths from the poisons, toxins and various fertilizers introduced to this manufactured food that people have ingested.  They need to be stopped and prosecuted.  Monsanto and its Board should be ashamed of themselves however I know through their actions that they care not for anyone or anything but for the almighty dollar and power.   Unfortunately, we have courts and judges that have been bought off.  
pat van der kaa alkmaar
Netherlands I love life! everyone whom destroys us for money and power is a criminal.

Karyn Reumann Kelseyville CA United States because its the right thing to do for the health & well being of mother earth and all beings.
Lori Swearingin Canandaigua NY United States Whole, organic, nutritious food is a basic right of humanity and Mansanto is an evil.
Daniela  Vidigal Belo Horizonte
Brazil Monsanto wants to destroy and manipulate humans in the best of "let's have profits"  performance ... we are watching you , Monsanto ... Desapear ...
Thomas Lauvås Bogevik Lindås
Norway Giving up is not an option, it is only stalling the inevitable fight. You are the tree that stands before the lumberjack ( Monsanto). Although they may cut the tree down. It's roots is unharmed. As of this moment 4673, have given their signatures, their hearts are with you. Let us provide the nourishment for you to regrow.
Lynn Duncan Metropolis IL United States We are tired of being sick from the Poison they put in our food. We want to have a choice. How do we know what is in it if they refuse to label it as GMO food..??? 
Edward Bogusz Bradenton FL United States Bad science is only God in the DC beltway,your bosses say otherewise. No not the corperations people like me, all across the nation. Thank You.
Orlea Rayne Rotorua
New Zealand This affects us all around the world.
Kevin Steigner Phoenix AZ United States The reason evil exists is because good men do nothing, we must take a stand and speak out against unfair practices.
Elizabeth Mcpherson Lowell MA United States I'm signing because I have grandchildren that I would like to keep safe from GMO's.
Vicki Marzullo North Augusta AL United States From the earliest time of man, man has been growing his own food, supplying his own basic needs.  It's the most basic human right.

Corporations like Monsanto cannot survive without government help.  Let's take that help away.
CATHERINE DASH SOUTH BEND IN United States That judge Naomi Buchwald is in collusion with Monsanto.

Monsanto's GMOs have contaminated Organic seed. It is a FACT.

Monsanto is poisoning our food supply.

I do not want GMO phude. I want real food. Monsanto must be put out of business.

I do my part by not buying or consuming GMO phude. I don't buy their stock or work for any of their companies. I don't buy any of their agro-chemicals.

I think  if more people did the same, Monsanto would collapse, and quickly.
meryl  sarty Waasis
Canada We need to overcome the corporate graft and government tyranny that threatens our rights to choose and grow safe food.
Ellen Colbert Evansville WI United States NO GMO our government SHOULD be protecting us...NO Monsanto... Why doesn't Bill Gates put his money to help the farmers..why can't we ask him..
Paulene McNair Sunrise FL United States You are admired by all of us who depend upon your courage to give us the right to eat quality, nourishing food. Thank you.
K. Alder Hurricane UT United States Monsanto should be liable and accountable for the trespass of their product onto farms and property where it is unwanted or causes damage to another enterprise.
John Wiese Union City TN United States Say NO to GMO's. Monsanto = Evil

Monsanto doesn't eat their own food. Why do you think the elite only eat Organic? Organic produces better quality and quantity than conventional farming. It's better for our earth too.
Yvonne  Falk Santa Cruz CA United States We are what we eat!  Food integrity is of the utmost importance!  These farmer's are for human health and the health of our planet!  Please give them legal power to fight for us all!  Thank you!
Margaret Haney southlakd TX United States I am very opposed to the direction Monsanto is taking. I feel my health and environment is in danger with their products.
Laurie Pusateri Palmer PA United States I support our farmers.  GMO are NOT proven to be safe. 
Ricardo Correia Granja do Ulmeiro
Portugal Monsanto represents everything that is wrong about our world: opression against the poorer, the weaker, poisoning our food, destroyers of lifes and families, corrupted corporation. I express my support to small farmers signing this petition!
Mitchell Davis Los Angeles CA United States GMO is evil
b harris fairfield CT United States I am totally against everything MOnsanto does. It is unethical and dangerous.Organic farming is the right way to grow food.Why woudl anyone want to harm the earth and everyone's health???? It is a crime, what they are doing. I support Organic farming . I am against  GMO.
Tony  HASKINS nun-ya IL United States why...lets see ,

they are murdering terrorist for one

they just use genetics and court [that pre-rigged in their favor] instead of a gun
Karen Whissen Newark OH United States I am so grateful for these farmers & the organic dairy & meat farms that supply us with nutritional food.

I worry about my grandchildren, so I buy organic & also grow a garden every year, as does my son.

I try to buy as much as I can from the Amish market & the locals when they're open. I think the more demand there is for it, the more readily available it'll be, I've already begun seeing that in the grocery stores & I live in a backwoods town in Ohio!

Now, we need to get labels on the toxic foods so that it's easier to know which to avoid.

Jesse Taylor Hillsboro IN United States For a healthy today and tomorrow.
Jack Smith Ellijay GA United States I believe your right has been violated
Kerri Archuleta Boise ID United States I don't believe GMO food is good for us and also not good for the environment.  I don't believe that anyone should have the right to a seed.  A seed is a God given food supply. Not for someone to mess with and change.  
Mercedes Picot Montreal
Canada Monsanto must be brought before the courts or brought down. I have been watching and witnessing one atrocity after another perpetrated by this lawless and unscrupulous organization for almost 3 decades. Let's all stand up and call out: ENOUGH!
Shawn Leatherman Fort Walton Beach FL United States It is a sad day in America when the individual liberties of 300,000 farmers is allowed to be trampled on by corporate greed.  Monsanto accuses farmers of stealing and patent infringement when their frankenseed winds up in adjacent fields and the courts uphold these ridiculous assertions.  At the same time the politicians/judges/law makers disallow these same farmers any protection or right to legal representation.  Stop the madness!
Darlene Cheatham Greshan OR United States Every human being deserves the right to food as God intended and created it for.  Monsanto defies humanity for its right to organic foods and has taken its stand against all humanity.  I will stand with the organic farmers against this soul-less and EVIL psychopathic entity called Monsanto.  
Bruce Fisher Newark DE United States This is the beginning of a war to reclaim humanity from the corporations of darkness. They have declared this war on Americans. But we Americans will prevail!
Fran Marengo Cookeville TN United States I DO NOT WANT MY FOOD CONTAMINATED WITH GMO'S!

I don't Monsanto to be able to continue suing farmers who save their own seeds after they get contaminated with GMO's those farmers did not want either. If such contamination happens to an organic farmer, they should have very right to sue Monsanto, since their living and theprganic food I choose will be destroyed. This decision needs to be reversed and is error!

julia ryan fall river MA United States My 5 yr old son and I try to eat organic as much as I can afford. We also go to local farmers markets. Farmers are the best people. Farmers are AMERICAN. Never Give UP! We Love You!
Terri Kurowski Norfolk VA United States This is an outrage, and if I had the means, I'd be doing a lot more on your behalf.  
Damir Jaksic Pula
Croatia I, as one individual of collective stream want healthy, organic and natural food. Food is matter of choice and now it is broken. We, as the people, want our rights back. We are NOT corporate slaves, we are free spirit who want justice and real freedom in our lifes!
Gary DuTeau Plum Branch, S.C.
Zimbabwe The courts always supported slavery, lynching, and aggressive war...these things take time but we must keep on trying...
Ben Funk Mitchell
Canada I am signing this because no company should have the ability to bully God given right to grow from His seed the crop of choice. No plant should be patented when God only holds the genetic code to each crop.
Torrence Smith columbia city IN United States I did a reading to see why this case was dismissed. I asked is Naomi Buchwald on Monsanto's payroll? YES
Nicola Jones Conroe TX United States I want to continue buying "organically" grown food and the freedom to choose growing healthy food. I am against GMO foods and believe they are dangerous to our health.
Richard Snook Vancouver WA United States Please don't give up - stay commited.  There HAS GOT to be a way to put this evil corporation in its place.
GL Durham Stockton CA United States This has to stop!!!!!
Jim  Baker New Westminster
Canada there is no true justice in the USA! You can see this through the decriminalisation of the bushes, the bankers and the biotech corps that have been ripping away at our farmers, our earth and your health1 You fking better stand up and end this craziness now!! or shutup about it, explain to your child why he/she cant have children
Timothy Majors Laurel Hill FL United States This is a right that all humas on  this planet should have and no   one shouldbe able to stop a person from growing anything.
Kathleen McCoombs Coventry RI United States Because our children deserve a safe and natural food supply the way nature intended and the way our bodies were designed to process our nourishment. This is truly alarming!
Dinamite Stick Rochester
United States Minor Outlying Islands Respect a person's legal decision of helping others survive.
George Ahad Highland Park MI United States because its the right thing to do
Ken Parnell Henniker NH United States For the health of my children and grandchildren !
Kirk Mumford North Dighton MA United States It's time to stop the madness
Elizabeth Quinlan Strafford MO United States I'm tired of the government and corporation's taking away our freedom's and constitutional right's.
Mark Anderson university place WA United States I am signing this petition due to the fact, that our farmers need to be left alone and grow their organic crops for our health and wellness.
Ruth Marchese Brooklyn NY United States I am grateful to be able to choose organic food. Thank you
Peter J. Merrill Merrill Toronto
Canada Monsanto is, faster and faster, destroying the world.  Let's join the countries where their products are banned before it is too late.
chris germanos sainte-sophie
Canada I want safe food for me and the rest of the world.
Fran  Sorobey Sherwood Park, AB
Canada We are slowy killing ourselves because of all the chemicals.  Let's get back to mother nature.  Sometimes it isn't always about the money...let's make this one about our heath and future generations to follow.
Polly Edington Grand Rapids MN United States Organic farming is the most important kind there is!!
Brent Cassidy Nooroo
Australia Because its is important! Removal of corporate power is the only chance this planet has! Corporations are destroying more than just food!

We are to blame though, our lack of courage, grand ignorance and" if you can't beat them then join em" attitude has led to this.

