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Wood Prairie Farm

If you would like to support the continued organic community and educational work of Jim & Megan Gerritsen, there are two good ways to Donate.

1. To Donate via Paypal.

          a. Once on Paypal, Click on the Send Money tab.
          b. Enter
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2. To Donate via Snail Mail.

          Please mail a Check or Money Order payable to Jim &
          Megan Gerritsen

          Jim & Megan Gerritsen
          Wood Prairie Farm
          49 Kinney Road
          Bridgewater, Maine 04735

We're very grateful for your support of our educational work.
Thank you!  

Jim & Megan Gerritsen
Wood Prairie Farm
Bridgewater, Maine
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Wood Prairie Farm Harvest. Farmers Amy, Megan and Sarah Gerritsen on their
                      organic Maine potato field.
From Lottie Hedley's Photographic Essay, "Rural Harvest"