I wonder how many who have been the extension of the monster will actually learn from it. We all too often choose comfort and ease over challenge and courage. The cost not only being the degradtion of society but also the destruction of the planet.
Joanna Finzel West Plains MO United States We must not let corrupt big business win on this one.
ann carreau port saint lucie FL United States to show support for organic farming and to help stop the bullying tactics of Monsanto
Cat Shannon Dallas TX United States I support our farmers 100% No more bio engineering. We don't need it, we don't want it!! The USDA is destroying our farmers enough as it is! We need to recover from this tyranny!! Unless you live in a BOX, and perhaps you do, we the people know what our Government is up to. Do not dismiss this case again and support the American People!
Emile Vermette Warwick RI United States I want organic food and it is hard to come by, 
Phillip Escher Wellman IA United States Monsanto is the most evil company on this planet. (for now anyway)
Rachel Divine loxahatchee
United States Minor Outlying Islands because food should not be deadly
John Stahl Sihanoukville
Cambodia Monsanto is one of the most evil companies in the world - a significant threat to the survival of life on earth.
Gary Crakow Mesa AZ United States I am signing this because if we do not take a stand, we will be crushed and killed by the forces who feel it is their  "Divine" right to own us and do with us whatever they want, including concentration camps and murder.
John Neville Sedona AZ United States The actions by Monsanto when they know their products migrate - and the actions of the judge in not ruling for the damage farmers is outrageous and must be undone.
Tania Salitra Redfern
Australia It is just heartbreaking what Monsanto has done to our food and our farmers worldwide. 
Elizabeth Williams Aurora CO United States I have been an organic gardener for 20 years.  Anyone who gardens and farms knows that the soil is the key to nutritious food and also to being pest free.  Monsanto's interest in GMO seeds and in patenting these seeds is strictly profiteering at the expense of our health and the future health of humanity.  Apologies to cattle, but I am over being treated like a piece of cattle by Monsanto who could care less about  health, nutrition or  the quality  of our soil.
Sarah Baybordi Danville IL United States Don't give up. I will support my local farmer's market and reject any GMO food I come across. Thank you for fighting for food freedom!!!
Jeff Hand NEW YORK CITY NY United States I am sick of seeing nutrition and good health becoming a privilege and not a right by companies who seek their own financial profit at the expense of my grandchild and all of the citizens who will inherit the Earth.  Run Monsanto out of business.  Stop the destruction of the earth.  Limit population growth.  Stop the abuses of vaccines and antidepresents.  Stop making financial gain at the expense of population health a priority for our nation and the planet.
David Beaulieu Medicine Hat
Canada Monsanto is an evil corporation enslaving the world with the GMO seeds while driving the population to infertility.
Donna Gilbert Lexington KY United States because enough is enough.............
LIsa gotkin Skokie IL United States I'm supporting organic and non-gmo  farmers against Monsanto because organic farmers help preserve the planet and provide healthy food for our bodies.  
Carla Andersen Poquoson VA United States Because I value truth and integrity.
Debra Dawn napa CA United States Evil Monsatan has to be stopped. The Europeans started burning the poison GM crops in their respective countries. I suggest we do the same!
Terry Randall Wembley Downs
Australia The seeds & all creation belong to God. The last thing we want is an institution of man (capitalistic) monopolising it for Capitalistic purposes.
Jean Gonzales South Bend IN United States I care..deeply care.
Steve Kirshenbaum Coral Springs FL United States The corporate and government corruption has reached epic proportions and it must be stopped now.
paula foot Duncan  BC
Canada I hope the organic farmers in the USA feel supported by all of us in Canada who, like you, respect and value the land and real food. Thank you, and don't give up.
Mary Huse Spring TX United States Every human being alive deserves good wholesome food - God's gift of nature. Anything which has been altered by any sources such as pesticides and genetic engineering are totally foreign to the natural state of plants. I am totally in favor of America's and other nations' farmers in contrast to large companies who are only interested in mass production and the almighty dollar which motivates them to harm mankind in their processes of manipulating the world's food supply.
Michael Solomon Brooklyn NY United States Monsanto has been permitted to ruin the livelihoods of farmers worldwide with their notion that it is acceptable to patent nature. In the process, they have sold out all 7 billion of us by propagating the use of toxic chemicals in our food, which has resulted in a method to keep humans diseased, debilitated, docile, and depressed, all while increasing their profits and lobbying power. It has become clear that due to collusion, those in power have chosen to ignore this abuse of humanity. Now is the time to speak up and move toward achieving full sustainability. Don't allow a few demoralized, desensitized individuals to ruin our lives and our planet. Truth will always prevail over falsehood.
Tiffany Ballard hartwell GA United States I want to have the option of buying organice , wholefoods, not processed foods filled with hormones! I think farmers should not be forced out of business by these kinds of laws and I think we need less governement control.
Laurel Zyvoloski Holiday FL United States It's time we take back our choice in food! It's time our Organic Farmers are left alone to pursue their Constitutional Choices ~ Monsanto, you can go to hell!!!  You don't like our planet the way it is, feel free to move to another one because you are not going to destroy this one!
cathy hewitt Mission Beach
Australia sick of fascist corporations forcing their poisons on us all, and all our governments rubber stamping it for them
Judy Ohmer Juneau AK United States I want the right to use my own brain to decide what food I eat.  I don't want my government limiting choices like that.  
Randolph Leno Center ND United States MonSatin you done made us mad with your poisoning of the world and your days are numbered.
Jason Fried Edmonton
Canada I want to support organic farmers and to give them hope to fight against big corps like Monsanto who are destroying our future generation of food and lifestyles.
Steven Demak Santa Clarita CA United States It is disgusting to think about all the ways that the government gets away with poisoning our systems with genetically processed foods! t's almost like "Planned Obsolescence"   or in other terms, organized genicide!!! 
Aaron Zauber Charlotte NC United States When did money become more important than doing what is RIGHT?
Lisa Schwabe Vancouver
Canada I support the Farmers that are fighting against Monsanto's dangerous GMO
Aaron Hutzel Canonsburg PA United States No one group should control the world's food supply. It's a nearly Herculean task to find non-hybridized seeds these days. Six companies now control almost the entire seed market. The fact that no one should be ingesting these monstrosities is another topic altogether.
jos wong woodbridge
Canada to fight against monsanto for th better of our lives and kids to get rid of GMO
sophia judah Austin TX United States All land, water, and air exists to be pistine and free from any toxic/destructive man made chemicals or altered genomes. The use of pesticides and GMOs supported by any government or court ruling in any situation or any time is traitorous to our basic human rights. It's a violation to nature and the eco-systems and cyclical processes  that hold life's delicate balance. There is absolutely to way to separate GMOs from eventually bombarding organic farms and wild life. I'm signing this petition because it is imperative we stand together to halt those responsible for these foreign atrocities to nature and the people of the world.
Lorraine Teodoro Martinsburg WV United States I am signing because I am the mother of 4 and the grandmother of 7 and I do not want myself, my kids or my grandkids to be exposed to any kind of Monsanto's GMO's.
Robert Whetstone Saginaw MI United States I have recently discovered the dangers in consuming processed foods, and have switch to primarily organic food. My only wish is that it was easier to find. I feel by supporting organic farmers it could make more organic foods more readily available. I also feel the truth about processed foods should be shared with as many people as possible to let them make their own educated decision on the issue.
Carol Kerns Plano TX United States Monsanto's actions are unconscionable and represent a clear and present danger to every human being on earth.  Don't stop fighting!  With every effort you make, more and more Americans will learn what's at stake and step up to support you.
K G Los Angeles CA United States Signing because I wholeheartedly appreciate organic farmers and am supremely grateful that they provide me with clean nutrient dense food so I may live a healthy life as an organic vegetarian.  Thank you organic farmers everywhere!!!  xo  
Tullin Valdez Truckee CA United States Because I don't like the control Agribusiness has on the food production system...I am in support of small family farms to feed the people.
Joe Balanay bellevue NE United States I disgusted with Monsanto. I would like food to go back to how it naturally should be and know that these farmers that come from generations of farmers know how to do this. Monsanto is a greedy and very dishonest and uncaring corporation.  
janet hartmann denver CO United States My family members have been farmers for generations, running family farms . They are my heroes.
Deone Sears Elbert CO United States I am a farmer and also support local farmers with my food purchases. Monsanto should be held responsible for contamination, frivioulus law suits and their lack of ethics in avoiding labeling GM products. I also oppose thier strident tatics. in trying to control 
Carla Rosenbaum Portland TN United States I garden.  I am tired of Monsanto and their we should have the ONLY SEEDs ideal.  Modified seed should never be the only seed available.  This is food, purity is also a goal.
Renee Dinsmore milford MA United States monsanto i believe does not have the right be a bully in this country.
John Magee Reseda CA United States We don't need food from an Orwellian novel. The world is a very toxic place because of corporations like Monsanto. It needs to stop.
Sue Miller Cincinnati OH United States This is, quite simply, the right thing and the true human to do.
RY MORAN Salt Lake City UT United States These combatants fight for the right of all people who want to eat real food!
Emily Dale Frankllin NC United States At age 86 I am thriving on organic foods. I wish I could hug each one of you for making my life so good.
gladys wilson south chatham MA United States the children of the earth need food that hasn't been modified to suit the large co's and there bottom line,  they are damaging our exestance!!
Susan Vandermeulen Washago AL United States Without Farmers we are nothing!  Without farmers there is no nutrition only sickness!
Hugh Halliday Taumarunui
New Zealand Becau7se I am sick of corporations running the world. Dark ages at presebnt. See my website www.declarenzge-gmfree.co.nz.
Linda Niho Milwaukee WI United States I am against GMO foods.
Ramona king gladstone OR United States I want natural food. NOT genetically modified.  
mark  grimes Schenectady NY United States montsanto = government = corruption = evil
george botosanu n las vegas NV United States quite fed up with too many chemicals in food, pharma, water, air. Should be able to consume somethings that are not man made.
Myst de Vana Parksville
Canada  Thank you for standing up against the sickness that is plant patenting and genetic modification of organisms.
M. Vermeulen Apeldoorn
Netherlands Monsanto has to be stopped with their evil plans to control and manipulate the growing of plants and the food of the world
Samantha Roberts Chicago IL United States I am against the perverse things Monsanto is doing to our world.
Marie Wakefield Newport OR United States Real food; real life.
linda beaupre agawam MA United States because i HATE what monsanto is doing to our food supply and our planet! They are criminals!
Lorri Larson Temecula CA United States I want to be able to continue to buy food that is good for my family without the worries that what I am eating will cause disease and break-down of our bodies.  This has to be stopped.  What is freedom if we can not eat what we desire and what is good for us? 
Yuriy Ivanov Charlotte NC United States Because GMO seeds cant reproduce fertile seeds of their own kind. Forcing farmers to annually buy seeds from Monsanto. No To Monopolies. 
Lizette Mullen Greenfield WI United States Why am I signing? For my children and their children and their children's children, children...that's why. 
kelly webb water mill NY United States Monsato must go down for so many reasons. They are one if not the most  corrupt corporation In the World! Our food is the most important thing but its not just about the food! They have their hands in everything.
Claudia Schulz Stalmer St CO United States I'm not a farmer, but I lost to Monsanto when OSGTA lost to Monsanto.  The farmers went to court and fought for me and my life and the life of my children and all future generations.

300,000 of you went to court for me, but thousands more fight with you!  This isn't over.  Your day in court maybe done, but this is NOT over.  We may have lost this battle, but Monsanto WILL NOT win this war.
Raymond Best II wailuku HI United States I don not want a corporation controlling my food sources
Ann Malone Sugar Grove VA United States I support organic and non gmo farms. Because I love dirt. I love food. Hang in there. If enough of us refuse to buy their garbage.....
Amy Perrin Claremont NH United States I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis), and nutrition is a big part of me keeping my disease in check. The more I research the foods I am eating the more I realize that everything is tainted with antibiotics, arsenic, or other nasty chemicals. I want natural food, the way nature intended, not what Monsanto has cooked up in the laboratory! 
caroline carter pafos
Cyprus GM food is destroying my clients health.  
Dianne Moore Auckland
New Zealand Because I am against everything this evil corporation stands for.
Suzanne Maresca Lake Hopatcong NJ United States Of course I stand with organic farmers.  I am a human on planet Earth and there are many more of us who care than there are who want to poison us all.  Light shall prevail!  Keep the faith &lt;3
R. C. Wilson Greenwich Village NY United States Monsanto is killing us for profit. Corporocracy must be stopped, these big monopolies must go.  
Simonetta Barone Herrera Bristol
United Kingdom I love my food non GMO, clean and nutritious. Organic farmers MUST be supported. Good luck
Natalie Pitts gaithersburg MD United States To help protect our freedom and right to be healthy if we so choose!
Jermaine Rebello Toronto
Canada GMO's = Organ failure, cancer, infertility, diabetes, allergies, obesity, immune problems, accelerated aging, increased toxins in the body and environment, new diseases, nutritional deficiencies,  insulin irregularities.

GMO's will (and are) destroying the lives of untold millions and should undergo strict long term safety studies as FDA SCIENTISTS HAD ADVISED THE FDA ITSELF. GENETIC POLLUTION IS GOING TO DESTROY THE ORGANIC GENETIC CODE OF THE PLANET.

Support the OSGTA and Institute for Responsible Technology! Support a future full of health...I mean, support a future PERIOD....Because there is no future if we can't reproduce and are dieing from a handful of diseases!


<a href="http://www.infowars.com" rel="nofollow">http://www.infowars.com</a>

Jean Ayre Lexington SC United States I think Monsanto and companies like it

whould be erased from the face of the earth 
Belinda Thevenau Tamarin
Mauritius Beacause the world needs to wake up to the bad things being forced on us...
Patty Jones Weddington NC United States because I have a 6 year old son and am sick of the bullsh#t!!!
James Richards Irymple
Australia I value my and my family's health.
Be Geoffry Mt. Pleasant SC United States Pure food is the best way to great health.  Monsanto will kill all with chemicals and bad technology.
Grainne NiMhaidin Galway,
Ireland I Strongly Disapprove of multinationals controlling and influencing seed gathering, food production, growing of GMO's with out supplying information and labelling. etc. etc.
Cynthia  Wall Montgomery, Al
United Arab Emirates Keep up the good fight! We love you!
Meredith Boyle Birkdale
Australia They have got away with monopolising & toxifying our world for too long!
Honour Leigh Canberra
Australia Monsanto is monstrously evil and must be stopped
Naomi Lean Grafton NSW
Australia I want my children to eat and grow organic unchanged food that will not change their DNA in any way.
Michael Nicholas Reading
United Kingdom GMOs are wrong and need to be stopped. Even worse, I should be allowed to know what I am putting in my body. This is corruption of the most extreme nature, going right up to the, supposed, "top" (which is really the lowest of the low).
Lindy Davies Eaglehawk
Australia Because farmers around the world deserve the choice to farm as they believe best, protected from anyone or anything that threatens the viability and profitability of their livelihood, and because we deserve to be able to choose what sort of food we eat; from the variety of it to it's genetic makeup.
Cody Locker Reed City MI United States I am getting so sick and tired of the food terrorist Monsanto trying to poison us with there genetically modified crap.Monsanto needs to be put of business and brought up on criminal charges for crimes against humanity. 
donna maloney Jackson NJ United States Isn't the privilege of living in this country the freedom to choose?  Please support the organic farmers and their dedication to sustain the health of our population and of Mother Nature.  
Jane Chitty Cape Town
South Africa I am signing because I feel it is important to show solidarity with these farmers and I worry about family and friends in the USA who have to put up with all this nonsense.
Mary Bittner tillsonburg on
Canada I want healthy food in my body
Keith Giaquinto Santa Monica CA United States I despise Monsanto and what they stand for.  GMO's are a significant health risk to us.
Mari Whittelsey Palm Beach Gardens FL United States Because when I eat a tomato - I want to know that I am eating an actual tomato.
Dolinda van Draanen Gendt
Netherlands They are very important and do great work!!!!
Rich Knapik Warner NH United States Contamination of fields by GMO pollen and insecticides is wrong.  If you can't control it, you should be financially responsible
Jens Svensson CHIFLEY
Australia I lost my job by refusing to genetically modify Eucalyptus trees with Monsanto genes. Thank you for your efforts.
Bonnie Gibbs Marco Island FL United States GMOs are dangerous!!
Erin Reid North Syracuse NY United States because i don't want to eat pesticides. thank you for giviing me a choice.
Karl Brown Des Moines IA United States Because this insanity must stop!
Laura Killian Kilsyth
Australia for their emotional support.
Hope  Weston Wayne NJ United States I grew up with an organic garden, organic orchard, chickens, non processed food, no fast food and most importantly non GMO foods.  I want the same for my children and family.  I have the right as an American to make my own choices and to know the truth of what is in every product I purchase.  Wake up America your future health depends upon it!!!!
Thomas Frage Bethlehem PA United States Disgusted by all the lies and bullying of Monsanto and companies like it.
Melissa Karam San Antonio TX United States I am signing because I completely OPPOSE the use of GMO's!!  I abhor Monsanto and everything they represent.  Organic Farming is the way to live!
Monique Attinger Georgetown
Canada I believe that farmers need to be able to save their own seeds, in order to help provide food reliability. GMO seeds are a money grab, not a world improvement. Seeds that "self-destruct" are dangerous to nature - and to farming as we have practiced it for millenia! Not only are GMO plants dangerous to the corresponding natural species, they are also dangerous to those creatures who eat GMO plants - including humans. 
Doreen Schneider Maple Ridge, B C
Canada I strongly believe in whole, naturally grown, non poisoned food.  I also believe in freedom of choice.  If you want heritage seeds you should be able to have them.  I grew up on a farm.  GO ORGANIC GROWERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!
Gerry Grummons Forsyth MO United States We support Organic Farmers.
Kirsten Schmitz Smithsburg MD United States Because it's the right thing to do.
karen dalton loudon TN United States the definition of monsanto:  poison, death to millions; bully, anti-life, agent orange, chemical nightmare
Linda Goodale Austin TX United States Farmers have been sued by Monsanto when their gmo pollen has drifted into their fields.  Farmers need protection from BIG AG and their money.  Obviously the judge was wrong in dismissing this case.  did she work for Monsanto in the past??
Melody Haler Casper WY United States We cannot allow one corporation to control the food supply, especially when there are already many evidences of the damage it is causing to all lifeforms on the planet.  Instead, we need to control it and not allow it to contaminate and eventually destroy all the rich and beautiful diversity that exists on the planet.
Corey Hostetter Columbus MI United States because it matters. because we need to pay attention to the things that matter, instead of dismissing them so that we can focus on things that shouldn't matter.
Anne Mulligan Dumbarton
C Karen Stopford Norwich CT United States The judge was just plain wrong.  Monsanto has pursued 145 suits against farmers over the recent past, and there is every reason to believe they will continue with their mafioso tactics into the future with the support of people like Buchwald who have no concern for the health of Americans.
Michelle Morales kdkdkdkdkddk NJ United States the people should be able to chose willingly what foods we feel are best for us to consume, and genetically modified is NOT it.  to think that it is, makes the government crazy! we aren't in Cuba, they shouldn't be trying to harm their own people.  this will only eventually lead to war, unless that's what they are truly for.  THANK YOU!  :)
Debra Curtiss Kenosha WI United States This is utterly dispicable. Leave the TRUE FARMERS ALONE. !!!
Lisa Moynihan Tucson AZ United States When I went back to school 4 years ago, I did a research paper on GMF's and their ill effects on humans and killing of bees. After researching, I then tried to tell anyone who would listen that this was a MAJOR health risk.  No one listened. I preached going to farmers markets, and buying organic.  I even suggested that we have schools do farming for our kids to have healthier food.

Now I am hearing the same stuff I preached come out of my sister and my dad's mouths,(my dad IS a preacher so it's being spoken about at church) and from a few other people. 

I am sorry that it has taken so long.  I suggest that you contact,  jsekulow@action.aclj.org to see if the ACLJ can help defend you.  God bless you in you efforts.  I buy non-GMF's as much as possible but as you are experiancing, that dang Monsanto has taken over. 


Ann Moynihan

Joe Ripple Hollywood FL United States I was born on a farm
deborah alfaddaghi Upland CA United States I spent 9 months with my sister fighting breast cancer .  I reserched cancer causes and healthy lifestyles and I believe these farmers are the future for those of us looking for un adulterated  foods depends on them. Please give us the option of organic localy raised foods. 
Brian Gregor Daphne AL United States Fret not, brave warriors. The r3V0|ution has just begun. Resistance is victory. It didn't get this bad overnight, & we won't be able to fix it overnight. We must be vigilant- yet patient...

The war on the food supply WILL be stopped; along with all the other attempts by this elitist, corporatist bankster cartel to further their agenda of total, global domination- their psychopathic, control-freak dream of a "new world order".

We the People of ALL colors & creeds are Awakening to their insidious machinations. We WILL Unite in Peace, Love & Truth to stop this beast; to prosecute these guilty conspirators & ALL their willing puppets for their myriad crimes against Humanity!!!

FINALLY, We will be Free to explore all of the suppressed techologies, co-Creating a balanced paradise on Earth & colonizing the stars with the same wisdom & respect!!!

Deb Hibben Montgomery IL United States I believe we should eat food that God created, not a what a chemical plant created in a lab!  It's Frankenfood!
Michelle Buck Reno NV United States I am signing this as a show of support to the farmer's and as another voice against Monsanto.
Mary Ellen Jones Decatur GA United States Shame on Judge Buchwald, I support the farmers, they are the only ones trying to stop Monsanto's take over through legal channels.  I hope this is not the end of their fight, it can't be.
Lisa Moynihan Tucson AZ United States GMO/GMF food is hazardous to our bodies, the enviroment and our future.  They should treat these products like crops with any other plant disease and certainly not make more!  Don't play with Mother Nature, it never turns out well.
Linda Barr Pe Ell WA United States Organic farmers provide a valued service I cannot do for myself
Sheila Halousek Marysville CA United States To protect the freedom for all in the future, we need to stand up to bullies NOW!!!
aaron islas pasadena CA United States Because Monsanto uses illlegal business outsourcing and uneithical patent practices, it's a kind of monopoly that if Teddy Rosevelt were president he would smash it like he did to Standard Oil after they orchestrated prohibition. 
Carl DeVilbiss Nashville TN United States I am vehemently opposed to GMO crops of any kind. They are an abomination against nature and damaging to ALL LIFE!!! I ardently oppose any corporation that promotes them for profit above ethical conduct!!
Angie Curtis Cape Town
South Africa Thank you for fighting this fight for the whole world
Kendra  Ferwerda Denver CO United States I have been against GMO's for years and do not agree with modifying the cells of food for gain and the long term negative problems it can cause to the health of our community. 
Ruby Davis Troup TX United States GMO is destroying our farming industry.  It is destroying people's health and the farmers need the backing of our legal system in order to survive this assault against the human population by GMO corporations such as Monsanto.
V Day Kansas City MO United States I grew up on a farm. Nature is sacred. GMO crops are an abomination.
Patricia Roe Renton WA United States We must protect organic seeds and farming for our future generations.  The time is now.
Mary Powers Ogdensburg NJ United States For our future! to Have choice about our food sources and HOW it is grown!!
R J Orlando FL United States "Monsanto" is two four letter words that must be washed from our mouths. 
Isis Austin Myers Flat CA United States We are supporting each and every one of you   farmers with open arms. Our goal shines brightly as more awaken to this madness!
Joseph Aragon kirtland NM United States It's the right thing to do!!!!
Paul Bikoff Huntngton NY United States Because 300,000 Organic Farmers are helping humans and all God's critters to  be

"Stayin' Alive" !!!!!!!!

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk

I'm a woman's man: no time to talk

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The Bee Gees
Melissa Spengler Pueblo CO United States I support our farmers, Monsanto is EVIL, we should know what is in our food.
Linda Espino San Diego CA United States I want my food protected from Monsanto poisons. Just say NO to Monsanto poisons - and protect our organic Farmers. They deserve to have their businesses and farmers protected from invading poisons in the soil, air, water and from any other source of Monsanto's pesticides, herbicides and any other of their poisons.
BERNADETTE LANSBERRY CHANDLER AZ United States They have a case, give them a fair fight.
eileen donat bend OR United States the hopefully put a pause to the take over of our world by corporate power.
Claudia Bataska Arlington Heights IL United States I believe in healthy food.  I do not like all the chemicals that are being put into our food.  I want to see our food as God intended it to be!
Melinda Davis-Thomas Buda TX United States Because I am a child of Mother Earth, and I hate what Big Agra/Monsanto is doing to Her and the people that live and survive here.  
Jeromy Lundberg Nevada City CA United States It's just not right what Monsanto is doing. GMO has to go!!
Riikka Söyring Heinävesi
Finland for life!
Osodipe Olomo Seattle WA United States It is the right of all people to have healthy and whole foods. Organic farmers should have the right to provide organic food for their families, community and world.
Yuleen Gifford Bakersfield CA United States i support non gmo efforts.
Darlene Morton Calgary
Canada Please don't give up your fight!..there are millions of us who support you.  The truth will be put out to the masses. The intended destruction of the earth and the food supply, will be exposed for its evil intent. 
Maureen MacKenzie RED DEER
Canada The system is failing to protect citizens from toxic GMO foods.  I am outraged that the case was thrown out of court.  Shame on Judge Buchwald and all the other people in positions where they should be protecting the public but choose not to.
Tanya Bannavong Millsboro DE United States I appreciate being a healthy person as is my whole family. I want us to continue to be. I especially want to know that future generations can have good health to look forward to. I also want to see animals treated with respect and kindness (maybe one day they will not be eaten)
Jillian Bennett Unadilla NE United States because when "good" people are complacent, evil-money driven people will plot. No more silence!
Karla Ortiz Chicago IL United States A couple of years ago, we watched Food Inc.  which is a powerful documentary about this very thing.  This was the first time I had even heard of Monsanto and knew what they were doing to our local farmers.  It was heart wrenching to see them bully and bankrupt farmers.  To now read about this most recent injustice is even more shocking and that it is happening in America is unbelievable!!!  
Mitchel Rolfer St Paul MN United States Before I leave this world, I want to know we left it Whole again.  For our Children...

Holliday Wallace Lopez WA United States thank you for standing up for freedom, to eat and grow.
Lois Tilden Lakeland FL United States I want to get rid of the GMOs. I am very disturbed thatthis company is allowed to continue to use insecticides on the foods that we eat.
Nancy Keeler Anaheim CA United States Because whoever controls the food controls the people. I will not be controlled.
Lynda Agresti Surprise AZ United States I support organic and natural farming. NOT GMO's not Monsanto. I've been signing petitions against GMO's for a long time now. I want the farmers to know how much they are appreciated and the work they are doing to preserve organic foods. This is one of the most important things that support our health. Thank you Farmers for all your work. The knowledge of GMO's and Monsanto has been spreading to more and more people.
Jill Miller Natick MA United States Because of the court's woeful lack of understanding of the science behind GMO gene transfer between organisms, we need to find some other way to stop this tampering with our food chain.
richard leary columbus OH United States because my niece asked me to and if she says it should be signed then it should be signed. no arguement
mathew moreland hampden ME United States I'm signing this petition because what Monsanto is doing is wrong. Monsanto is poisoning the world,the people that eat the food,the animals that eat the food and its robbing the farmers blind. Organic farmers do a great service for us all.  Monsanto will not win this fight in the long run because they are evil and good always overcomes evil. I love you organic farmers and I respect you. don't give up we need you to keep us healthy and this  world healthy. God bless you all the Lord looks fondly down at you
Giuseppe  Cappelli London
United Kingdom Has just signed because he care not just for future generations.

Evie Brandon Columbine Valley CO United States I have a one year old grandchild. I would like her to grow up with healthy, natural foods, not the poisonous garbage Monsanto is trying to pass off on our misinformed public. Our farmland is being destroyed by the greed of the most hated company in the world.
Taylon Starr Garland TX United States Because Monsanto isn't God - epitome of everything that is wrong in this world and country - arse backwards idiots.  
Janet Ganus Waukesha WI United States Monsanto is an appallingly evil corporation
alycia fries greencastle PA United States monsato is destroying the world
Heather  Pollnow Jensen Beach FL United States IT'S IMPORTANT !!!!!!!
Linda Dykstra Dorr MI United States Because this is STILL America!
David Hornick Clearwater FL United States Weaponized food- the ultimate oxymoron. 
Darin Earl Lake Arrowhead CA United States Real food! Real health!

Blair Caldwell Palmdale CA United States My heart is with all you organic farmers, whose only wish is to provide the best and most healthy food in a manner that will also add to the health of Mother Earth. 

My glass is raised in unison with you. 

And, if it comes to it, I will join with you shoulder to shoulder in the trenches, in whatever manner is called for.

Kia Mistilis Athens
Greece This is a global issue which unites us all - since the protection of food and water integrity is essential to the health of not only humans, but the earth's animal and plant species and the planet as a whole. We stand together as ONE for a better future for all. Solidarity from Greece.
Jordan Harary Anchorage AK United States Profits are not greater than the health and well being of human beings, which is priceless.
Leslie Johnson Minneapolis MN United States We love farmers!
Genie Turgeon Fairview Heights IL United States I am a big supporter of organic EVERYTHING... based on the way my physical body feels when fueled and taken care of with pure products. 
Rose Paige Kaikoura
New Zealand Stop Monsanto from killing the little people!
Maureen Downs Round Rock TX United States because GMO's are just plain evil and wrong and should be illegal, and yet they are not. Making it harder and harder to get real food for our children. I believe (with no real proof other than my intuition)  that GMO's are contributing to the rise in Autism and colony collapse syndrome in bees.  I do know for sure that GMO's lead to organ failure.  Really, just plain wrong.
Laurie Boucino Loris SC United States ..... because bodies can't live without food..... REAL FOOD
Meghon Ross Glen Allen VA United States We are signing because we have two young children and we are worried about the world they are inheriting.
alexander leviton lake mary FL United States To save the small farmer against our corporate giant who has known political tie-ins
Jamie Justus Iaeger WV United States To stop corporate corruption! 
Deborah Gaddis gladstone MO United States I want to feed my children and grandchildren a healthy diet, free from toxins like round-up, and agent orange.  My family is worth it!
robert kraska clarnece NY United States Local/organic farmers deserve are support.they are the center of life...

jo ann ferguson DAYTON NV United States I buy strictly Organic non-gmo foods.  I have been a Vegan most of my life.   I done my very best to educate people on the dangers/environvemental/health problems/animal welfare issues. Monsanto has to go!!!

Stay strong and together we will meet the giant in numbers to strong for them to prevail any longer!!

Namaste to all the fine people for standing up and taking back our rights to healthy nutritious food. 

P.J Moore Sheffield
United Kingdom Monsanto are purposely trying to exploit the need for food - their methods show that they seek to monopolise on world agriculture! To sell seedless crops to third world countries is despicable! THEY MUST BE STOPPED!
Scott Pringle Burnaby
Canada although it is too late for me ( illness due to food) there is still time left to prevent this poisining from happening to others..
Bill Mann Madison TN United States Monsanto is destroying the food supply!
Lisa Cirulnick Fernandina Beach FL United States I am signing because I am appalled that healthy food without chemical manipulation isn't a priority among the corporate criminals . Shame on the United States . 
joann doran Nova Scotia
Canada The most basic needs of humans are being tampered with, our water, air and food. Thank you to all of you who care...who are awake. I join you in our struggle for freedom from chaos!
Orlando  Zuluaga Solana beach CA United States to support clean free chemical foods - and to support  organic farmers
Jennifer Chaplin Nokomis FL United States I am signing this petition because I believe we need to stand together against corporate greed and the serious harm this company presents to our farmers, our food supply, and our children.
David LaPera Oreland PA United States We need REAL food, not GMO's!
Rachel Moulder Glenwood IL United States In the end, sanity will win.
clara cooper Ormond Beach FL United States Because I want the option of eating real food. Because I think it's obsurd that Monsanto can sue farmers for patent infringment when the wind blows theirs GMO seeds into the farmers uncontaminated fields. Because the government wants to regulate everything else in my life, but won't regulate untested GM foods or even allow labeling of such so the public can make their own choices!
Patricia Vogel Walker LA United States The federal government keeps telling us what we can and cannot eat--"for our own good". They tell us we are obese because we make improper food choices. The population at large is obese because there is very little REAL food available in the grocery stores. We have GMO Frankenfoods to eat so the politicians can pay off BIG AGRA and BIG PHARMA. As a result, our bodies are screaming for nutrition. The body sends hunger signals, and people respond with the only foods available to them--NUTRITIONALLY EMPTY GMO FRANKENFOODS. Get rid of GMO garbage and the people will have a chance to have some REAL nutrition.
Robby Webster Allen TX United States Stop the monopolization of cross-pollination
Deanna Henry Lee's Summit MO United States Evil will get what it deserves. We are organizing and uniting against Big Ag because we know what they are doing to us, our food, future generations and the planet. Hey, Monsanto, just wanted to let you know that today I started up my tiller and MASSIVELY expanded my garden and not one single seed of yours will be planted in it. EVER.
Sara Peters easton PA United States I share your passion and your fears.  I want there to be a planet for my children and their children...seven generations.....We must stay united and keep fighting...Surely many "Davids" together can topple "Goliath"!!  SOLIDARITY!  KEEP FIGHTING!
Charles Kehm Alamo Heights TX United States Monsanto's aggressive efforts against small farmers and independent seed producers are not in the best public interest and should be opposed.
Brent Fairley not for public LA United States My healthy apathy has slowly turned to righteous indignation. I swear eternal hostility on all forms of tyranny upon the minds of free men.
Anah Creet Melbourne
Australia Because heritage seed is essential for a healthy and sustainable future. 
Zandra McKendrick San Francisco CA United States I am thinking and feeling and suffering for our soldiers out there fighting the big corporations without powerful agencies, just their voices, no weapons, no real money, no real media to help them in their rightful cause, that is why I am signing because I want to let them know that they are not alone, and I want to tell them that I admire them, and that I thank them from the bottom of my heart for letting us know about these issues that are so important to all of us and the future generations on earth.  Thank you so much and let's keep up the good fight!!!!! God bless us all!!!!! We will win!!!!!
Renae Novick Marina CA United States I eat food
Tamra Bieber Boise ID United States I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer 4 years ago, I was on a 70% organic diet then,I now try to eat an 85% organic now.In the food market today it's hard to eat 100% organic.I am cancer free,I believe it is due to organic eating and prayer.God Bless all of you who are involved in organic food production.
Christine Beals lakeland FL United States I want the devastation and despair that Monsanto is causing to end immediately,our future depends on it.
Cindy Tapp Kiowa CO United States I'm angry and sad about what's happening to our food, land and people by the corruption and poisoning brought on by companies such as Monsanto and even our own government. I whole-heartedly support those that are standind up against these killers and trying to bring about change. I want the choice today of what it is I feed my family and thanks to you all that are trying to provide me with that choice.
Joseph Bianconi Chandler AZ United States All human beings deserve the god-given right to have wholesome, untainted, freshly-organic, and nutritional food available at all times - just like today where President Obama and his family have access to their White House organic food garden everyday. 
kimberlee taylor lytton IA United States I'm afraid of bigbrother creep.
Kerri Burnside Denton TX United States I'm signing because only when the silent majority of sane people stand together will the corruption, hate, intolerance, and injustices of the world stop. 
M. Vermeulen Apeldoorn
Netherlands Monsanto is a very aggressive company who only cares the money and the power and is totally corrupt. If mice get cancer from their GMO-corn you will know what this manupated stuff will do to people. Monsanto has to be stopped worldwide. In de EU they  have lobbyed a lot  but the people are awakening. In the Netherlands they bought seedtrades companies. 
Annica Corell Göteborg
Sweden GMO is a threat to our healt, the health of our planet, of our food supply and food security, and besides the natural theats it is also fundamentally wrong to own plant dna, and the way that the patents are reinforced are proposterous! I can't give enough reasons. This is creating a world monopoly and domination of the world's food supply, the health of its people and the biological world we reside in.
Jamie Winter Denver CO United States We need freedom and liberty, which IS American. Food CHOICE is freedom and liberty!
Stephanie Vitt Woodstock GA United States I am very afraid of what my children and my grandchildren will have to face. I believe MonSatan will be the poor health and early death of us all. We MUST defeat this evil giant for the sake of out future. One company should not own all the seed and put poisonous product (I can't bring myself to call it food) on our tables. If the rest of the world can say NO to MonSatan then why can't the US?
Richard Barela whittier CA United States I am signing because I also believe nature was intended to be pure and natural, providing us grace from the fruits of our labor. And when you attempt to change something so precious that was not meant to be changed, consequences will occur. Like the old saying goes "you don't fool with mother nature"
Dohn Hayes Kane PA United States I believe that True health comes from food the way God made it ,Not monsanto makes it
Loisuet Lee San Diego CA United States I hate to see natural plants and seeds contaminated by GM junk. 
Erin Higginbotham Phoenix AZ United States  I have been the "David" against "Goliath" in my personal life, and what I have learned, is that if you are coming from truth, and integrity, and have pure intentions, it will always be just as it should.  The truth will set us free, and we that live in the light, share the light, and thrive in the light, the darkness is always there, we are just too bright for it :).For anyone who is awake to see with their real sight, will not stand for this, and there are so many of us, and will be many more! I am raising two boys in this world, and raising them to be able to take responsibility for themselves, their health, and their minds. The GMO "Goliath" is only a stones throw away from being hit by "David". :) Its not a matter of if, its a matter of when. Its a long fall to his knees from that high chair he is on. :) God Bless you beautiful Farmers and Supporters, and Truth Seekers. 
Sharon Zemla Orting WA United States We have the right to make choices about the food we eat.  To do that we have the right to have organic growers' food available w/out interference by Monsanto's contamination tactics and the courts okaying their tactics.
Sid Hammock Lawndale CA United States Because we are meant to eat sustainable FOOD. What Monsanto creates is not worthy of being called food. GMO "foods" are just harmful calories.
Todd Burnham Sanbornton
United States Minor Outlying Islands healthy food without genetic manipulation or poisoning is a human right.
Mario Perez Pecos NM United States This is a travesty for the american farmer and families across the U.S. we most keep our seeds and foods safe. Seed Sovereignty 
Scott Svec Fort Myers FL United States This is not a "Straw man" figure. My balanced conscience dictates all forms of law. I've had enough with Corporatism (fictions) trying to destroy, as well as dominate non-fictions on the planet.
Sarah Lippold Seaside OR United States As an organic farmer and a mother of two young children it is essential to our lives on this earth to simply eat REAL food free of chemicals and pesticides.  Then we grow without disease or illness.  Children so small in body weight are quite vulnerable to toxins and fake food.  It disrupts their development.  I spent the first 22 years of my life in Nebraska surrounded with fields of GMO corn and hiding from the smell of chemical spray.  It has poisoned the aquifer and killed all soil microscopic life.  Monsanto is responsible for this illegal destruction.   
Jennifer Drew Dunedin
New Zealand I want my children and grandchildren to have healthy lives thanks to good nutritional food - and not be poisoned and weakened in the interests of greedy, malevolant giant corporations, not only in the US but throughout the world.
Georgina Carre Wellsford
New Zealand Because Monsanto scares the living daylights out of me
Heli Mikkola Littoinen
Finland I support organic farming - we all should, in order to save ourselves and this beautiful planet
chris simpson narrogin
Australia It appears the US govt are promoting the monsanto brand world wide. The brand is poisonous as everyone who has researched it knows. The organic or conventional farmer needs to know that we the people support their efforts against this evil empire.
Marika Tabone Qormi
Malta To support the organic farmers and show them that many people care!!  That many people have woken up to truth and want to eath healthy.  They want to eatwhat earth has produced and not modified crops that damage their health.

B. Day Ocala FL United States please -  people not profits - have more comon decency. - thanks for consideration.
Christopher Koontz Summerfield NC United States Because control of the food chain by large corporations and forcing GMO products on citizens is unacceptable. 
Samantha Rauth Painesville OH United States A criminal corporation cannot be allowed to dictate policy. Seeds are not patentable. Enough. Time to stop the insanity.
Barbara Brady Panama City FL United States This is just awful, too too much GOVERNMENT.  The American people are sick to death of the greed in this country.   The American sheep are waking up and the powers that be are not going to be able to control the mess gov't has created,  they have used the BOX (TV) to spread an awful lot of propoganda.  The AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION is pure evil with their disregard of suffering, it is all about how much money can we make by keeping people sick with our poison medicines!  ENOUGH, the gov't never has appreciated the farmers and have let corporations invade the farming industry.  STOP THIS INSANITY..GO AWAY MONSANTO
Pieter  van Gleder Campello
Spain Because Monsanto is the Buchenwald of agriculture
Patricia  McClinnis Roslyn PA United States I'm tired of Corporate rule. Judges can be bought, the populace can't.
Deborah Jezzeny Amman
Jordan I have been following Monsanto and their tactics of taking farmers property for many years. Forcing farmers to buy their products and punishing those who have Monsanto seeds wander unto their properties....how any smart and educated person could possibly side with them....I cannot understand this reasoning. Thank you,

Sincerely, Deborah Jezzeny

grant wilson WVC UT United States Because I believe in the american farmer and the efforts they are making to try raise organic crops. I applaud their efforts to take on the chemical company Monsanto.
YiDing Betancourt Port Saint Lucie FL United States I am signing because i am an AMERICAN!! How can I sit back and watch the heart of this country, our farmers, get robbed of their future.  
Cynthia Clayton Boulder CO United States The dismissal of this case just confirms the level of corruption in the system...it is total and complete.  Stayed tuned for round 2!

barbaraf frigo highland IL United States These corporations ARE BUYING OUR ELECTED GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS!!  NO MORE.  USE YOUR POWER TO STOP THIS NOW.

Tamara Hoyt Sanford FL United States You are the heart of America. You stand for everything we believe in. We stand for you.
Mary Jean Smith Chetek WI United States I come from a long line of farming families.

We never would think of using genetically modified seed!
Anthony Lamb Wells
United Kingdom Companies like Monsanto are contaminating farmers' produce with their GMOs and the law should be on the side of the farmers, not the manufacturers of these dreadful mutant species.
Suzanne Docimo GRANTS PASS OR United States I want healthy food
Joann Ozdaglar Novi MI United States Mother Earth & the farmers must be protected.  Our future food supply depends on this.
Barry Relph stockport
United Kingdom Accidental genetic pollution is as bad if not worse than any other kind of uncontrolled industrial discharge. The adage is "the polluter pays" not the unfortunate farmer who happens to farm alongside GM crops.
Pamela  Wyeth Canaan CT United States Because this is one of the most important issues of our day. It affects our future as a species.
Pierre Soleil Morganton GA United States I do not want GMO foods in my life. I do not believe they are the answer to world hunger. I want Monsanto to stop trying to control our food supply and our seeds.  I want to see organic farmers able to grow without fear of being contaminated by GMO foods.  They have been hastily approved and research is showing some scary stuff.  
Mary True Pepe'ekeo HI United States This is a very sad day for our democracy!  Thank you for trying. The corporate interests are strong and don't hesitate to use money to buy our democracy.  We have to educate the public soon before we are past the point of no return.
amy moore san Jose CA United States This is heartbreaking for all of us. I'm only a consumer, but we all want to eat good, healthy, fresh food which is always organic! Not some untested genetically modified food with chemicals that will hurt our bodies and make us sick!  The Judge is part of the broken system. Why do the rich think they will not be harmed by food, air, water and soil full of chemicals that kill bees and butterflies? Are we really back to silent spring?? DDT almost killed all the birds!! Where are the labels for GMO????
Briana Boldin Mississauga
Canada To help those willing to stand up and fight GMO's.
Susanna Wilson Grass Valley CA United States For my grandchildren.
Susan Carter Riverton UT United States It is time to stop the insanity of Monsanto taking over seed production!
Karen  Browning Ithaca NY United States I want healthier food for myself and my family and I support organic farmers efforts to provide it. Monsanto undermines this effort consistently valuing profits over consumers' long term health and well-being.
Janet Bertinot Cincinnati OH United States I feel farmers know best - not corporations!
Peter Zeppeiro Camarillo CA United States It is an injustice that the farmer are not allowed to pursue justice in court. I know from firsthand experience against Banks and corporations the judges seem to have their hands where they should not be. What has happened to the constitution of this country and the rights of the People?    There is only the golden rule he who has the gold prevails.  Without farmers we could not be survive. Peter Zeppeiro
Hazel Ito Honolulu HI United States Farmers, do not give up! We must keep trying and trying, however much they try to oppress us! You are wonderful people doing a wonderful job and we appreciate you :)
Peter Smith buffalo NY United States Monsanto is one of those Big Bully American corporations, in which all decisions are made to maximize profit, regardless of their effects on human beings in ever corner of the world. That's my reason for signing.
Deborah Campbell Los Angeles CA United States to thank the organic growers and seed producers for their desire to supply wholesome food and for their part in the health of the world's population.
JoAnn Duman Arlington TX United States You are the future we want to protect. Monsanto has destroyed safe agriculture, endangered farm workers and people who live near farms, and devastated wildlife populations especially butterflies. What a sad world this will be if we cannot stop Monsanto.

Peter Butterfield Aubonne
Switzerland As an American living in Europe, I can tell you that the organic, anti-GMO movement here is strong and getting stronger. Here in Switzerland, a court dismissal like Judge Buchwald's would not stand, would be overriden by a public initiative. The US will catch up, eventually.
mike janecek chicago IL United States I think GMOs should be proven safe "beyond a reasonable doubt" before we de-regulate them.
Carey Gersten Seattle WA United States GMO's are being used recklessly with the only motivation the monetary profit of the very few (1%).
Carol Ring Schererville IN United States I'm tired of a 'justice system' that favors the influence of Big Money instead of the truth. Organic food, the most nutritious, is in danger from Monsanto.  The American public needs food that is free of poisons. Roundup is destroying our food supply and some weeds are becoming resistant to it. GMO foods are not healthy.
Tracy Ceravolo Denver CO United States I was thrilled to hear of the farmer's lawsuit and disgusted to hear of the judge's decision!
Alan Young Hilo HI United States To stand against corporate bullying and profitmongering.
Holly Kukkonen Iowa City IA United States I value organic food. I value the diversity organics support. I value the health of the land, which Monsanto clearly does not support. 
Mary  Phillips Puget-Ville
France Sad news, this!  I thought the Federal Department of Agriculture was an organization that was supposed to guard us from the ravages of Big Agri Greed.  But no.  That's not the case!  Not to worry, we are 100 percent behind you and will do everything we can to see that Monsanto dies.
Gwyneth Morgan Palma
Spain These farmers are producing good healthy food, 300.000 farmers and the millions of people they feed plus our Earth should have their rights protected over one single company. The trial dismissal is an insult to justice!
Donna  Straw Narragansett RI United States justice is not naturally occurring, we need to fight for every bit we can possibly get
Taina Sipponen Keremeos
Canada I am aware of the MONster dubbed MONsanto.
chris lunn Bonney Lake WA United States I am a 30 year + vegetarian, buy from local farmers and believe Monsanto's food policies are a bigger threat then nuclear war to the everyday lives of the earth's population
Marcia Bookstein La Jolla CA United States Monsanto is evil.
Josephine Magsulit Escondido CA United States To support the organic farmers, seed growers and organizations
Coletta Bly Hartford SD United States More than I have time to list.
Lorraine Pantaleo Chappaqua NY United States I grew up with farmers and good food and I

want to see that not be obliterated by

Marilyn Gabler Fort Worth TX United States I want to stay healthy. I am an organic gardener and I want a green world.
Larry Carney De troit
United States Minor Outlying Islands I've  seen results from Monsanto, and I fear a Frankenstein  monster.
Verne Gibbs Olympia WA United States I want to be able to decide if I want to eat
Jessica Lee Carpentersville IL United States Because I love the people on this planet and the least we deserve is healthy food, uncontaminated by Monsanto or any other corporation.
Melissa Gettinger Wichita KS United States Because I believe that the earth came with good natural fertile seeds for a reason, and farming is a vocation like teaching. Keep the faith, please, this is a matter of world survival. 
Sheryl Humphrey Staten Island NY United States I'm signing this because I believe it is coming down to a matter of life and death. Monsanto's poisons, monstrous "creations", and ruthless actions are hurting us physically, financially, and spiritually. Monsanto is hurting Earth, our everything.
Judith Kress Columbus OH United States I LOVE organic farmers and stand with you against Monsanto.  Please, please do not stop fighting and PLEASE do not stop producing organic food.  We need you and need you to know we stand with you!
elfriede anton Calgary
Canada The letter is well-written and pretty much says it all. I value good healthy food grown in a toxin-FREE environment by people who know farming and take the time to do it right.  
Leah Plank Elkhart IN United States Because our future is in your hands. 
Roberta Richardson Golden CO United States Thank you for growing healthy food and for fighting Monsanto!
Drew Spencer Ferndale MI United States Seeds grow naturally.  Let it stay that way.
linda mac Dougall Port Hueneme CA United States This greedy world seems to have bought off judges or the GMO foods have gone to their heads.
Michael Ketter Owasso
Uganda Monsanto is evil.
Natalie Carroll Van Nuys CA United States Monsanto must not be allowed the power to modify and control our food.  We organic growers will fight back.
Janet Wunnicke Scottsdale AZ United States I have been eating organic for about 6 years now and intend to eat organic for the rest of my life. It is said that the darkest hour is the hour before The Dawn and, in my opinion, 2012 is the darkest hour. Hang in there-The Dawn is coming, guaranteed. To me, farmers are truly the heros. Those who are working for the dark are creating their own karma.
Jack M. brooklyn NY United States I'm signing because the tomato's that we bought today at the food store taste like SAW DUST. Wake up America!
Nicole Lennol Portland OR United States We'll win this fight eventually!
Brett Christoffel Whitewright TX United States Another case of brass in pocket
pamela read-hardcastle New Marlborough MA United States I am signing this petition in support of all that are living, breathing, planting, growing, harvesting,eating, composting, collecting and selling organic seed.  WE NEED OUR FARMS... OUR SMALL ORGANIC, BIODYNAMIC, and just PLAIN NATURAL FARMS.

and because I cherish our farmers, thank you thank you FARMERS for working so hard.

Virginia Delwiche Grass Valley CA United States I love our Organic Farmers and support them in their struggle to challenge Monsanto's genetically modified seeds.  :) oxoxox, vad
Bill Halsey Schoolcraft MI United States We are organic gardeners.  With a shotgun.
Joy Blace Vancouver WA United States Thank God there are still people who believe in being good stewards of the land.  Blessings on all the Organic and Independent Farmers.
D. Mindock Collinsville IL United States We need to reward those who do good and boycott those (like Monsanto) who do bad. The government seems to always do the opposite. It rewards inefficiency and corruption while harassing those who work to enhance human lives.
Barbara Hyk-Zimmer Cologne MN United States I want access to clean organic foods.
Dr Monica Marcu Sammamish WA United States Monsanto is the most evil, dangerous company on Earth, consider as personal threat to my family and health and survival.
Barbara Dahms Bullard, TX United States Your cause is my cause.  I am already fighting Monsanto and their GEO food.  It will kill us all if we don't stop them.  Keep fighting.
Theresa Bush Grants Pass OR United States The default should be for SAFE, healthy, uncontaminated food/seeds/crops - NOT a fight to get BACK to "normal"!
sarah kraaz Bangalow
Australia Biotech crops are monocrops which are more vulnerable to disease and so need lashings of petrochemical pesticides, insecticides and fungicides – none of them cheap – and whose ruinous costs will rise with the price of oil, bankrupting small family farms first. Crop diseases mutate, meanwhile, and all the chemical inputs in the world can't stop disease wiping out whole harvests of genetically engineered single strands.

World hunger is going to take on much larger proportions unless someone stops Monsanto.

Aware people the world over are watching your fight and cheering you on.
Paul  Frank Fairfield IA United States Their time will come.
Keith Johnson Muscoda WI United States I lost our home farm, mainly due to Monsanto.  I know what you are feeling.
joy saunders manteca CA United States because theyre fight is our fight....theyre losses ours as well...because monsanto will meet its end....
Tecla Daniele Fremantle
Australia Monsanto - just a big business bully!!
Vasile Scortanu Bucharest
Romania Mather nature knows better than us what we need. We have poisoned over the limit the environment. This policy against clean and healthy food should immediately stop. 
Cherie Platts Worcester MA United States I have AI thyroid disease and synthetic drug induced diabetes and HBP. I'm a firm believer in the bad effects of GMO products and synthetic petrochemical medications. I am new to Organic+Heirloom planting as I only recently got access to acerage to plant a garden. I wish I could afford to by more non-modified foods. I can't believe the courts are siding with Monsanto.It's a clear case of big money buying out our court system. I wonder what's on the table in the homes of Monsanto's CEO's?
john hudson wavell heights
Australia because organic is how food used to be and can be again we can only outsmart ourselves not nature monsanto will destroy our right  to enjoy food as it was intended to be 
John Kosmetatos East Syracuse NY United States The corporate takeover of the FDA by Monsanto executives is completely wrong. FREEDOM becomes Facism when you do force GMO's on the people. THIS IS WRONG ... Allow those who know better to choose for themselves ... period ... 
Nancy Schmidt Bemidji MN United States For safety and sanity!
Margaret Hall Viroqua WI United States Monsanto's heart be OPEN~ Where are your children?!  Children of the Monsanto circle, stand up for the truth.  Tell your parents~NO MORE! 
Alice Massey Clewiston FL United States I love farmers. They are the most loving, hard working, generous and wisest group of humans I've run across.
Frank Gregg Box Elder SD United States Biotech firms must be stopped in their attempt to complete their takeover of American agriculture. The fate of our food supply and our very existence depends on it. I stand with the organic farmers in this country who have been attacked by corrupt politicians and a broken justice system.
Ray & Kathy Felch Minneota MN United States They should be able do what they want. Monsanto is a monster.
Raymond Jeffries Bronx NY United States Because I hate Underhanded Slimy Bastards!
Leecia Price Newberry FL United States Thank you for growing real and healthy food for us!!!
michelle pearson Jacksonville FL United States As an organic home gardener, and a parent of an Aspergers child, I am HORRIFIED by this miscarriage of justice! The American People deserve to have our health protected, instead of being used as free guinea pigs for Monsanto.
Rachel Page Mt Lawley
Australia Because intellectual property law is a worldwide issue, and America often ends up setting up the bar in this area putting pressure on smaller countries (like Australia) to follow lead. 
Amy Farr Columbus OH United States I'm standing and working right there with you. Thank you.
Brian Gartung Cappbellton
Canada I believe that we have a right to now and understand the health affects of \GM FOODS |Also no one should be able to descide what we can eat and how its health benifits of such foods can not be told. If we can't stop GM food products we must be informed when they are present to protect our health if it is our choice to do so.
Bill Cranze baltimore MD United States Monsanto must be held accountable for these atrocities, to our farmers, to our people and to our environment!
Mila Hover Issaquah WA United States It has become apparent the decisions that are being made in this case, shows a blatant disregard for our healthy lives.  It also shows our government is one of the most corrupt in the history of the world.  Money is obviously the reason for the judges decision, I believe he is corrupt. 
Lars Moller Walla Walla WA United States I support our Constitutional right to freedom of choice. This includes our right to eat organic, Non-GMO healthy foods.
Luis Caubarrere Piedra del Toro
Uruguay I am also  an organic farmer in Uruguay, with almost the same problems of Monsanto GMO plantations around the farm and the country.
david seaton breckenridge CO United States Because I want to retain my freedom of choice- not freedom from choice.
Mary Rouzer Lynnwood WA United States Monzanto has been poisoning the public for years.  It is unconsionable that this judge would uphold Monsanto's position.
Nancy Ostendorf Knoxville TN United States I want my food the way God intended.
Diana Nickels Phoenix AZ United States The future of our food depends on us, the  little people demanding what is right, true and natural.
Marlene Braithwaite Bowden
Canada God created each of us to live long, healthy, fruitful lives. GMO, and the 'Monsantos', and the 'yes' politicians, continue to aid and abet the destruction of our food and our environment until we are eating nothing more than glorified toxins. Just another foot in the grave towards limiting our longevity, our productivity and of course, the overall health of our planet Earth. God forgive them for they know not what they do... really!!!!
Melvin Molitor Coon Rapids MN United States We need to preserve God's perfect foods not Monsanto's Franken foods.
susan knilans Bloomington IN United States I want to stand up for those who want the chance to grow us real, authentic for!
dave reading stouffville
Canada i want to eat healthy organic food
Stell Kalfas Glenview IL United States I am signing because these farmers fought a battle for all of us and in the end we all lost.   .
Joseph Skues Harrison Township MI United States France found them guilty, the judges are corrupt here.  But we can not allow their wicked judgement to stand.
Joanna Roman STERLING VA United States my children need food nourished by nature, not covered in chemicals!
Louise Glynn Barr San pedro CA United States Because our country is increasingly dominated by big-business entities.
Carmen Muniz Colo Sprgs CO United States For my daughter Kalena and all future generations of all species.
heather grimes hudson NY United States I stand with the organic farmers.
sdfsd sadfsd seneca, sc AL United States Let everybody have the same rights like you and your family to what you chooice to eat..


If people whant to eat poisen in there food or Not ..Let people have the fridom to eat healthy ..God put the correct seeds on the planet for a reason..

Madeleine Watt Cashiers NC United States I CHOOSE not to ever buy, eat, feed my animals,or use ANYTHING from Monsanto, et al because they want me to do something unhealthy AGAINST my wiil and are ruining GOOD FARMERS by their agressive, donineering, selfish, unappreciated, theft of my and other citizens of this world's right our to unadulterated, pure and real food, seeds, fertiliazers..    

I thank our wonderful farmers, seed growers, and farming groups for bravely fighting these tyrants.
Sue marston Ventura CA United States justice
James Knight West Palm Beach FL United States I believe GMOs have the potential to destroy life on the planet 
Leslie Esperanza Espaillat New York NV United States A Matter of Quality Life or ----- (fill in the blank).
Canada Judge Buchwald has revealed her allegiance to the criminal gangs.Time to expose her is now.
Tara  Lane Philo CA United States Sending heartfelt gratitude and strength to all the organic farmers who nourish and help keep our nations families healthy. 
D. Slade Winlaw
Canada This is only the darkness before the dawn. Monsanto WILL fail. They have already planted the seeds of their own destruction. My deepest gratitude to the courageous pioneers at the leading edge of the coming tsunami of change.
Virginia McCarthy Amarillo TX United States Because it is WRONG TO ALTER OUR FOOD! IT IS UN-HEALTHY, UN-NATURAL, AND UN-GODLY!
clint tearnan Baltimore MD United States I am signing this letter in support of the pioneers in the food movement who are seeking food sustainability and food justice. They stand against those persons hiding behind a corporate brand and are making a determined stand against the illusion of self centered greed at the expense of the larger self of sustainable actions.  
Michael Ramirez Austin
Timor-Leste GMO crops need long-term effects testing from researchers not owned by the very companies producing these products, to ensure no biased or selectively edited results. 
Calvin Bey Fayetteville AR United States If we don't stop Monsanto and others like them for their obscene actions and behavior, we will be writing our own prescription for eventual extinction.  Its that simple and tragic.
Jeff MacDonald Omaha NE United States Monsanto must be stopped, and all of their exemployees kicked out of our government and off the supreme court
Frances  Lindke Milan MI United States Wonder why the rest of the world looks at the U.S. and shakes its head?
Fiona Hansen melbourne
Australia Greed is tipping our planet to the brink of destruction.  Lets do everything we can to get back to living how God intended us to according to the laws of nature. 
E. Vincent Sarnia
Canada simply because the likes of Monsanto are nothing more than corporate ,theiving ,criminal slime whom should have no legal right to such practises.  Sadly the laws protecting them and those who willing enforce such bastardised legislation. are no better.  SLME  to be scraped from our shoes.
Jo-Ann Pinel Sarnia
Canada Nature left alone gives us all that we need. GMO's must be labelled!! Money speaks louder than reason and we will all suffer for it.
Nancy  Jones Bryant WI United States I want pure food.  I don't want to be dependent on pharmaceutical drugs for health.  I would rather let food be my medicine.  Food IS our future.  I love my organic farmers! 
arthur rosenzweig orleans MA United States i want justice for you as for all of us.  our system stinks so bad.
Erin Miller Kissimmee FL United States Because I want justice for these farmers. I want my voice to be heard! I don't want GMO's and I want the freedom to choose not to eat them!
Belinda McIntosh queensland
Australia Please keep fighting - your battle represents us all. Monsanto is a global company that is a global concern. They must be stopped.
Vivien Moss Moruya
Australia Monsanto are trying to dominate the worlds food source. They are killing our farmers for the sake of corporate greed. They are rapers of the land, They are killing my mother earth by slowly poisoning her. They are my enemy.
Miriam Erasmus Durban
South Africa Monsanto are evil - all seed have the right to germinate. Forget Human Rights, bring on Plant Rights !!!!
Susan Birtwell Lancashire
United Kingdom I feel very strongly that our food should reach us uncontaminated. I do not agree with GMO products, and I feel that they are detrimental to human health.
Nancy Searle Vernal UT United States GMO and Monsanto will poison us and thereby kill us!
Kylee Hee Eureka CA United States I want more awareness of GMO's and monsanto corruption out there

Paula Townsley Orondo WA United States I care about what I eat, and Monsanto needs to be stopped!!
Rebecca Kassemi Huyser Steamboat Springs CO United States I was poisoned by pesticides used on corn and soybeans that I was feeding my goats......it has been over 2 years ago and I am still not well. 
lauren hughes dunedin
New Zealand much respect to those who know what they are up against and choose to do it anyway, i hope this will continue... 'if ignorance is bliss, then wipe the smile from my face'.
gil schieber snohomsih WA United States Genetics in our Historic Gene Pool are precious. Modification contaminates every species
David Cohen PDX OR United States There is only ONE problem we need to solve, and that is GREED. Monsanto is only motivated by one thing, and that is the desire to  make MORE money, whatever the expense to the rest of humanity. I cannot sit by and just allow them to commodify and pervert what nature has given to us all, FOR FREE.

Joanne Coates Wayne PA United States I believe in organic farming & I grow my own organic veggies from seed each yr.. This fight must go on to overcome the evil Monsanto.
Daphne Calvo Jackson Heights NY United States We want the right to choose and the right to know.
Jan Karlsson Stockholm
Sweden This planet needs people with a heart connection to earth. Monsanto does not qualify for that. They manipulate that which is not theirs for manipulating, distroying the natural environment.
Susan Kinne Managua
Nicaragua For the future of life on our planet.
rory gillespie running springs CA United States monsanto is destroying agriculture
Ron Mamita Miami FL United States Monsanto is a criminal institution that must be stopped from harming and killing more people. False advertising, toxins, pesticides, geo-engineering, GMOs and other harmful acts on the bio-diversity of the earth is a crime against humanity and nature.
Luke Hladky winmalee
Australia It states in the Maxims of Law that "the greatest enamies to peace are force and wrong."  This Monsanto company I believe are using both force and wrong. This cannot be dissmissed in a Court of Law, but a private court is a different game.

jeanne schreurs haelen
Netherlands It is important that these farmers know that all over the world there are people which will live healthy and have acces to healthe food. 
rebecca vella ta'l-ibragg
Malta I'm signing because i believe in people's freedom of choice and i, amongst thousands of others choose the right to eat untouched, naturally grown veg and fruit and to not eat harmful chemicals with the potential to kill!!!
Teresa Landry Campbell CA United States I'm learning that most people have no idea what Genetically Engineered Foods (aka GMO's) are and our supermarkets are filled with them.  We need to have our food labeled so we know how much we're eating.  50 other countries already label them.  This weekend I was on Craigslist and I was looking for non-GMO seeds.  Someone was selling them and mentioned "Order 81".  Of course I had to Google it and read that on April 26, 2004 by US diplomat Paul Brenner signed Order 81.  Part of 100 orders, it prohibits Iraq farmers from reusing their traditional seeds and forces them to buy seeds from Monsanto and Cargill.  I had no idea us tax payers who fund the war are supporting Monsanto and other GMO seed companies!   I'm a very concerned consumer.
Doreen Miller Boston MA United States Monsanto is a monster that must be stopped.  Raising awareness is key.  If people stop buying  GMO tainted products, farmers will no longer plant the stuff.
Dr. Robert C Dickson Calgary
Canada Corporate control of our food, water, land, economies, production, governments and wealth all have powerful negative effective on our personal and collective wellbeing, and that of  mother earth. It is time to clean up our water, air, food, lands, governments and business practices. It is time to raise our personal and collective consciousness.
Lorna Midgelow Springtown PA United States In order to secure a sustainable future for humankind, we as individuals, not corporations, need to have control over our food supply. Seed saving is key to sustainable agriculture and should be a fundamental right of a farmer.
Maire Misch Grayslake IL United States GMO's are the epitome of EVIL. Made by EVIL people with EVIL intent.

There is NOTHING good about GMO foods.

If they were so proud of their achievement why don't they want them labeled? Besides the fact they would have millions of lawsuits on their hands, they do not want a trail leading to them when everyone begins getting sick.

Tracey R Toronto
Canada Because this corporation should not be allowed to control who farms and how they do it. This company contributes massively to the inequality and poverty we see this world.
josh del sol Vancouver
Canada Because in the face of absurd levels of tyranny, now is the time to stand as one.
Jordan Tal Vancouver
Canada In Safeways and Whole Foods etc. all GMO foods should be called  as such: "GMO Cucumber", "GMO Banana", etcetera... Why is there a fancy name for what is only a regular cucumber or banana? and a special designated section in the mainstream produce outlets? There is another word for organic, it is natural. Organic Cucumbers should simply be called Cucumbers and not have a special title. The way it is set up in these stores is backwards. Why try to make synthetic our planet? The line must be drawn here. Power To Liberty! Victory To The Organic Farmers! 
shell irvine ontario
Canada i am very allergic to gmo foods, wheat, corn, soy oats and many veggies but not to the organic versions of the same 
Melissa Lawrence vancouver
Canada i support all the organic farmers working their butts off to save the health of society. I want to eat REAL live nutritional food. CHANGE needs to happen NOW, not trm but NOW, our  lives depend on it. HEALTH is WEALTH.
Andrew  Lawrence Vancouver
Canada because i am absolutely sickened and disgusted by the never-ending bullying tactics of monsanto and how they are allowed to be so incredibly evill world wide. it stuns me that nothing has been done to shut them down permanently.
Amy Leak Enterprise AL United States I am studying organic farming in school and trying to purchase 100% organic products in my home. I am also growing an organic garden myself and have personally seen how hard it is on a much smaller scale. I am signing this because I would like to see our country act responsibly and each of us individually take steps to caring about the health of ourselves as well as the next generation. I want to see the organic industry thrive!
Morgaine Owens Vancouver
Canada because we all have the right to health and happiness... that's why.
dartagnon puissant White Water CA United States My favorite uncle died of nutrasweet (aspartame) poisoning and I fully support anyone selling and creating NON GMO seeds.  I use and sell hydroponic equipment so that I can grow all of my produce indoors (I live in the desert and NOTHING grows outside in the summer except for lots of cacti).  Organic farming is the only answer to human sustainability.  
Heather Shoup Austin TX United States Monsanto is killing us with poison and people are getting sick
Linda Washington Kansas City MO United States I'm signing this petition in support of all the organic farmers whose food feeds and nourishes people the way God intended.  God bless them one and all!
Amy Jenkins Milwaukee VI United States I appreciate the organic farmers, seed growers, and members of OSGTA who are fighting the oppressive genetic patent decisions that undermine our food industry.   
Eli Dumitru Medford OR United States Monsanto is the tip of the iceberg of corporate domination.  Our health, welfare and Freedom are on the line.
Tim Robertson Keremeos
Canada The food 'business' is a multi billion dollar business..Most farmers I know do it becuase they enjoy giving people good food and the lifestyle that comes with it..Other farmers I know do it for the money...

Monsanto does it to control peoples lives and money..That aint cool.

Its all about the money and control baby....Its in our blood.

Pamela Mercier McHenry IL United States The denial by the judge is only the first step in a long battle against the powers that be. Don't give up. We'll keep spreading the word about the dangers of GMOs and the companies that make them. If change won't come about through the government, it will come about through truly informed citizens.
Janine Pineo Hudson ME United States No business, no judicial system, no government has the right to destroy our food supply.
Doris McClung Succasunna NJ United States Same as the first five reasons listed already!
Kathleen  Henderson Dean
Canada I support this petition with all my heart. I want to live in harmony with nature: dig into clean healthy earth, eat clean natural foods, drink clean pure water and breath clean clear air. Monsanto is poisoning the earth, water and air and distroying pure natural, organic  heritage seed supplies. Our organic farmers have rights and our planet must be protected from companies like Monsanto. Monsanto  must  be stopped!
Linda Sewell Mobile AL United States To protect the rights of Americans to eat healthy food and not be forced to eat the poisoned GMO food.
Christina Vaslev Dallas OR United States I am a gardener myself.....And this is a serious issue...
Justin  Remer-Thamert Baltimore MD United States Because I care about the well being of the world and my body. Because OSGTA is working to show the same care. Because Monsanto could care less about either of these. 
Nick Bryant Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK.
United Kingdom I am signing this petition because I am opposed to Monsanto's deception, fraud, and corruption.
Felicia  Mareels Vancouver
Canada G M O food is not life sustaining.  It is killing peop, animals and  the planet because it is against nature.
Monica Buchart Duncan
Canada It is important to me and my family and future generations that our food security is not hampered with.  GMO foods and seeds are dangerous to the health of all people and the effects of GMO are not well studied or known.  Organic food and seed is vital to people and therefore I support the organic farmers all over the world and locally. In my opinion, Monsanto is not looking out for the well being of people but are only profit driven and want to control the food supply globally.   This is wrong as well as negligent.  We need to keep the heritage seeds of all types protected from GMO
suzy skye ypsilanti MI United States monsantos and ANYONE who supports them is pure EVIL.  
Susan Faber Dyer IN United States I buy, grow and eat organic and I want it to stay that way.  Monsanto is a big bully that can only see dollar signs and power.  They do not care about the earth and the health of the people in it.  
Rosemari Jordan Greer SC United States I fear that all the long terrm will be more horrendous then they even know !!!
Petr Judl Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia US government and federal agencies open or hidden support of Monsanto is outrageous. What kind of 'democracy' is our world living in?
Amanda Hull Murrieta CA United States Because this world is not a creation of how the majority of us think and feel
Sasha Liang Vancouver
Canada Because Monsanto is the Devil.
FJ Hinds Simon's Town
South Africa Let your pain and disappointment rest on all of our shoulders. We are holding you. We offer ourselves to this cause—in support of our trial, the people who rely on good farmers that have taken on the challenge to represent our hopes and fight for our dreams. 
Jacob  L Brooklyn NY United States Organic foods are optimal for our health and genetic development. All this artificial stuff is doing irreversible damage to our genetic structure and will effect/affect our children to come. Artificial foods are poison to the soul. 
Morten Pedersen Brabrand
Denmark To stop coorporate monopolising of our world
Kelli Chapman Carmi IL United States I love Farmers, especially ones that will take on the devil Monsanto.
Ulrike Baldzuhn Plett Bay
South Africa I am an organic farmer in SA  and Monsanto monopoly fills me with horror! Am collecting my own seed as much as possible - only then can you be sure its not GM.
dartagnon puissant White Water CA United States I am now growing my own veggies hydroponically at home.  Now when I need a tomato I go to my veggie room and pick a fresh one,  ... Same for Sweet Basil, Sweet Peppers, Corn, Green Beans, and a ton more.  If the grocery stores want to sell Monsanto crap I just cut market produce out of my grocery list, unless I am downtown at the Farmer's Market on Thursday.  It feels good to grow my own stuff.  You can too!  Check out White Water Hydroponics and Garden Supply on Facebook and Google Plus or at:  <a href="http://askthedragon.org/Green_Dream_Rooms.htm" rel="nofollow">http://askthedragon.org/Green_Dream_Rooms.htm</a> ... tell them you refuse to eat GMO foods and get FREE SHIPPING on many items like Big Foot hoods, top brand ballasts, and more.  Get free advice and suggestions from Billy. 

The time has come for THE PEOPLE to tell the corporations to f off and to start growing our own food and making a lot of our own stuff from scratch.  The other day we made a pizza from scratch and it not only tasted GREAT ... it cost less than a $1 to make (we made 3 from what ingredients we had and it was great ... pepperoni and green peppers with mortadella cheese and some hamburger bits all through it ... deliciosa!
Deszirae Boldt marysville WA United States I do not want to be feeding my children poison. I can't even protect them fully if I don't even know what's in their food. 
Victoria Greenia Eden VT United States Monsanto is killing our farmers one-by-one with massive amounts of money. This lawsuit was the only conceivable way that farmers could band together and try to STOP this corporation from taking over the food industry entirely. thank you, dear farmers, for being brave enough to have stepped forth,
justin Baker Lowell MA United States Because I realize the importance of local, healthy, sustainable food production..the natural way.
Marco Campagna Redwood City CA United States Organic farming should be the norm, not the exception.  Organic farmers whose crops have been contaminated by Monsanto pollen/crops should be able to recover from Monsanto, not vice versa.  
Beau Moore Whakatane
New Zealand For love of mother earth and all those who look after her.
Frans van Wingerden Tiel
Netherlands Monsanto must be stopped poisoning this world!!
francis sirotzki north royalton OH United States we deserve clean non gmo foods
Carol St. John San Diego CA United States It should not be allowed to patent life forms, plant or animal. If that was not allowed, the rest of this nonsense would stop.
Yvonne Jones Round Lake IL United States TO KEEP ORGANIC FOOD ORGANIC.
jd roberts wading river NY United States Big agri-companies that attempt to control and profit from patenting "life" (which they did not invent, by the way) are killing us all slowly.

I stand wholeheartedly with farmers doing the right thing - ORGANIC farming. Why has our government abandoned all sanity, dissed the American people and allowed itself to be bought by big business?

This is corrupting every aspect of our lives - our health through NOT labeling GMOs (which is insane - why should we the consumers be expendable for the benefit of even more ridiculous profits by these earth-trashing greed mongers?), letting insurance companies treat consumers like they are a problem rather than what's keeping them in business, while our environment is being polluted by oil companies that make BILLIONS in profit but yet our government throws our tax dollars to them instead of using our tax dollars to help the PEOPLE (remember the people? they are who our government is supposed to represent!), and on and on.

This is why our world is falling apart. It's sheer stupidity. I support organic farmers and this case should not ever have been thrown out.. The farmers are who I support and once again, our government has FAILED.
Kari Bell Meridian ID United States I live in Idaho were the farmers live.
Doris Hansen Rexburg ID United States I am signing because I do not think one company should not rule us all.  I want to keep as much of my freedom as I can.  I will buy organic if I can afford it.  I don't want to see the end of the little farmer.
Andrew Barrett Costa Mesa CA United States I think The Sane People of the World have said it better than I ever could.
Jared   McGinty Brunswick East, Melbourne
Australia relax and eat slowly enjoy it communicate with it thrive with it and survive with it in natural time xx
young lisa cincinnati OH United States It is clear.  Hope to help.
Rita Trombley-Schmidt Maricopa AZ United States Monsanto is EVIL to the core!
ben graham Plainfield VT United States GMO seeds  make farmers dependent on buying seeds they could grow themselves, even if they forgot how to.  This is the wrong direction for development of our culture.
Patricia Gutierrez Santiago
Chile Monsanto is the worst nightmare for the human race and for the survival of our plant biodiversity
Drew Dunham dumfries VA United States True organic farming is the only way back to a healthy population. No more frankin foods!
Anthony Hill Dumfries VA United States To support real farmers and to put big business bullies in their place.  A new era has begun!
Rosie Christman Auburn IN United States I HAVE A FARM !!!!! 

crystal flaman kelowna
Canada I am signing this petition because health of the human body (yours, mine and the entire human race) must come first before money and greed.  Please stop GMO so that we may live long, healthy and happy lives with food choices that are pure and rich with vitality and nutrients.  The human gut cannot digest GMO properly.  
janice Lenihan Mount Maunganui
New Zealand seeds belong to the people Kaha Kia  stay strong
john Christenson Pacicica CA United States To get rid of monsanto.
Audrey Gray Flagstaff AZ United States Because Monsanto must be stopped. Corporate bullying of organic farmers and our government is against the law and will not be tolerated by the people!
Mark Edmunds lynn MA United States To assist in fixing a flawed system.
Diane Hunt Canterbury
United Kingdom Because corporations & governments who place profit above what's good for our planet & its lifeforms need to be stopped. We have the numbers down here on the bottom of the pyramid, which means we have the power. Empower yourself by growing food freely everywhere, using non-hybrid non-patented seed, as well as forming networks with others for support.

Help create the world you want, thru good positive action & by demonstration & not only protest.
catherine schwarz Phoenix OR United States The courts need to seriously consider the ramifications of allowing the perpetuation of dangerous GMO activities in our nation. As other countries successfully remove GMOs from their food chains and their lives, America is not only putting our people, our land and safety at risk, but also will become an "export piriah" because the more advanced cultures are not interested in these questionable products. We will destroy the marketability of GMO products by voting with our wallets and that trend will excellorate in direct proportion to the ignorance and abuse of faulty court rulings.  Check the Magna Carta and see if the people don't have the right to grow and eat healthy foods, in addition to many other rights being disregarded. 
Lynne Lund Summerside
Canada This is an outrage. Those who are growing sustainable, healthy food need our support. We stand behind you.
Nick Hodgson Ocean Grove
Australia GMO must not be allowed to become the default crop choice. Organic farmers must be given the freedom to offer their produce to the consumer.
Thomas Russo Boulder CO United States stay strong and perservere there are many out here in support of your work and very grateful for you, thank you
Irene Huggins East Meadow NY United States the essense of GMO is poison. WHY would i want to eat poison? If we dont' stop this soon we won't have any nutrition left in our crops. Where is the freedom in this anyway?
Jon Abrahamson Waconia MN United States As a Veteran of the Marine Corps, I know what Monsanto has done to my brother Marines in Vietnam (agent orange)! As a sales person in the pet Industry, I know what Monsanto has done to our pets (Ethoxiquin)! As a naturalist, I know what Monsanto has done to our wildlife (DDT)! INCLUDING OUR NATIONAL SYMBOL! And now they expect other and myself to eat this XXXX! Are you stupid or what? Monsanto is going for the record as "the most hated Corporation In America"! I hate Monsanto as much as I love my family and country! I will stop them and this sick technology even if it kills me!
Helen Re Glenhaven CA United States Because if we continue LETTING ignorance RULE than there will be NO quality of life ! Quality of life is essence of " Reason to LIVE "

This is in MOST cases what an individuals decide ( pre-op ) wether they want statis to be DNR  ( Do Not Resusitate )   OR  Full Code !

Seems to be something most have in common !

Greg Lowry Angleton TX United States Let Monsanto eat what they make and let us eat what GOD has given us.
Miguel Martinez Maywood,NJ AL United States To Support to the Farmers, Seed Growers and Farm Groups and their right not to grow Monsanto Seeds and grow only  Organic produce!!!!
margaret hewson allans Flat
Australia for the sake of the planet and future generations of our children, we must have the option on what we can eat and the purity of what can be grown.
Daphney Ford bangor ME United States To help protect mine, my family's, my neighbor's, my country's and my planet's right to grow and consume healthy foods.

Jim Karas Three Forks MT United States Monsanto is a corporate profiteer damaging the lives of farmers throughout the Americas.
Natalia chodelska Abbotsford
Australia monsanto must be stopped. it is in the best interests of the planet, farmers, and consumers. 
Bonnie Beck Reseda CA United States Because Monstanto is an Oxymoron and doesn't care about protection our plant.
Nadia  Hickerson San Antonio TX United States It seems that every single day, I find out something new about what is killing us in our food and products we use.  I want better than this for my children...  I want them to grow up healthy in a Monsanto-free world!

Joanne Mysko Red Deer, AB
Canada I want the choice for myself and my family to decide what kind of food we buy and eat.  I want to have access to non-GMO foods always.  I want health and wellness for myself and my family.  And I don't want to support a company in any way that wants a monopoly in any industry, a company that wants to take away our choices so that we have to give our money to them.  It's morally wrong to have that kind of power especially over food which is a product we need to survive.  Thank you for putting this petition together.
Olly  Perry Bristol
United Kingdom Thank you for your courage in standing up to this evil company. It is so clear to me that the system has failed all of us who wish for a healthier, cleaner, just world where we respect all beings we share this planet with and live in harmony. The criminal corporations and corrupt governments that  are running riot against the people, will be brought to justice one day. Take heart from the knowledge more and more people are waking up each day. 
Korinna DeView Lapeer MI United States God made our food the way it should be and no one should play God and change it.
Kai Jun Miri
Malaysia Im working as a Go-Green-Helping-People on a company called Melilea International as we promoting 5 Star Organic food to the world. Its sad to see GMO around! We must stop them.
CHRYS BAILEY Paonia CO United States Because as a mom of 8 (who raised them all on organic, local foods), natural foods chef and food educator plus grandma to 3, farmer's marketer, gardener and passionate "organic local foods first!" educator, I want the food supply that my descendants and all people have now and inherit in the future to be robustly nutritive, delightfully appealing to eat, grow and process and free from all manipulation beyond that of "natural selection" producing hardy food plants and people connected to the land and one another and caring for both!  Monsanto has no such purpose and is motivated by reasons that hail from the dark side of human intentions!  It is long past time for America to undo the faulty practices that have brought national health, intelligence, awareness and behavior to such a dismal state.  There are those who are championing an alternative path..It's Time!